The Great War, A Great Fan Fic Revived

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    This was a Fan Fic my friend and I started working on. The first few chapters are by him.


    Death had ravaged the land. In a small, abandoned hovel at the edge of a barren desert, an old man and his grandson struggled to survive. “The survivors of the Great War are not kind to anyone,” the old man said. “Especially to us, despite the good we’ve done for them. They have forgotten, and they drive it out on us. It is shameful.” The boy was always puzzled and intrigued by these words, but when he tried to inquire further, his grandpa always evaded the questions.

    The boy had no name. Well, he did, and his grandpa too, but Grandpa never told him. “All in due time,” Grandpa had said. The boy never got farther than that.

    Months passed by. One day was like any other. The boy and his grandpa never had enough food or money to make any special occasions actually special, so it was surprising when his grandpa made his tenth birthday such a big deal. “It is time you knew,” the old man said, suddenly looking very melancholy. That’s strange. He’s never sad. Of all the years he’s taken care of me, Grandpa’s always had a smile on his face. What’s going on?

    “Come on, grandson. We need to talk. Come to my room.” The little boy immediately felt queasy. He never went into grandpa’s room except for very important things, usually because he was caught eating the candy that grandpa occasionally got. But what had he done this time? He leafed through his memories as he tried to remember what he had done wrong. Was it secretly eating candy? No. Grandpa hasn’t bought candy for months. Was it playing when he was supposed to work? No. He had been a good boy ever since he was eight. So what was it? He had been a good boy for some time now. What had he done wrong?

    The boy flicked his eyes nervously around the room. His grandpa’s craggy face seemed sadder than ever. “I wish I could delay it a few years,” Grandpa said softly. “But there is no choice. You have a right to know. Oh, what trouble your tenth birthday has caused me.” Abruptly, he got up. “I have to relieve myself. Don’t touch anything in my room until I get back.”

    Immediately, the boy began to get curious. His grandpa’s room was highly exciting, full of ancient artifacts from the old days, as his grandpa called them, and he couldn’t wait to explore. He glanced around the room, wondering what he should check out first. Then, he spied the case.

    It was a simple case of polished redwood about three feet long, with black lining around the edges. Nothing strange. Sure it had some strange symbols carved into it, but then again, everything in grandpa’s room had symbols. No. That was not the strange thing. The strange thing was that it radiated life. The thing inside it felt like it was really alive. It was alive, and it called for him.

    In a trance, the boy crept toward the case. The part of his mind that could still think for itself warned him that he would get in big trouble for this, but it was overridden by the call of whatever was in the case. He craved to open it, to find out what it was that robbed him of his will. Slowly, as if afraid of it, the boy crept closer. He reached out tentatively, afraid yet fascinated at what would happen next. He wondered whether it was something he could recognize, or something beyond his wildest dreams. What is it? He was terrified.

    “Hoi! What are you doing?” Grandpa’s fierce bark interrupted his thoughts. The trance broken, he could think of nothing but in what way Grandpa would punish him. He knew that he had just disobeyed a direct order, and with the memory of past punishments for sneaking in his room… He shuddered. This was not going to be good.

    Slowly, hesitantly, the boy looked up. What he saw was completely unexpected. Instead of a mask of fury, Grandpa’s face was as sad as ever. Then, to his surprise, Grandpa took the case, and opened it himself. Inside was a black stick, with a large, red sphere on top. So that was the thing that was emanating the life. But what is it?

    “It’s a scepter,” Grandpa’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “And that stone on top is an opal. Kings used it to rule in the distant past.”
    But how did Grandpa get this? Did he steal it? “Grandpa, how did you—”

    “And that’s where our story starts, I suppose,” Grandpa interrupted.

    “What story?” the boy inquired.

    Grandpa continued on as if he hadn’t heard him. “I tried to delay this moment as long as possible, but now, there is no choice. I have to tell you, now that you saw that.

    “But Grandpa, what’s the story?” The boy was mad with curiosity by now.

    “It is the story of the Great War.”

    This is the story of how the Terrible Four was born, and their Unforgivable Crime.

    Chapter One: Before the War

    A long, long time ago, there were no humans, only Pokémon. They all lived in harmony, under the good rule of Arceus. However, two Pokémon were not at peace. They wanted the power for themselves…

    Their names were Darkrai and Giratina. They did not like Arceus’s fair hand of rule. They wanted a corrupt government, with them at the head. And, to reach that goal, they created humans. That is why so many humans are corrupt themselves. Not all of them can overcome the whispers of power, of the ambition that Darkrai and Giratina felt. The humans created Mewtwo, and assisted in the creation of Deoxys. That was the chance that the duo needed. They lured Mewtwo and Deoxys in with dreams of power, and the Terrible Four was created. Then, they did The Unforgivable Crime. They murdered Arceus, creator of them all.

    For years they plotted in secret, no one ever suspecting them. They waited for an opportunity to present itself. Finally, one did, at Arceus’s Jubilee Feast. They evaded the three Regis guarding the Great One himself, and even slipped by Arceus’s personal bodyguard, Regigigas, undetected. In silence, they carried out the terrible crime. Then, something happened that changed the whole history of man-, and Poké- kind. If this didn’t happen, the Terrible Four might have gotten away with the crime, and taken over the universe.

    Regigigas came in, thinking that Arceus might want some more refreshments. What he stumbled upon, however, was an age-old conspiracy and a rapidly growing pool of Arceus blood. When he spied the killers on the other side of the room, he, naturally, tried to stop them. However, he stood no chance against the four legendaries with the greatest power. Twisted they may be, but weak they’re not. Regigigas was soon knocked out into blissful unconsciousness.

    When Regigigas came to, the murderers of Arceus were long gone. The other legendaries were notified, and the greatest search since Arceus lost the Heaven’s Pipe many eons ago was started. The legendaries looked far and wide. However, the Terrible Four were hard to find. Giratina could instantly go to any cemetery, and Darkrai could melt with the shadows. And if that wasn’t enough, Mewtwo and Deoxys covered up the rear, using formidable Psychic attacks to ward off any who came too near. They trekked across the four regions, uncaught and untamed.
    Finally, after half a century, the legendaries caught the murderers unawares. They were finally surrounded in Mt. Coronet, and made their last, desperate stand. Even these four could not overcome the might of all the legendaries at once. However, they still put up a good fight, even though it was hopeless. After a vicious and lengthy battle of six hours, in which a lot of legendaries became wounded, The Terrible Four were overcome. However, that battle was not nearly as lengthy as the court case that took place immediately after.

    Some, like Regigigas, bodyguard to Arceus, wanted the Terrible Four killed. However, a legendary could only be killed in the darkness of the night of the winter solstice, in cold blood, or when that legendary had no will to live anymore. However, since the Terrible Four was strongest at the new moon, nobody had the indifference to kill except for the four themselves, and they have a definite will to live, that idea was soon rejected. However, there was no other plausible, somewhat realistic solution.

    For months the legendary court argued in the day, and guarded the Terrible Four in the night, where their powers grew so strong that it needed undivided attention. Ideas were few and often far fetched, and most were rejected as soon as they were suggested. The ones that actually made sense had a day. Then, they, too, were rejected. The winter solstice was getting nearer. There would soon be not enough time, for at the winter solstice, the Terrible Four could accomplish anything.

