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  1. annisarich

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    :pokeball: TECUMSEH MI LEAGUE and TOURNAMENTS :pokeball:
    With a little effort our league has grown over the last few months.
    Our flexible schedule is like this.
    League play Sundays 1-3 when I dont have to work. The last date of the month will be sanctioned tournament. you can enter the tournament or just play for fun and league points.
    contact annisarich@mac.com for the months schedule.
    We play at the Scout Cabin on the 100 block of E. Kilbuck Tecumseh MI
  2. annisarich

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    :grass: Feb schedule is :grass:

    :grass: February Schedule
    Sundays 1-3
    1st League Play
    15th League Play
    29th Unlimited Tourney Sanctioned/ League play 1-4?
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    :fire:HOW TO GROW A LEAGUE:fire:
    Success can be found in creating a league with some patience. In november we had 5 people play the first day. That included myself and two sons and one boy and his mom. we picked up two other players our second week in November. their parents seemed to enjoy it more than the kids.

    I decided to make a small flyer to put up in town. The local "insertname-MART" allowed me to leave some at the check out. My son passed them to friends. I left some at the Scout Cabin and my youngests day care.

    December we got a few more from that we played three weekends but fell 1 person short of 8 to sanction the dec 21st tournament :( . This month we were able to play three weekends again. I started to use some promos that I have aquired via friends and tournaments like the 2003 prof championships (thanks Eric). I have added to POPs league items and have had agreat reception by all the kids. (my family is the only one whom have played any organized pokemon). We had 15 players at our now completed Unlimited tourney.
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    Congrats to the winners
    (decks from memory)

    Ricky - Agron EX/ Kecleon
    Jackson- Golem EX
    Jacob-Dark Typhlosion

    Other succesful Decks
    Aron- Charizard
    Glen Golem ?

    and Kudos to Kathryn for hanging in there threough 3 rounds getting pummeled by the under 11 crowd :)
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    Feb 1 League Report

    Feb 1 League Report

    The decks being brought in are getting better folks.
    Keep working on them.

    I got to play this week

    We had 12 players this week. I also think several parents may also be close to trying the game. I'll keep working on that.

    Danny had a nice Haunter/KZam Deck. 2-1
    Ricky played Sharpedo and a Agron EX 2-1
    David finally had his FlyGon deck working 2-1
    But the deck of the day was my Cradily/KupotopsEX 3-0 :rolleyes:

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