Thanks for STEALING my deck at U.S. Nationals!

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    I hope you like to read.

    I'm a Texas Player. I recently attended the U.S. Nationals Tournament held in Indianapolis Indiana. It was a nice 13 hour ride for my five friends and I.

    I expected to see four decks. Accelgor, Darkrai, Blastoise Keldeo, and Plasma. I was right for the most part.
    Since I do not own a Tropical Beach, and the deck I love to play the most was Plasma, I went with that, though I built it a little wrong. I played through the whole tournament, going 5/4. Afterwards I buddied with a good friend of mine for Side Events.

    We played a little league, then decided to try our hand in 8 man Pick Up Tournaments. I also decided to swap a few cards out. In our first one I donked an Accelgor with a T1 Kyurem set up. Second game, I controlled a Darkrai. Third game beat an Empoleon. Why do I tell you this? Because what I didn't expect was coming. This really fun Plasma deck was about to be gone...

    We both hopped right into another 8 man. I had a really good game in the first round with a gentleman I played during the Nationals tournament. We had a good rematch this time, in which I came up short. After the game I put up my deck, dice, and mat. Waited on my friend to finish up. Once he got done we went to the league line. We sat at a table because he wanted to also swap a card. I helped him with his Plasma deck, then I reach in my bag to power shuffle my deck. Then BAM! Deck is gone. I check my pockets, around the table. Everywhere. I look to my friend and say "Dude my (censored) deck is gone." He looks at me stunned. So we go check back at the 8 man and deck isn't there. I check the line we were standing in. Again...not there.

    I am freaking out at this point. I say "VENDORS!" We both charge through people walking soooooo slow. I run into Troll and Toad first, and tell them immediately what happened. They jump right on it. They are telling people to get back, and taking down all the information possible that they can. I felt some warmth they were so concerned. We run to The Top Cut next. They do the exact same procedure. Then...we went to Collector's Cache. I can tell they were like, "Ok?" They didn't really seem to care. So I say whatever to myself and go get security.

    The main guy shows up and takes down my info. He says, "Go check again, and if you still can't find it come find me." We go back in, and nothing... I go to the security window. He comes out and says, "Okay, I have the number to the non-emergency police line. I can give it to you if you want." I look at my buddy standing next to me. He says, "We have done all we can, we might need to call them." I take the number, walk to a quiet area, and call. You know, Wednesday morning I didn't see this coming. Makes me wonder if I would have came. Calling the police at a Pokémon event. Wow.

    The security officer takes us to the door the officer will be at. We walk outside, and a much older gentleman gets out. At this point I am thinking things I can't post on here. Cop gets out and I tell him what happened. He looks at me like I am crying over spilled milk. I guess he saw it as I lost cardboard. No. I know that's what he thought. He said so himself. Basically, I will sum this up: He talked to me like I was wasting his time, they are cardboard, I can just go to Walmart and get them easily. I zoned out for the majority of the time because of how rude he was being. Eventually it led to me just saying, "Okay," and just walking back inside.

    I remember walking down hall I so angry at myself for letting this happen. I walk back inside the big room, and go check lost and found. At this point about 2-3 hours have passed. I walk over to the side event area, and one of the guys I rode up there with asks me if I heard anything. I say, "Not yet." Then it hits me. CAMERAS! I rush back over to the main security guy. I remember the rude cop saying camera during his moment. I ask him if we can go back over them. He replies, "Well, there is a guy in charge of all that. We will have to call him." I tell him it's what I want to do.

    So this is where I realized, yeah, I'm about to cry. They call the guy who can give the go ahead. All I can hear is, "Uh huh. Uh huh. Yeah, okay sure. Yeah, uh huh." The head security guy comes back out. "Well, Dylan, I hate to say this. He said it will have to be Monday. He isn't here today or tomorrow." I look at him and say, "Can't he just give it over the phone!?" He just shakes his head and says, "Sorry." I shake his hand and walk away.

    I feel the tears coming. One of the guys I rode down with let me borrow 3 Kyurem and 3 Deoxys. I was so afraid approaching him and telling him they're gone. I walk towards Josh. Jarvis, who has been with me the whole time this incident has occurred, says, "It will be okay bud." I say, "Josh I am so sorry man." He tries to stop me. I just say, "No, Josh, this is all on me. I lost your cards." The tears came out like a waterfall. He gives me a hug and says, "Hey, this isn't your fault man. You didn't intend for this to happen. I saw you walking all over the place trying to find that deck. The cards are coming out in tins, and what you lost might rotate. Its okay, they're replaceable."

    I was so upset. I feel like I screwed up and had to walk away from Pokémon. I felt like I had to leave all my friends and never see them again. I admit it, I'm 20 and cried. That sucked. I'm still upset. Nationals was a week ago, and it still bothers me. I hope whoever stole my deck right out of my bag (or however they got it), is really proud of yourself.