    Finally, Mew came up with the solution. Lock them up in eternal darkness, so they will never feel the dark of the winter solstice, Mew said in the thought-speech it was unique for. (To the human ear, however, it sounded like, “Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew!”) Assign them guardians, to make sure they never escape. We can avoid killing them this way, and the world will still be safe from them. This was the best idea so far, and was widely accepted. Pretty soon it became reality. The guardians were assigned. Mew became guardian of Mewtwo; Jirachi became guardian of Deoxys; and Cresselia became guardian of Darkrai. Giratina needed two guardians, however, and was assigned both Dialga and Palkia. And so, the terrible four succumbed to the will of the other legendaries. The world was free of them at last.

    However, in the darkness, a red eye glinted. Giratina was not going to give up that easily.

    Chapter Two: Boredom

    Rayquaza was a relatively new legendary, and had yet to be created at the time of the Great Chase. So, it was easier for him to succumb to the lures of power the Terrible Four sent to him. Rayquaza had not known the goodness of Arceus’s fair rule. So when Giratina regularly checked each legendaries’ mind to see if any showed signs of weakening in loyalty to the long-dead Arceus, Rayquaza was up for grabs. It took less than five minutes to sway Rayquaza with cunning words and dreams of power.

    Ash did not expect anything special today. In fact, he did not expect anything special any day. Life was settling into a boring routine. Ash was bored beyond belief. He needed a new adventure.

    What to do? What to do? I don’t want to be stuck thrashing any noobs that are foolish enough to challenge me. Hmmm. There had been increasingly little challengers ever since that last one in December. Boy, had he owned on that one! His opponent didn’t have a single Stage 1. Even though they were all Ground-type, his Pikachu owned in that battle. Ash didn’t even have to give any orders, they sucked so badly. Pikachu seemed to have obtained some of his master’s arrogance as he defeated the elite four for the 201st time in a row, and did his best to irritate the challenger. He actually lied down in the middle of the battle, and pretended to sleep, while Fred’s Geodude chipped at his amazing hit points with Tackle one at a time. Then, after an enormous fake yawn, Pikachu used Thundershock for an instant KO. One time last century, Ash wouldn’t have tortured his challengers so mercilessly, but months of boredom and a gigantic swelling of his ego had almost erased pity from his mind; torture was Ash’s only form of fun now. He needed another challenge. He needed another adventure.

    Ash flicked his eyes upward; the sky was darkening; it would rain soon. Ash rushed indoors; his fine silk suit was too precious to get rained on. He watched as the cloud darkened. Hopefully, there would be wet people running about that haven’t escaped indoors in time for him to laugh at. This rain would be a real downpour, if the nearly pitch-black sky was anything to indicate. Ash hoped that there would be thunder and lightning, too. Thunder extracted delightful screams from passerby that amused him greatly, and the lightning allowed him to see them better. Of course, if there isn’t any lightning, Pikachu could make some for me. Ash chuckled at the thought. And zap a few in the process.

    To Ash’s dismay, there was no innocent passerby. In fact, there wasn’t even any rain. There was, however, a lot of thunder. A peal of thunder resounded across the skies just then, as if in agreement to Ash’s thoughts. However, the thunder did no harm to anyone, and Ash began to get bored. However, something happened then that drew Ash’s attention. It was something different.

    A flash of lightning that was nearly blinding occurred just as the loudest peal of thunder ever imaginable resounded across the skies. Then, a long, sinewy, green shape writhed like a molting snake among the clouds. A winding staircase into the heavens flashed for a moment, and was gone. The smell of ozone came almost immediately after. It was Rayquaza, Lord of the Skies, and he was calling to him.

    Rayquaza’s appearance was no mere accident. He needed help to free the Terrible Four. Human help, for only a human could unlock the door that released them. He had, at terrible expense to himself, opened the stairway to the legendary palace for the smallest fraction of the time. He hoped that it was enough to stir the excitement of whoever now owned the Heaven’s Pipe.

    Meanwhile, back on Earth, Ash was thinking. What was that? Should I go up? It might take the boredom out of my life. Then again, it might also take the life out my body. I should think on that. It took Ash literally five seconds to decide. Enough lying around being bored. If I don’t return, at least death will be a more exciting adventure than this miserable existence. But how can I mount the clouds? The staircase is gone now. Aha! The Heaven’s Pipe! I can use that to go up. Ash retrieved the pipe he had won years ago from the one and only human thief that had got away with a theft from the legendaries. Indeed, he was the only one who had dared to steal from them. By finding a time warp caused by Dialga, and a spatial loophole caused by Palkia, Maizer was able to travel to the beginning of all creation, steal the Heaven’s Pipe, and return back to his own time while leaving a maze through time and space. This was why they never found him, for they never thought to look across time, something humans could not travel across without the help of Dialga. They hadn't counted on loopholes.

    With the Heaven’s Pipe, Maizer grew all-powerful. He was a lover of mazes (How did you ever figure that out?), and created a maze with warps in time and space. Most of those who dared to enter the maze soon lost their way in the ever-shifting portals. When the occasional human or Pokémon stumbled upon him which was about once every half a century, and usually by accident, Maizer invented a new way to make the rest of that person’s life (which was usually pretty short) extremely miserable. When he tired of the game, Maizer would create a gigantic black blob of power to end that person’s measly existence. And so it went.

    But eventually, Maizer grew old. He was no longer as strong or vigilant as he was centuries ago, when he had first committed his theft. The legendaries finally found him, but could still not get to him, for Maizer had cast a spell that prevented legendaries from entering his lair in the place where time and space did not exist. So, they called upon their human pawn to get their revenge. (Guess who it is? Here’s a clue: His name is Ash.) (Yep. It’s Ash.) They allowed him to enter Maizer’s Realm, and got through it with minimal trouble, due to Maizer’s age and the legendaries’ help. Once Ash reached the center of Maizer’s lair, he found virtually no resistance. Maizer was, for the first time in about five centuries, asleep. Darkrai, not yet corrupted, had sent his mind a Dark Void. Ash immediately took advantage of the situation. A quick Thunderbolt from Pikachu, and Maizer left the world for good. However, just before he died, he got the last laugh. Maizer filled Ash’s and Pikachu’s minds with arrogance, a short temper, an even shorter amount of patience, and a near-complete lack of pity. The legendaries, seeing that their revenge is accomplished, left without another care for Ash, not even bothering to retrieve the Heaven’s Pipe.

    Ash took the Heaven’s Pipe out of its intricately carved box and tentatively blew on it. Immediately, a haunting sound came out. The flute then began to play its own enchanting music and started to float in the air, crackling with power. The flute began drawing light to itself; it soon became too bright for mortal eyes. Finally, it let it out in one great burst, and a long, winding staircase resembling the on that Rayquaza created unfolded from the heavens one step at a time. Ash put a foot on the shimmering staircase. He instinctively knew that whatever was at the top of that staircase was going to change his life, for better or for worse.

    Chapter Three: The Home of the Legends

    Ash mounted the stairway to the skies nervously, dreading what would be up there. However, his curiosity got the better of him, and he quickened his pace. Soon, he was at the top of the stairs. What was next completely baffled him. It was a cloud.

