The final coalition between water and dark deck (super supreme command lol)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by nosada, May 27, 2008.

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  1. nosada

    nosada New Member

    here, the final desperation of my empalkia and doomrai deck, i need some suggestion pls :biggrin::biggrin:

    pokemon = 22
    :dark:2-1 darkrai lv x
    :water:3-2-2-2 empoleon lv x
    :water:2-2 weavile
    :fighting:2-2 claydol
    :water:2 lapras

    trainer = 19
    4 bebe's search
    2 rossane's research
    2 quickball
    2 energy switch
    2 premiere ball
    2 night maintenance
    2 moonlight stadium
    1 scott
    3 felicity's drawing

    energy = 19
    8 :water: energy
    11:dark: energy

    strat : 5 pokemon, that means i have 20% chance to get each of them for the basic starter which is
    darkrai : worst starter (t3 40dmg + sleep)
    lapras : best starter (runs supporters)
    sneasel : moderate (quickly shadowchargin)
    piplup : moderate (nothing to say lol)
    baltoy : bad starter (lol psyhic balance ? )

    basically, if i can get lapras for the starter then the pokemon line is empolepon - claydol, quickly i'll take scott to get 2 supporter and 1 stadium which is crucial, well i need weavile to retreat empoleon too. if i start with a sneasel, ill get weavile and darkrai as possible than start shadowchargin, then the pokey line will be weavile - darkrai - claydol.

    realizing the deck, i can see a lot of synchronizations that i can put into advantage which is
    1)dark shadow + dark engage = 100dmg aqua jet (****, who needs surf together ?), 110 hydro impact, 120 if (4 energy)
    2)dark engage + moonlight stadium = free retreat for everyone
    3) shadow charge + dark engage + empoleon = quick setup, including darkrai
    4) if i used wager, win the rock-paper-scisor and possible to setup 2 empoleon lv x,, then the opponent will never had a hand at least about 2 turns :lol:

    how about it guys, i need some suggestion :redface::redface:
  2. Fireryotaku333

    Fireryotaku333 New Member

    Hm...I like it! Though it's a bit...edgy I think you might be on to something really good here. However, you're relying a lot on that 1st or 2nd turn Lapras to sail you through the cards you need. This is a great mid-game deck, IMO and if you can tighten up the 1st few turns it can be better.

    For starters you really like getting that Lapras 1st turn huh? Well I would bump him up to 4 and drop the quick balls. They arent...vital or not nearly as important as Lapras is early game(Lapras gets lots of goodies, quick ball only gets 1 pokemon in the end.) And w/ your Rose's and Bebe's as well as Dol you can pretty much find what you're looking for w/o quick ball.

    I'm not...amazing for suggestions but I think this has some good potential. Good luck whatever you decide to do:thumb:
  3. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    go empoleon LV X ambiom, trust me
  4. nosada

    nosada New Member

    whats an ambiom ?
  5. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    Ambipom is what he meant lol
  6. nosada

    nosada New Member

    i can has pokey from supporter but with quick ball i can have more for better setup :tongue:
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