The Beatdown.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by indokid, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. indokid

    indokid New Member

    i wanted to make a deck that would be fast, efficient, consistant, and puts up quite a fight.
    after hours of testing, and testing, i present, the beatdown.

    the team.

    what is faster then banette? he's a beast against g&g and alone is the fastest t2 deck out therre.
    team him up with blissey and gyarados, and you got your self a solid team.
    it has a great matchup against the top 2 decks, g&g or plox and magziken or magkiss.
    gyarados and blissey are tanks who's not gonna be
    easily taken down or snipped on the bench. most decks rely on poke-powers, you wanna try to
    shut it down. with cess crystal as an arsenal it really slows your opponents down.
    you got speed and power, the ingredients for a beatdown.

    the list.

    4-4 banette *shuppet (cg)
    3-3 blissey
    2-2 gyarados

    pokemons = 18

    12 psychic energiiess.
    2 boost energiiess.
    2 dRe

    energiees. = 16


    4 castaway
    4 tvr
    4 cess. crystal
    3 super scoop up
    3 duskballs
    3 quickballs
    2 felicity's drawing
    1 windstorm
    1 night maintenance
    1 warp point

    = 26


    the best start is to start attacking with banette
    having cess. crystal in play is a plus
    blissey as your mid game hitter
    and gyarados as the clean up batter.
    this deck is design to hit fast and get easy knockouts
    not letting your opponnent have any breathers
    and drive em' to the ground. if you play it right,
    you'll have your self a beatdown.
    like a boxer in a match you wanna jab, jab, jab with banette
    set em up, dont let them rest
    then bring down the house with that haymaker.


    g&g n' variations: obviosly banette is gonna start layin' down damage for quick knockouts
    combo with cess. crystal, not letting gardy telepass is key. psychic lock is useless
    against you if you have cess. crystal out. you do have to watchout for gallade
    cuz he can ohko blissey. personally i like to start knockin out their starters with banette and
    set up gyarados fast, he's a good match up against gallade for his resistance and his
    high hp. the harder gallade hits you the harder flail hits. when you run down through all of their
    gallades its easy crusin' for blissey from then on.

    magmortar variations: again a fast banette start is key, then again set up a fast gyarados
    or blissey is key, head rush them and drive em' to a corner. if you knock out their set up men
    magmortar is verry slow, ex (typho, kiss', blaziken) here is where cess. crystal comes into
    play where with these decks you want attack fast and not let magmortar heal himself.

    this deck was made to outspeed both of these decks and most decks that runs stage 2's
    its made for the simple headrush attacks. i dont guarantee this deck will beat the top 2
    decks, but you will win more times then you lose.

    this has been an indokid production.
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