    What am I supposed to do with this? Surely they don’t expect me to walk on clouds. I’m not a bird. Ash glanced back. The staircase was disappearing now, blocking off the way down. Guess I’ve got no choice. At least I don’t know for a fact that I’ll die if I move onto the cloud. Ash took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and stepped onto the cloud, fully expecting to fall.

    He didn’t. (What a surprise.) Ash found the clouds as solid as concrete, and when he touched the surface, it felt like it, too. The Lord of the Skies had done well accommodating to a human’s needs, since they could not float, levitate, or fly like the legendaries that usually roamed the skies.

    Ash half-expected to be zapped with a lightning bolt the minute he took another step, but he encountered no resistance at all in the home of the legendaries. “Welcome, pawn of the legends,” greeted Kangaskhan, standing behind what looked suspiciously like a secretary’s desk. Ash was a bit flustered by this, and said nothing, since the Kangaskhan on Earth could not even speak the human language; much less project those words directly into his mind. Yes; the home of the legends was truly amazing. (If Ash were to record it, however, and bring it down to Earth, it would sound something like: Kangaskhan! Kangaskhan!)

    The three Beings of Will, Knowledge, and Emotion glided over to him. “We shall show you your future,” they thought-spoke. With perfect synchronization they began to focus their energy into a blob of nothingness, yet something Ash could sense, and brought it to him. They (or was it the blob?) started to hum with energy, and passed through him. Ash could sense the power that just fully analyzed his mind in mere seconds. Finally, the power came back into the Beings’ bodies. “Oh no!” they cried in perfect unison. “There is a dark future ahead of you. We cannot see past a few hours of your current life. You have very powerful enemies, pawn of the gods. Enemies even we cannot defeat.”

    Ash continued with his walk through the home of the legends. Dialga and Palkia approached him. “Beware the Four!” they warned. “We sense our opposite getting stronger.” Then, they glided past, oblivious to Ash’s bafflement. Then Cresselia floated by. “Do not trust my opposite,” she warned. “Despite how he tries to seduce you with sweet words and dreams of power.” Finally, Groudon and Kyogre stomped and swam by respectively. “We sense our opposite is imbibed with a great evil,” Groudon said. “Do not trust him,” Kyogre continued. “We believe he intends to make the Four a Five.” Then they, like the others, left Ash in his bafflement. What was going on?

    Ash took the matter practically. Where can I find information? Of course! A library! But where can I find a library? Better start looking.

    Ash hopped into the nearest library-looking building. “Is this a library?” Ash asked. “We do not appreciate your interruption in our job creating new continents and moving the tectonic plates,” the booming voice of Regigigas resonated around the room as he and the other three Regis hunched over a map of the world that looked suspiciously real. “Be gone, pawn of the legends, before you take up too much of our time,” Ash was only too glad to leave, seeing the raw power of the Regis.

    Ash went into the office next door. “Is this a library?” Ash asked again. “We are the judgers, pawn of the legends,” Lugia and Ho-Oh channeled into his mind. “We decide whether a human should be rewarded or punished for his actions.”

    “I am Ho-Oh,” Ho-Oh called. “I reward humans for their actions with a glimpse of me, like the one you have gotten.”

    “I am Lugia,” Lugia thought-spoke. “I punish humans for their malicious deeds. With a sweep of my wings, I can destroy a person’s home.”

    Well, that was very nice, but it didn’t get me to the library. Ash stepped out of that building and went into the next. “Is this a library?” Ash asked yet again. “We are Latias and Latios, pawn of the legends,” Latias and Latios spoke simultaneously. “We are the messengers of the legends. For the most important messages, we go ourselves. For others, we recruit Dragonite and Lapras.”

    Still not a library. Ash was learning a lot in the home of the legends, but he still didn’t know what the Four was, or why he was called the pawn of the legends, and had to keep on going. “Is this a library?” “We are Entei, Raikou, and Suicune,” said the three legendary beasts. “We control the natural disasters.” Then, they each stepped forward to Ash and spoke their piece.

    “I, Entei, cause fires.”

    “I, Raikou, cause lightning and thunder.”

    “And I, Suicune, cause floods.”

    “But what about landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis?” Ash couldn’t help but ask about them.

    "We leave Groudon and Kyogre to take care of them. Now leave us to our work, pawn of the legends."

    “Is this a library?” Ash asked again. “We are Shaymin and Heatran,” Shaymin elected as spokesperson for them both. “We control the plants. I make the plants grow, while Heatran makes the plants wither and die. We are the reason there are grass fields and deserts for wild Pokémon to live in.”

    Still not a library. And this is the end of the buildings. This better be the library. Ash stepped into the building and braced himself for failure as he started to ask the question. But Celebi got there first.

    “Welcome to the library,” Celebi called. “I gather that you are in need of some information.”

    Ash was so glad that he had found the library that he didn’t even wonder how Celebi knew his needs. “Why is everyone calling me the pawn of the legends? What does that mean? Why can Pokémon talk here? Who are the Four, and what’s this about Groudon’s and Kyogre’s opposite making it a Five?” And as another thought struck him, “And where is Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos?”

    “I will answer your questions best as I can, Ash. You are called the pawn of the legends because you are the pawn of the legends. They have sent you to be hero every time there was trouble. You thought that it was your own good nature, but it was actually the legendaries manipulating you. The home of the legends is a very special place Ash. It makes any Pokémon that comes here a sentient being. Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos have not found their way here yet. They are still lower legendaries. As for your other questions, sit down. It will take some time.” Ash took the proffered chair and stared hungrily at Celebi, willing him to continue. Celebi did not need much encouragement, and launched off into his story with a will.
    “A long, long time ago, there were no humans, only Pokémon…

    Chapter 4: Rayquaza

    “…And the world was free of them at last,” Celebi finished as he completed his narrative. “Groudon and Kyogre’s opposite is Rayquaza. Some think that he will–” Just then, Rayquaza entered the room. The formidable legendary cut off any talk about him in his presence, especially if it was bad. Which it was.

    “May I have a word with you?” Ash was surprised that Rayquaza did not use thought-speech like the rest of the legendaries. When he gave the affirmative, Rayquaza continued, “Alone, please?”

    Ash glanced at Celebi, asking a silent question. Celebi gave a tired smile, like he was used to this sort of thing, and nodded. Ash gave the affirmative again, and followed Rayquaza to a small study. Ash’s first impulse was to ask, “You’re real?” but quickly stifled the question, knowing how stupid he’d sound. Rayquaza noticed, though, but misinterpreted Ash’s open mouth. “Your questions will be answered soon enough. Let us see how strong you have gotten. It was ages since we last monitored you. That was the Maizer incident, I believe.” Seeing Ash’s surprised expression, Rayquaza gave a laugh. “You didn’t expect us to leave the one who we put all our fates on unmonitored, now did you?” And as it was obvious that he did, Rayquaza gave another laugh. “Never mind that. Let’s see how strong you are.”

    They then went to a battling arena that seemed like real dirt, despite floating in the clouds. “They say you are formidable, pawn of the legends. Let’s see how good you really are with a one-on-one battle. Choose your Pokemon.” Rayquaza was always impressive, but seeing him writhing about in the air at full size in all his majesty and splendor, Ash couldn’t help but feel a bit daunted.