    We watched the VGC senior finals (I think), and went to eat after checking lost and found for the fourth time. I don't think I have ever been so quiet. The rest of the trip the thought of Plasma upset me. Tomorrow is the first league since the incident. For the ones who read this far thanks for sticking with me.

    I ask, please no negative comments. I just felt like posting what happened. It changed me for the remainder of the trip. I want to say congrats to all the Players who made Top Cut and Qualified for Worlds. Thanks to Jarvis aka Poke-J for checking lost and found after I left.

    I have to have a little faith. Here's some info about the deck, in case someone has the deck or something:

    -Was in a Mewtwo/Kyurem fighting each other deckbox
    -Were in Brown Dragon Shield Sleeves
    -Had no full art EXs
    -Used 4 Reverse Juniper from Black and White
    -Used 4 non holo catcher

    I wish I could remember the full list...
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  2. LOLZ

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    It sucks to see that your deck got stolen (or maybe it is just missing?). I hate to ask a very obvious question but your story seemed very detailed and is missing one obvious step... I do not see anything about checking Lost & Found at the Info Booth or any of the main stages. Checking here should of been what you should of done first.
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  3. pokemon54

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    OH YEAH! Thank you! I knew I left a part out.
  4. losjackal

    losjackal Technical Administrator

    So sorry to hear that. It's sad when you hear about it happening to others, but when it happens to you, it just feels like a violation.

    Thanks for sharing the story though, as a caution to others at least. Sounds like it was helpful to get it out in the open.
  5. Thatguy99

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    :frown:So sorry to hear that dude. Why do people have to be such scum and steal pokemon cards, because of all the things they could steal that is just the most ridiculos one. Hope u can find ur deck there is always a hope. I don't know u but i know it hurts.
  6. pokemon54

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    Yes it did. I mentioned me crying because I really did. People. Keep a close eye on your belongings. Thanks everyone.
  7. Ninja

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    Still makes me mad how that officer treated you. Some people just don't understand exactly how expensive this stuff can be...
  8. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Yeah. Especially since I kind of had to listen to him or get in trouble.
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  9. Benzo

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    I am not defending the officer's attitude/behavior- but from a different point of view, the level of priority on the "crime" is not something officers take into consideration very much. I mean no offence to you and your loss of your belongings- it bites to have stuff disappear.

    A lot of officers are "insensitive"- it is a result from being on the job for so long and dealing with various levels of crimes. It may be a big loss to you, but in the eyes of an officer it is "low grade/petty" theft/loss compared to the other crimes out there.
    He more then likely was thinking: "I could be out there stopping a (insert crime here), this is petty" approach to your loss.

    The "insensitive" part I am speaking of is the mind set of the individual officer. They become "numb" to the repetitiveness and they eventually do not care as much about what they consider to be a small matter. They do care- or they would not be an officer anymore. Honestly, he could have just prior to responding to you he was at a vehicle accident where a person died. Who knows.

    It does not "excuse" his attitude towards you, but being human and dealing with the criminal side of humanity on a daily basis can make a person have an even harder time being sympathetic and smiling at all times.

    I hope you recover your belongings, good luck with the process.
  10. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    What cards did you have in your deck.
  11. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Like the list?
    I see where you are coming from. It just didn't help my mood any.
  12. Shaymin Of The Skies

    Shaymin Of The Skies <a href="

    No doubt in my mind that I made a few errors here and there... No offense intended at all with this, so please don't take it as such. I just figured you would get more readers with a more properly formatted post.

    Anyways, really sorry to hear that, dude. I can't say I know what it feels like, but I can certainly guess. Some people are just scum, it's unfortunately how humanity works. Even something as "trivial" as stealing Pokemon Cards shows this fact. It sucks. =\

    I wish you the best in finding the deck. Or, if anything else, recuperating the loss on the cheap.
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  13. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    I just want to know if I have any cards I can send to you to help you out.
  14. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Well I appreciate that man. Yeah I used another word other than scum lol thank you so much fo the kind words.
    Well. I lost my ultra balls catchers plasma trainers like colress machine lasers virbanks my deoxys thundurus ex kyurems absol keldeo float stones scramble switch n skylas my prism blends (water electric metal fighting) plasma energies. I think that's all I can think of. Someone awesome offered to send me junipers already. I lost a lot..
  15. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    I have these I can give to you

    1x RH Hypnotoxic Laser
    1x Float Stone
    4x Plasma Energy
    4x RH Prism Energy
    4x RH Blend Energy WLFM
    1x Gold Pokemon Catcher

    If anything, you can trade the gold catcher for 4 normal catchers or for the bulk of your trainers. Just PM me your address and I'll get these out to so ASAP.
  16. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    I sent you a PM. I am shocked on the feedback I am getting.
  17. BJJ763

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    Let's move this to the National Championship forum for better exposure to those who attended.
  18. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Good point. Thank you. I hope this helps other players out.
  19. HappyHaunter

    HappyHaunter New Member

    So have you given up on the video footage or are you still expecting a viewing?
  20. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Well. I live 13 hours away. I have no way of getting back to the location.

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