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    Update: Here is a link to my trade thread which is updated and has better formatting

    First of all, who am I? I'm GravyBeast. I have ~102,000 cards and ~2,100 unopened packs in my collection. The only other person I've seen make a guide that's as good as this is CaterpiesAreOP. I will not be updating this thread anytime soon but use this as a good start.

    This guide is a SELLING guide. It is compiled from 2-12+ hours a day trading. I use public offers and what people are asking for (be it prices or demand of cards) in the chat boxes to tweak prices every other day. Some cards are just added to inflate the list on my trade thread and make people last minute shop (think about wal-mart putting candy right by the checkout). I could care less about most of the 0.5 pack cards listed and to be honest if you have patience you can pick them up for free in most trades. These prices are what you can generally ask for in packs in public trades and in the chat box and with a little patience you can get this amount of packs.

    You want cards and don't want to pay too much? Let me tell you how. On most cards that cost more than a few packs, if you offer 1/3-1/2 of what the prices are in this thread in PUBLIC offers, you can usually with a little patience pick them up. Obviously some cards are going to be harder to find because of how sought after they are and you will have to offer a little more. Some cards are going to be harder to find because they are older and there are newer players who haven't opened these older packs. It takes trial and error doing this but it should work out fairly consistently. Remember to offer packs when doing this. Packs = money online. Just because Mewtwo and Darkrai are fairly even value online doesnt mean someone will trade that for that, people love the thrill of getting and opening packs over a card for card trade. I have people ask me all the time to give them packs for half the value of the cards listed just because they want to open some and need a fix.

    Removed the prices on this page because they are outdated. Please refer to the link at the top for current prices.
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    Nice. Very well put together. I had some prices in mind for BC but they stack up pretty close to what you have listed. Keep it up!
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    Great help me out a lot
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    Thanks for the compliment!

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