    “Pikachu, go!” Although Rayquaza loomed over Pikachu like a lion to an insect, Ash did not feel at all discouraged. He had won too many battles to feel true fear. And, instead of showing Pikachu’s full might, he played with the Lord of the Skies. That was a very big mistake.
    “Come on, Pikachu. Give him your weakest Thunderbolt. Try to make it hit in an uncomfortable place.” And when Pikachu looked at him questioningly, “Don’t worry. I bet he’s just a mound of hot air. He’ll pop any second now.”
    Pikachu obliged with a famous one-damage attack used to annoy challengers. Although he didn’t feel a thing, Rayquaza was quite irked at this blatant insult to his ability, and swelled to an even larger size. “You dare insult the Lord of the Skies?” Rayquaza thundered. “Very well, then. Prepare to feel the might of my full power!”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pikachu, get him.” Ash dismissed Rayquaza’s words with a lazy flick of his hand. “Hit him with another Thunderbolt.” Pikachu obligingly hit Rayquaza with an even weaker Thunderbolt, much to the amusement of Ash. Rayquaza, now purple with rage, writhed about the skies furiously. It was almost as if he was trying to molt. Finally, he turned black.

    “You dare question my competence, arrogant mortal?” Rayquaza’s voice echoed across the skies. Eyes flaming red, he hurtled toward Pikachu, faster than the eye could see.

    Ash, as usual, did not care, and called to Pikachu, “You take it from here. I’ll get a Coke.” Pikachu grimaced at this, but started fighting. He had no choice.

    Meanwhile, Rayquaza smiled. There was no way that Pikachu could win against his shiny form, especially with that impudent human out of the way. The shininess granted him insane brutal power, but did tend to give him slight amnesia sometimes. He closed in for the kill. The battle will end soon.

    Pikachu waited. Rayquaza shot toward him like a comet. Ready. Ready. Right about…

    Rayquaza spun around. How could I miss at such close quarters!? Looks like I underestimated that little rodent. Time to get serious.

    The two adversaries circled around cautiously, waiting for the other to make a slipup. Ash, true to his word, had gotten a Cherry Coke, and started to watch the show. Pikachu feinted left, and stood up, exposing the tender underbelly. Rayquaza did not take the bait. Then, he threw a half-hearted Dragon Claw. It never reached within a mile of Pikachu. Meanwhile, Rayquaza was charging up. When he had built up enough, he let loose a gigantic Hyper Beam. Pikachu responded with a Thunderbolt (Strong this time). The games had begun.

    The two clashed with a will, neither giving an inch. Rayquaza hit with a Dragon Claw, while Pikachu attacked with Volt Tackle. The two came together with titanic force, and were blown apart by an equally colossal explosion. Then, after a few seconds, they came together again. The two were nearly perfectly matched. The outcome required even more power than the Three Beings to predict.

    Rayquaza, in his shiny form, was unstoppable. Yet Pikachu, tempered by countless battles, gave as good as he got. Then, Rayquaza, with his shiny-enhanced senses, detected an almost imperceptible weakness in his opponent. Although far from finished, Pikachu was beginning to weaken from those constant Volt Tackles. As the battle progressed, the weakness became more significant. Rayquaza knew that one good attack will finish him off. But if he did anything too risky…

    Rayquaza, strangely, knew about contests and their superb combination moves. It was this that sealed Pikachu’s fate. Starting with a Twister that surrounded Pikachu, Rayquaza then launched himself into it, using Outrage when there. Pikachu didn’t stand a chance. Being somewhat Double Team, Rayquaza was whipped all around Pikachu, causing him mass confusion. Then, Outrage would hit when Pikachu was least expecting it. If Pikachu knew an all around attack, like Discharge, the game would have been his. But, alas, he didn’t, so Pikachu was doomed. At last Twister ceased, and Outrage stopped. Although Pikachu was badly wounded, he still had some fight left in him. The adversaries backed off, each breathing heavily from the last encounter.

    Rayquaza’s anger faded. Its color changed back to the usual green, and its senses dimmed a little. The amnesia receded as well. The Lord of the Skies became its normal (although still highly formidable) self again.
    Pikachu, however, was worse off. After attempting to take a step, Pikachu collapsed. Pikachu lost. The battle was finished.

    Chapter 5: Rebellion

    “Well fought,” Rayquaza complimented as they came back to the study.

    “But I still lost,” Ash protested. That ego had worn off from his first loss in years, and so much time in the home of the Legends had also cut Maizer’s
    curse’s effects.

    “That does not mean it was not well fought,” Rayquaza replied. “Your Pikachu’s power is stellar. Never before have I faced one so powerful, and
    close to my equal. He must get a reward.” Now speaking to Pikachu, “I understand that you like ketchup?”

    Pikachu jumped around like a spring, trying in every way known to Poke-kind to let Rayquaza know that his answer was yes.

    “Hmmm… I wonder if that was a yes,” Rayquaza teased as he narrowly dodged a hurtling ball of crackling fur. “All right, all ri–” Rayquaza said as the little electric mouse shot straight into his open mouth.

    “Pikachu!” Ash reprimanded as he pulled, after some considerable effort, his Pokemon out of Rayquaza’s formidable jaws. “Don’t get yourself eaten! I don’t think you should get ketchup now, after dirtying Rayquaza’s mouth, not to mention my shirt.” For Pikachu, in the Lord of the Skies’s mouth, had gotten himself literally encased in saliva, which was rubbing onto Ash’s clothing at an alarming rate.

    “Pika,” Pikachu answered in a forlorn tone, really wanting that ketchup.
    “Never mind that,” Rayquaza interrupted. “It certainly was extremely amusing. I’ll get you ketchup anyway.” This time, Pikachu’s “Pika” was joyous.

    They went into the study, which, interestingly, had a bottle of ketchup, where there was none before. Ash didn’t care, although he should have. He was bursting of questions. “Rayquaza, why did you turn black in the battle? And why do you talk, and not thought-speak? And since when did Celebi listen to you and obey without question?”

    “Ah, yes. Questions, questions. I reverted to my shiny form in battle, which is black. It happens when I get really angry. When I go shiny, I get a lot stronger, and my civilized mind is replaced with one of brutal savageness. All Pokemon used to be this way. There were no humans at that time; we Pokemon dominated the planet. In shiny form, we were no better than wild animals, and we fought whenever we saw each other. Then Arceus, by some hidden means, turned into “normal” form. He rounded up the strongest Pokemon, us legendaries, and built a palace in the clouds, which is what you are standing on. Back then I was the Lord of the Skies, and still am, so Arceus had to ask my permission, which guaranteed me a spot in his roster of legendaries. Eventually, all Pokemon turned “normal,” although they are actually the changed ones. The rare shinies you find today are actually one of the true, old stock, although they cannot change to and forth like we can.

    “I can speak because I am the Lord of the Skies. This is my domain. I, naturally have some power here. This is why I, over all others, am granted the power of speech. My power also gives me some authority here. Ever since Arceus died, I have acted as unofficial caretaker of this city. I would aspire to have a more… important job, but some do not… think that I am suited for that.” Rayquaza was easygoing for most of the explanation, but chose his words carefully at the end. Ash took no heed of this, and, like the fool he was, blundered straight into the trap.

