Thanks for STEALING my deck at U.S. Nationals!

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by pokemon54, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. secretsof2113

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    It's always rough to hear about things like this. And I think you weren't the only one to have a deck go missing this past weekend. We had a guy who was playing in the 8 man pickups have a quad snorlax deck with 4 gold catchers go missing too. I honestly don't think his deck was found either. Hopefully someone that picked the deck up sees this and returns it to its rightful owner.
  2. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Me too. If you want I can post some info on his deck too. Hopefully try to help. I feel his pain.
  3. HappyHaunter

    HappyHaunter New Member

    Oh I see. But surely if you call them up maybe you could work something out? I don't know how it works in the US but I think in Canada there's some sort of law where we have the right to request video footage of ourselves being recorded. Basically I believe you should have a right to the footage and I dunno how you'll be able to successfully acquire it but don't give up?
  4. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    I mean post his info on here if someone has it. I can try to find someone to message. idk lol Well apparently someone has to give the okay.
  5. purplemelody

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    Wow, that is horrible! Thanks for the warning. I know someone who goes to a lot of tournaments and he wears his backpack on his stomach instead of his back so none of his stuff gets stolen. But sometimes you can do everything possible and stuff still gets swiped. I wonder how else one can prevent theft. Again, sorry to hear you were stolen from. :( Hope you get it back soon.
  6. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    That is an amazing gesture.

    I am sorry to hear about your situation, getting 4 Yugioh decks of mine stolen valued over 2,000 is incredibly sad. The cops too did absolutely nothing, but whatever. I hope something positive can happen to you after this whole ordeal is over.
  7. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Thanks bud. I appareciate that a lot.
  8. Cyrus

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    That thread was very tl dr my friend, but did you ever check the information center? It was doubling as a lost and found.
  9. Phenomenon

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    I've had yugioh decks stolen, and it doessuck. I moved topokemon a little over a year ago. I went to nationals with a few friends, and can say that the quadlax deck that was stolen belonged to one of the friends who traveled with me. We came from Alabama (8-9 hour drive) and the deck had 2 gold catchers, not 4. He was devistated and we looked at every option to try to get it back. That night we built him a sableye/garbador deck so he could keep playing in events, but it still sucks to have anything at all stolen.
  10. Ninja

    Ninja New Member

    Yeah, he checked it. Multiple times. We even went to it AGAIN, right before we were going to leave, just to make sure. And that was after eating at the mall.
  11. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    That stinks. I hate that Im not the only one that day. Yugioh decks arent cheap. Thanks Ninja for keeping an eye on my post.
  12. homeofmew

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    From what I understand there was a few cases of theft at nationals.
    I was talking to one of the volunteers to sign up for professor cup and some guy asked if a binder was turned in. A binder that fit his description was turned in, but it was obvious that many cards were missing, he claimed, many full arts were missing.

    I also ran into a guy who lost his worlds 2012 dual deck box with 2 decks in it.
  13. algernon

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    Sorry you never got your deck back. I was the guy you faced in swiss and that 8 man. PM me your address and I can send you an extra PF Kyurem & RH Floats Stone that we have. It's not much, but hopefully it can help. It was great meeting and playing you at Nats. My wife is from Texas so I gotta help out a fellow Texan.
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  14. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Its been different. I am playing a bad deck now. Its just really tough.

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    I heard about some thefts too. Its so dumb people do that.
  15. Politoed666

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    I had my deck stolen at League four or five years ago. I was a Senior playing some Flygon/Manectric trash, but I had RH Claydols, RH Roseanne's, Flygon Lv.X, etc. in the deck, so it was worth good money. Found the kid that did it; he had my deckbox and half the deck with him next week, but it turned into a he-said-she-said situation. The kid's dad backed him up and said "oh, he has so many Pokémon cards lying all over his room, these are definitely his" and the League Leader was totally spineless, so he said there was nothing he could do.

    Ended up just giving up on it. Stuff feels really bad, man, especially when it feels like people don't care because it's "just cardboard." I probably would have really gone off on the cop, but it's probably better that you didn't. Hope it works out for the best. At the very least, you can console yourself with the fact that the deck is going to lose most of its value when the Plasma EXs tin.
  16. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    That is helping a little. What stinks is I was trying to get my friend into it but I lost so many cards that it isn't a possibility. What is really helping a lot is the few who are sending me staples to help me. I appreciate it a lot. I'm really sorry to hear that happened to you
  17. Axew

    Axew New Member

    watch your things better.
  18. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    yeah....thanks. ^
  19. Novaray

    Novaray New Member

    Probably not helpful at this point but it should be pretty easy to remember your full list. The only variation between Plasma lists are pretty much did you play Lugia, did you play Absol, 1 or 2 Keldeo, 2 or 3 Thundurus, how many Colress, how many Plasma Balls, and how many Colress Machine
  20. pokemon54

    pokemon54 New Member

    Well I am about to post a thread on my new Plasma list. I actually got a huge help from the community here. I made it a personal goal to use every card sent in my Plasma deck. So when I play them I remember all the help I had.
    Here is the link to my Plasma list that was really made possible by this thread and all of you telling your stories and opinions.
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