    “Why?” It was an innocent question, but it sealed Ash’s fate.

    “You'd better come with me.”

    They went through a winding maze of long corridors and twisting stairs that all looked the same to Ash. It was a wonder how Rayquaza could have the slightest inkling of where to go. They descended down, down below ground level, the light becoming noticeably dimmer with each step. Soon, they were immersed in darkness, but Rayquaza kept on trudging onward. They were so below ground, it was a wonder that they weren’t already on Earth. (Or were they?) Finally, they stopped at a heavy, metal door that seemed to be the very essence of darkness, next to a shining key.
    “Take the key and unlock the door,” Rayquaza ordered, becoming more excited by the minute. “Bring glory once more to this world!”

    “If it’s so important to you, then why don’t you do it yourself?” Ash no longer did anything now that was remotely strange without knowing every iota of information about it.

    “I can’t.” Rayquaza seemed ashamed to admit it, but he spoke without hesitation. “Only a human can touch that key. It tears at our essence. Now open the door that will rewrite our destinies! Do it and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!”

    “What lies in there?” Ash asked, having a feeling that he knew already.

    “You know already, don’t you?”

    “Of course.” Ash remembered all too clearly from Celebi’s history lesson how the Terrible Four were locked up in pure darkness. “But why are you doing this? Why are you betraying them all?”

    “I am no longer sided with the 'good' legendaries.” Rayquaza spat “good” with loathing. “The Terrible Four are my allies now. You may have heard that I am trying to make the Four a Five. That is true. They will rise again, stronger than before! Now open that door, little mortal, and you shall get everything!”

    “But why would you do this?” Ash was determined to know the answer before he even touched that key.

    “Arceus always was too soft. We need a better ruler. Now open it!” Rayquaza never settled for the whole truth when a partial version of it would suffice.

    “The full story, Rayquaza.” Ash, in his many adventures, became skilled in knowing when someone was lying or not telling the whole truth.

    “When Arceus came up here to build our palace, he did not actually ask me for permission. He just barged in and ordered surrender. When I tried to fight back, he cast me out. Imagine that! I was cast out of my own territory. When Arceus was murdered, I rejoiced, for I could finally come back to my own domain. I hailed the ones who had done the deed as heroes. At last I could come back to my own lands. Then, when the Great Chase was on, I gave them every protection I was capable of, while playing ally to the Legendaries. I am the reason that they were at large for so long. Then, when they were finally captured, I dissuaded sentimental Mew from giving them the death sentence in secret, to draw suspicion away from me. Giratina, the leader of the group, contacted me through my dreams, telling me what to do in order to see the Terrible Four rise again. I had to find you, Ash, to open the door for us. Now play your part, and watch our enemies fall!”

    “How will I know that you won’t kill me as soon as I open the door?” Maizer’s curse, for once, had affected the world in a positive way. Maizer hated Pokemon, and couldn’t bear to see a world ruled by legendaries, like the Terrible Four would if they rose again, so planted the seed of suspicion deep in Ash’s heart.

    “You won’t.” Rayquaza’s face cracked in an evil smile. “But you will know one thing. If you don’t I will be sure to kill you. And I know many ways to do so, all of which are painful.”

    This statement may have made Ash give in, if Pikachu hadn’t intervened. With an angry “Pika,” Pikachu tried to launch a Thunderbolt, but collapsed in a flurry of sparks.

    “What have you done with Pikachu?” Ash was one the verge of tears as he hurried to inspect his yellow friend.

    “A very special poison that nullifies Pikachu’s electricity. We couldn’t let that irritating rodent mess up the plans. Oh, no. Don’t worry,” Rayquaza said, seeing Ash’s stricken face. “He’s in no danger of dying. But he will be if you don’t hurry up and open that door. And it will be in the most painful way known to man. All of which you will have to watch.”

    Rayquaza’s words barely made sense to Ash once he said that he poisoned Pikachu. In his mind’s eye, he saw Rayquaza offering to give Pikachu ketchup, Pikachu happily eating it, the gleam in Rayquaza’s eyes once the deed was done…

    “YOU POISONED PIKACHU!!” Ash did not try to stop the flow of tears running openly on his cheeks. “DIIIIEEEEEE!!”

    Rayquaza sighed. Some lessons just had to be learned the hard way. “Should we start, you disgusting little rodent? I’m going to enjoy watching your carcass roasting over a slow fire.” Rayquaza lunged at Pikachu, claws extended. But Pikachu was ready. At the last second, he hit back with a massive Iron Tail.

    “I forgot about Pikachu’s other moves,” Rayquaza grimaced; that Iron Tail had been strong. “How stupid of me. Very well. I enjoy a bit of sport before I close in for the kill.” With a crooked smile, Rayquaza swelled to an enormous size, writhed and coiled, and turned–

    Purple? But it was true, and finally, Ash’s eyes convinced his brain that they were not deceiving it. “Rayquaza saw Ash gawking, and gave another crooked smile. “Like my dark form, Ash? It gives me extreme power while removing what little conscience I have. What a blessing to have that annoying voice out of my head. Now, Pikachu, let’s play a game.” Rayquaza shot toward Pikachu once more, preparing a Dragon Claw as he went. “Your miserable existence ends here, you pathetic little rodent. Dragon Claw!!”
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    Wow. It's good. Well written.

    I am still curious about Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, though.

    Good suspense and signs of foreshadowing!
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    Woah. Nice. Don't really see how the nameless kid is involved, but the connection with Ash, the "pawn of the Legendaries", is nice. I can't find a single problem. This is just amazing.
  4. Lord Ombra

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    I am the friend that he mentioned. The first few chapters should be a new fan-fic in itself, but I planned it somewhat haphazardly. The nameless boy's purpose will be revealed later in the story. I'll be writing more, later, if Serebii1997J will let me, as I kind of stole his idea, but my writing is distinct from his, so you will be able to tell the difference. I may or may not eventually will post my own edited and improved version too, as well as to more fan-fics following this one. I really wish I could post this myself, but I'm a nobody, and it takes someone as popular as Serebii1997J to popularize something like this. ("Lord Ombra," my username also has something to do with this, but that will be revealed much, much later.)
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    I just unofficially took over the thread, and Serebii1997J is in full knowledge of that, so don't be fooled by the poster. And, without further ado, the next chapter.

    Chapter Six: Death

    Pikachu dodged, just barely, and shook with pain. But he knew he had to dodge these attacks as if his life depended on it, which of course it did. But it was not good enough. He simply did not have the strength to
    keep this up anymore.

    By now, the poison had spread completely through Pikachu’s body and he had no chance of any defense. Ash watched in horror as Rayquaza came at Pikachu full force and Pikachu’s mangled remains flew through the air. Ash ran to it, even though he could detect nothing like his lifelong friend from the macabre corpse. “Pikachu,” he whispered, a tear falling on Pikachu’s shapeless form. “My friend.”

    Amazingly, Pikachu was still alive, and had just enough willpower to open his eyes. Seeing Ash jump in amazement and joy a bit more strength, but barely enough to make something out of it. “Pika,” Pikachu cried weakly as his trainer cuddled him in his arms like a baby. He mustered all his strength, knowing that the effort would probably kill him, and spoke. “Here,” he said, giving Ash a pale yellow ball. “Remember me by this. And get out alive. Don’t die, master.”

    Ash just gaped. It was enough to see his beloved Pikachu come alive again after certain death, but to hear him speak (or was that just his imagination?) was too much. Just then, however, Pikachu went limp. His existence was snuffed out like a candle flame.

    That was too much for Ash. He broke down completely, his tears wetting Pikachu’s mangled fur. “I hope it’s nice, where you’ve gone,” he managed to gasp out. As he laid Pikachu solemnly on the floor, the ball rolled out. It was a Light Ball. “So this is why you’re so strong,” murmured Pikachu. “You must have gotten it on my vacation. No wonder you’ve gotten so much stronger, been so much more confident. No wonder we were able to beat the Elite Four so easily then. I’ll never forget you, Pikachu.”
    “How touching,” Rayquaza rudely interrupted that sacred moment of mourning, and timed it precisely so, just to get Ash angry. His plan worked, but to a magnitude far greater than anything Rayquaza had expected.

    “MURDERER!!!” Ash screamed in anguish so loudly and forcefully that Rayquaza was shaken, despite being in shadow form. “DIEEEE!!!” And with that, Ash rather stupidly charged up toward Rayquaza with Light Ball in hand to deliver an attack of his own. Fortunately, Rayquaza was either too shocked by his stupidity or held back because Ash was necessary for the plan as he hit him with the Light Ball. As Ash hit him, a rather formidable Thunderbolt flew out, the last of Pikachu’s power. Rayquaza was amazed. “I hadn’t expected that,” he murmured.

    Then, to Ash, “Well, if you really have a death wish, then you can die as soon as our mission is complete. But first you must open that door. Then, you can have a nice slow death by roasting in the place of your rat. Happy?”

    Ash no longer saw Rayquaza as a formidable and respected legendary; he saw him as a demon bent on murder that had killed Pikachu. “If you ever thought that I will even consider joining you, then you are horribly mistaken,” Ash said, his voice shaking with rage. “You killed Pikachu! To think that I would even look at you after your gruesome butchery.” And with that, Ash spat at Rayquaza.
    Rayquaza, instead of getting angry, sighed. “Looks like we’ll have to do this the hard way. A slow flame will convince someone very quickly.” Rayquaza shot a Dragon Claw a hairsbreadth away from Ash’s face. “Let the games begin.”

    Ash’s overriding hatred of Rayquaza could not smother his sense of survival, and took flight. He ran up the twisting stairs back to the light, with Rayquaza hot on his heels. Too massive for the stairs, Rayquaza had to take a few seconds to blast a new section of the stairway large enough for him to fit. Fortunately, this did not hit Ash, as the stairways were winding, and gave him a slight advantage. This was not to last, however, and Ash burst through the stairs to the shining light of the ever-bright Legendary Library once more. He ran out to the streets, and rushed on blindly, not caring where he was going as long as Rayquaza was not there.

    Rayquaza, taking advantage of his ExtremeSpeed, shot past Ash, landing right in front of him. “Surprise!” he grinned disconcertingly. Ash immediately stopped and ran the other way. Ash was tiring out. Soon, he will have to stop from exhaustion. The end was near.

    Ash shot into a solemn-looking building, then stopped. It was all he could do to keep from collapsing. Rayquaza glided in and sneered. “This was Arceus’s throne room. Arceus used to rule here. How ironic that it will end here. Any last words?”

    Ash, instead of answering, looked desperately around for an escape route. There were none. Something shiny, however, caught his eye…

    Ash rushed toward the throne. Two glimmering swords and a shield were worked into the back of the throne. If he could get one of those out in time, he might have a chance. If he didn’t, he’d be dead. Knowing that there was no time to lose, Ash ran toward the exquisitely carved seat. With the desperation of a man who drank so deeply from the cup of life, only to watch it all being snatched away, he somehow found the strength to run faster than ever to that sword that will save his life.

    Rayquaza smiled. “Still running, Ash? Guess I’ll have some more fun before you roast on that spit. He rushed toward Ash, but abruptly stopped. Deciding that he was not worth the effort, Rayquaza slammed his highly formidable tail at Ash. Ash, desperate, ripped the shield from the throne with a force worthy of Regigigas, and whipped it around to face Rayquaza. It was just in time, too, and Ash winced at the mighty force as Rayquaza battered the shield. Rayquaza withdrew his tail, panting, but Ash was worse off. The shield cracked and broke into pieced, leaving useless shards at Ash’s feet.

    Ash tried the sword on the left. It danced with purple flames, and emanated darkness. Rayquaza left no time to think, however, and he quickly grasped the handle. Ash quickly recoiled, and when he looked at his hand, it was covered with hideous boils and burns. Rayquaza shot a Crunch at lightning speed, showing that he was in no mood to play games. Ash, hatching up a crazy plan, waited until Rayquaza was almost on him. Then, he dodged out of the way, letting Rayquaza bite the sword, but instead of burning him, it made him stronger. “Darkness feeds on darkness,” Rayquaza smiled.

    Ash tried the other one. This one was shining of pure goodness, and as soon as his hand touched the sword, the burns healed, his exhaustion melted away, and he felt better than he had felt in years. Brimming with confidence, he lunged toward Rayquaza, sword poised and ready.

    Rayquaza blinked with surprise; he did not expect a direct frontal attack after all that. Rayquaza was a Pokemon of wits, however, and quickly pulled himself together, leaping upwards. It wasn’t fast enough. The sword punctured his tail. Then, the unthinkable happened. Rayquaza began dissolving.

    Rayquaza gasped, though whether it was in shock or in pain was unknown. Much of his tail was gone, and his lower legs were starting to dissolve as well. “Darkness can harm light, but light destroys darkness,” Rayquaza gasped. “How stupid of me not to remember. But I won’t go down without one last parting gift. QUIT LIFE!!!” Rayquaza lunged toward Ash, and gouged out a bloody mass of Ash’s intestines. Caught by surprise, Ash made no move to dodge or resist, and his intestines splattered all over the floor, making a horrendous mess. “You may have gotten me,” panted Rayquaza. “but you will never overcome the Terrible Four. Help is coming this way as I speak. Soon, they will rise again, and no one, not even the mighty Erebus, as the legends have foretold, will be able to stop them!” Rayquaza collapsed, his vocal cords almost disintegrated.

    Ash listened to every word, tortured by a pain so great, no words could describe it. His intestines were no small organ, and Rayquaza’s claws were infused with darkness, preventing any chance of healing. But what was that about Erebus? And would he actually be strong enough to stop the Terrible Four, to be more powerful than me?

    “I will not die. You will die, but I will come alive again. With all that I had done for them, it would be nothing for the Four to send Lord Umbra to bring me alive again.” And with that, Rayquaza chuckled. “Lord Umbra will kill you all. For he has what you do not, the ability to change from…” Whatever Rayquaza was going to say was abruptly stopped as his vocal cords were gone. Soon after, his head burst into flames, and Rayquaza ceased to live.

    Ash, on the last leg of his strength, looked wildly around for something that will preserve his memory. His desperate gaze fell on the sword in his hand. It healed me before… Ash brought the pommel of the sword to the empty hole where his intestines used to be. It started growing back immediately. The pain receded, and he became whole again. He found that he could stand up, and started to walk out and to home. No sooner than he had taken a few steps, though, Ash combusted as well. His existence also came to an end.

    Meanwhile, in the Underworld…

    Well, that was unexpected, but at least it served my purposes. I guess the rodent that so resembled his pet savage couldn’t handle my sword’s power surge. I’m back on track. I killed one of the leading savages, stopped them from reducing humans’ existence to a living ****, and I got my revenge on that thief to boot. Now, to complete my revenge at those savages with Erebus…

    In eternal darkness...

    What an idiot. Rayquaza failed, made us lose our only chance of escape for several centuries. And to think that I would restore him to life! What a total idiot. I will make him pay for that lost opportunity. Ash, too, along with his disgusting rat. Now our only chance this millennium is Erebus...

    In the Legendary Palace...

    I'm glad that close call was over. I always knew that Rayquaza was evil. But those four are getting out of hand, and none of us can kill him. We'll need Erebus, and soon, before they make another attempt to escape and corrupt another poor legendary. And we may not survive the next plan. Rayquaza was the strongest of the legendaries, and if it wasn't for him, they would have destroyed us already. And Ash is dead, too. We need Erebus...
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    Okay, Ash's death was more than randomly weird.
  7. Lord Ombra

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    You think so? I had to get rid of him somehow. He was no longer important, and killing him off was the most plausible way of deleting him from the story. I will now proceed to the real plot. Everything before was just a forerunner. Oh, and can you add a bit more than "Ash's death was more than randomly weird?"
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    Okay, you have Pikachu dying, then Ash gets a Light Ball from it, then Pikachu dies, then Ash dies. Thus there's no point for Pikachu to talk and give Ash the Light Ball in the first place.
  9. Lord Ombra

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    If Pikachu didn't give Ash the Light Ball, then how would Ash find it? It's not like Ash and Pikachu weren't near each other almost every moment of their lives since they first met. Oh, and by "more," I meant more generally, not a specific event like that . Overall stuff.
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    Well, the entire plot is a bit strange. Rayquaza being able to talk, but nobody else can. And what are Groudon and Kyogre doing in the sky? Shouldn't they live in the ocean/ground where they work? And I guess that this kind of ties in with the anime, but not entirely, as in the movies, Darkrai isn't evil, Mewtwo is no longer evil, etc.
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    I hate the sentimental anime. Do not expect any reflections of it, especially as Ash is done for.
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    New post!!! Not that anyone cares, seeing that next to no one reads this anyway...

    Chapter 7: Erebus

    Erebus. Dressed in only the finest, he turned eyes wherever he went. Erebus. Cool and calm, he charmed everyone, but had a wit sharper than a knife when someone went against his interests. Erebus. Everyone would recoil when they first hear his name, but he just smiles and says he is proud of it. Erebus. Little did he know that all three sides were after him in the soon to come Great War. All were after his strengths and abilities, yet none cared about his welfare.

    For Erebus, it started off in a normal day. He got up, dressed, and met up with Riley, his cousin, to have some fun. Riley and Erebus were somewhat of aristocrats. However, it all went wrong. They were visiting the new Reverse World theme park, and chanced upon the portal. Erebus’s scepter immediately emitted a red glow a hundred times brighter than its usual opal color. Police immediately showed up. “Show me that stick!” one demanded.


    “I said, give me that stick.”


    “If you don’t give me that stick, I will be forced to take it from you. This is your last warning.”

    Erebus sighed, as if he was dealing with an annoying child. “If you insist. But do take care of it. It would probably sell for a lot, but not if your dirty hands smear the delicate opal.”

    The policeman grimaced at Erebus’s insulting attitude, but said nothing. He fully intended to let Erebus off easy, however, as he strongly opposed the law recently passed that forced them all to arrest anyone on sight with a shiny stick and show them to a higher authority. Evidently, scares about the old emperor, Maizer, were still in effect, especially after a recent disaster concerning a group of Maizer-sympathizers and a bomb. That was before his sergeant got his hands on the stick, however.

    “Let me see that!” Loud and obnoxious, arrogant and cocky, the sergeant was not popular among the ranks, especially after the special training he got. Examining the stick with what he believed was a professional eye; he slid his greasy hands along the stick. Erebus looked disgusted.

    “So the thing we’ve been looking for five years just pops on our doorstep. How ironic! I’ll be taking that, of course. You’ll be going to jail too.” Doubling over in laughter, the sergeant found much more mirthful this irony was than any normal human. Or Pokemon, machine, or alien, for that matter.

    “No, he won’t.” Calm and assertive, the voice was cool, not angry, not disgruntled, showing only calm determination. At this voice, everyone looked in surprise, and none were more astonished than Erebus. A small “Who?” came from Riley, but Erebus had not the faintest idea.

    “Who are you to order me around like that?” the sergeant demanded. “I take orders from my superiors only, and you don’t look like any of them. You some kind of wisecrack? You want to mess with me? How about you share a cell with our friend over there?” he gestured toward Erebus.

    “Give me the scepter, and let him go. If you refuse to cooperate, then I will be forced to terminate you.” Again, that cold, deadly calm.

    “What can you do about it, eh, wise guy? I’ve got the law behind me, and all you’ve got is your dirty, stinking mouth. Now get out my sight before I throw you in a cell too.”

    “Very well, then. You refuse to cooperate. I shall terminate you.” In a blinding leap, he was next to the sergeant. One more leap brought him to Erebus with stick in hand. “I will not waste time on you today,” he said scathingly to the startled sergeant. But someday, watch out.” And with that, he, with Erebus in hand, vanished?

    Yep, his eyes had not deceived him. They had vanished. But to where? And who was that insolent whelp that came to the rescue of that other pompous whelp? I need a coffee.

    “So, let me get this straight. You aren’t joking?” The stranger nodded. “You aren’t playing a joke on me?” The stranger nodded again. “You’re not pulling my leg?” The stranger nodded again. “So that leaves three possible solutions. Either you are lying, which is much more plausible, you have gone mad, which isn’t that bad, or that you are telling the truth. That you are an agent of Maizer, and I have to save humankind from a fate worse than death single-handedly. I knew it. You’re lying.”

    The stranger seemed not at all perturbed, and explained patiently to Erebus once again his destiny. Seeing Erebus’s evident doubt, the stranger got up and gestured for Erebus to come with him. “Perhaps this will make you believe.”

    They went to a drab room, precisely painted to the exact shade of gray that was in the middle of black and white. One side, however, seemed ever so lighter, and the other seemed darker. There were two tables. One held a gleaming sword of light, with a beautiful Yin-Yang sign as its pommel. Beside it was a metal glove, made of the darkest stuff imaginable, with a matching Yin-Yang sign painted on. On the other table was a sword made of darker stuff than the black glove, so dark it hurt to look at, its intricate Yin-Yang sign as spellbinding as the others. With it was a white glove, and on it was the fourth and final Yin-Yang sign.

    Sensing Erebus’s wonder, the stranger began to explain the objects. “They are the swords of light and dark. Crafted by Maizer himself, he smote his enemies with it like a knife cutting through hot butter. One touch was all it took, and his enemies’ bodies disintegrated. That is why Maizer made these gloves. They were to contain the power of the swords so they could not harm him.”

    As Erebus just looked even more confused by the explanation, the stranger explained more. “These swords were imbued with the very essence of light and dark. The light sword can kill on contact with every creature of darkness, and vice versa for the dark sword. However, if a dark creature touched the dark sword, and a light creature touched the light sword, the essence of the sword would overcome that of the creature’s, and it will die. Ash was a great example of this. That is why the gloves are needed. They limit the amount of power that reaches your skin, so you will not die on contact. Some creatures are naturally resilient to this kind of thing, and may take prolonged exposure to kill. Ash, once again, is a great example of this. Any questions?”

    “Who’s Ash?” Erebus seemed very embarrassed to admit that he did not know something. “And what shall I call you? I don’t know your name.”

    “Ash’s tale is a long one, one I do not have time to tell right now. Suffice to know that he saved the world from destruction. As for my name, it is Neoptolemus, although I prefer Ptolemy.”

    Erebus walked hesitantly toward the dark sword and white glove. His hand reached out involuntarily toward the sword.

    “Stop!” Ptolemy cried, but Erebus took no heed. His hand rested on the sword. He instantly jerked it back. The dark power was potent after all. Ptolemy wasn’t a madman, nor was he lying.

    Erebus looked at his hand. A dark purple welt had formed where his hand made contact with the sword, and it hurt like fire. “Here,” Ptolemy said, rubbing some strange ointment on the wound. The pain instantly numbed. “You must have a stronger tolerance for this kind of thing than Ash did. When he touched it, his whole arm was on fire. Remarkable indeed. But then again, you are Erebus.”

    “Why me? Why am I special? If I am, what is the nature of my specialness? Is it a blessing or a curse? And who are you? Not just your name. Where do you come from? What is your purpose?”

    “There is a prophecy about you, Erebus.” Ptolemy chose his words very carefully. “You are destined to save the world from a fate worse than death, to destroy the most powerful entities on earth and wipe them completely from existence. You will end the lives of all Pokemon, and change life on Earth as we know it.” Ptolemy left many things unsaid, however, that he will fail in his most important task, that he will condemn humans to an existence only marginally better than death, and that the entire world will come to detest him, especially his grandson. Some things were just better off unsaid. “Satisfied?”

    “No,” was the prompt answer. “You have yet to tell me whether this is a blessing or a curse, and who you are.”

    “All in due time,” Ptolemy lied so blatantly and easily it surprised him. “But first, we must train. Don the gloves, pick up the swords. By the time we are through, you will be the best swordsman the world has ever seen.”

    Training was long and hard. Erebus, who knew nothing about swordsmanship, was drilled mercilessly not only in using the two Maizer swords, but ordinary swords as well. “One touch of either of Maizer’s swords is fatal,” Ptolemy said when Erebus asked. “but there will come a time when either you do not have your swords or you meet someone who is as resistant to their power as you. Now, again. En garde!”

    Erebus wearily picked up the sword again, only to lose again as Ptolemy twisted it out of his grip with a complex maneuver. Disheartened and more than a little frustrated, he asked, “And exactly what is this for? Don’t tell me it’s just for a hobby.”

    Ptolemy paused. If that was the way to tap into Erebus’s inner workings, the desire for knowledge… Well, that would speed things up immeasurably.

    “You will have that knowledge once you complete your training,” Ptolemy said. “And,” he added, “it is most certainly not for nothing.”
    With that, Erebus’s progress swiftly improved. He mastered more and more strokes, and went on to the more complex maneuvers where even Ptolemy didn’t get right all of the time. Pretty soon, Erebus wasn’t the only one that was dead tired.

    “Enough,” Ptolemy gasped after one tiring match. “I have taught all there is to be learned. Nothing else is invented yet. You are the first, last, and only student I have passed. Congratulations.”

    Erebus wasn’t listening to that, though. “You promised the knowledge. Now give it to me!”

    Ptolemy sighed. “I certainly intended to, but we are short on time. Good bye.”

    Before Erebus could answer, the floor vanished. Everything vanished. Suddenly, he was falling through space. For what seemed like an eternity, he was in freefall, with nothing to do but curse Ptolemy and his ancestors. Abruptly, it ended. Erebus, eyes wide open with fright, landed with a thump, and opened his eyes.

    “Whoa!” a voice said. “Looks like he came to! Lord Umbra, your powers are definitely not up to scratch if–“

    Erebus was falling again.
  13. tyranitar42

    tyranitar42 New Member

    I really like this, but there are a couple of turn offs for me; this story isn't really kid friendly, not something I could read to my 6 year old! LOL Pokemon is primarily aimed at kids, and boy we got away from that here.

    Killing pikachu was enough, I feel. Ash going right after makes the whole thing seem,"what's the point?" You know what I mean? JMO, but I think it may have been better to have ash die heroicly later on in the story, or since he's dead, have his "ghost" pop up in the future installments to guide your protaganist along, ala' Star Wars & Obi-Wan's ghost w/Luke.

    From what we saw of MewTwo in the cartoon when he WAS bad, I can't wait to see him cut loose inthis story. I am also looking forward to Darkrai a baddie too, as long as it's not too cliche'

    I wanna see the legendary birds in here! What part do they play in all this? and Celebi, can't it just go back into time and stop all this from happening in the first place, like in terminator?

    I am by no means critisizing you, I think you have a wonderful storytelling ability, with good pacing, the old cliffhangers, and pretty decent character development. Just keep in mind when you kill off a major and popular character, there has to be a reason for it, and a story doesn't have to have excessive vio;ence to be great!

    10 being best, I give this so far an 8!

    BTW:I too have written much short prose and poetry, been lucky enuff to get published, to, but poetry don't pay the bills for my family! LOL just wanted you to know I have some writing background, and not some snot whacking your work! =) Keep it up!
  14. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Glad to see someone deeply comment into this, thanks. As for the story, more character's roles in the story will all be revealed in due time. Thanks for reading.
  15. tyranitar42

    tyranitar42 New Member

    thanks to you for giving me an enjoyable read after I put my son to bed! :)

    If you can fit in a Tyranitar and Venomoth in this story, I'll be in heaven! LOL
  16. Lord Ombra

    Lord Ombra New Member

    Tyranitar? Venomoth? Sure thing! Oh, and by the way, how old do you think I am?
  17. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Hey, I'm reading this, too.

    Killing off Ash was kind of weird, and this chapter just introduced a new character, who gets arrested for having a shiny stick? Makes no sense. Oh, well. Good story anyways.
  18. meditite rox

    meditite rox New Member

    Rule of thumb: I'm reading everything here that didn't start a long time ago (most everything but Skewed). It's good, though you may want to go into more detail on the sword training, how I'm not sure, but more detail anyway.
  19. tyranitar42

    tyranitar42 New Member

    And what type of sword, katana, claymore, etc. There are great online recources to study for accurate telling of these things. a GREAT story goes into the details, that way the reader can visualize.

    As far as your age, I have no clue. I feel too old, sometimes! LOL
  20. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Hehehe.... Glad to see everyone posting now... Good to see more feedback

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