The Invincible Unlimited

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Deck Knight, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight New Member

    I thouht I would have some fun with my oldest, dearest friend Fossil Aero and his new friends in LA. Help me refine it.

    Redshark 2.20 Deck List
    Date: Fri Aug 22 02:35:18 2008

    Name: Invincible Unlimited


    POKEMON: 13
    Level-Up: 4
    4 : Mewtwo LV.X, LA-144
    Stage 1: 2
    2 : Aerodactyl, F-16
    Basic: 4
    2 : Mewtwo, LA-11
    2 : Mewtwo, MD-9
    2 : Mysterious Fossil, HP-92
    Baby: 3
    3 : Cleffa, NGen-20

    TRAINERS: 34
    Trainers: 19
    4 : Computer Search, B-71
    4 : Item Finder, B-74
    4 : Gust of Wind, B-93
    3 : Switch, DP-119
    4 : Fossil Egg, NDis-72
    Supporters: 6
    3 : Professor Oak's Research, RG-98
    3 : Felicity's Drawing, GE-98
    Stadiums: 3
    4 : Technical Machine TS-2, LA-137
    Technical Machines: 4
    3 : Snowpoint Temple, LA-134
    Other: 2

    ENERGY: 13
    Basic Energy: 13
    13 : Psychic Energy, TK2-12

    Basic Strategy: Get Aerodactyl and Mewtwo Lv. X out as fast as possible, turn 2 is preferable. Then, use Devolutor on anything that tries to Rare Candy its way into play.

    The cards:

    Mewtwo MD-9: This has Energy Absorbtion, Recover, and Psyburn. I need hardly state the ability to pull 2 energy from the discard for free means even Super Energy Removal won't hamper it for long. In fact, it will probably help since it can get up to full Strength with the normal Energy Attachment + Energy Absorbtion. These Mewtwo will be the primary attackers.

    Mewtwo LA-11: It occured to me that Mr. Mime is a pain to this deck and could potentially stall it out. That's why these Mewtwo are here, they can use Hypnoblast for C and tell Mr. Mime to Bugger Off in short order. Not quite as useful as MD-9, but they can still become Mewtwo Lv. X, so the slightly inferior attacks are worth it to deal with one of the few Basic Pokemon this deck won't automatically destroy.

    Mewtwo Lv. X: The star of the show. Non-Evolved pokemon cannot deal damage or effects to it. Aerodactyl prevents pokemon from evolving through Normal means. Technical Machne TS-2 reverses the effect of non-Normal means.

    Fossil Aero is the classic card everyone loves to hate, at least if they run evolution decks. Cleffa is thrown in for its insane Drawing skills. Fossil Egg tries to draw Aero out quickly, and gets bonus points for making Aero Basic, and thus Benefitting from Snowpoint Temple. It really doesn't matter if all my opponent's pokemon get +20 HP as well. Mewtwo Lv. X's Psybarrier Poke-Body precludes them from doing anything to it. Otherwise its just your basic Unlimited Deck, loaded with Gust of Wind, Computer Search, and Item Finder. Snipe anything that could become dangerous with a Rare Candy (in this case, anything that can deal 140 damage in one blow), and laugh at everything else. Watch out for your opponent's Gust of Wind. If you can, try and get at least 2 Aero on the Bench via Fossil Eggs. 80 Damage is also a tall order for many basics to fill, unless they can hit Aero's weakness.
  2. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    You can't run eight Mewtwo in a deck. The lv. X is considered Mewtwo, so you're looking at running 2-2 or 3-1. You might want to drop an Azelf (LA) in to prevent having one or both (depending on the ratio you decide to go with) of the lv. Xs stuck in prizes.

    Man, Unlimited... what a crazy format. The lock-down idea is nice, just as long as you make it legal by adjusting your Mewtwo count. I'd switch Fossil Egg for Holon Fossil because either way the coin lands you still have the ability to get Aerodactyl in play. I'd also drop a Switch, an Item Finder, a Gust, and an Oak's Research for another Cleffa and 3 Lass. I'd also drop a couple psychic for some Cyclone energy. They'd be useful for a lot of reasons but especially if you're wanting to Eeeeeeek but they have a Cleffa of their own up front and you really want to bypass the flip.

    You could also benefit from having a tech Mr. Mime yourself in case your opponent did get some heavy hitter out and you couldn't devolve it thanks to Chaos Gym/Slowking/Vileplume ex etc.. If you're worried about encountering opposing Mewtwo lv. X, you could throw a Mime Jr. in also so that Mr. Mime could become an evolution, allowing it to hit Mewtwo lv. X while it could do nothing back (barring the MD Mewtwo being underneath as you're doing here). You could also benefit from a couple Holon Mentor, for the discard (helping allow Energy Absorption) and set up ability it offers, even more so if you do run stuff like the Mime Jr./Mr. Mime/Azelf.
  3. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight New Member

    Yeah, I just got back into the TCG so a lot of the Lv. X stuff and a whole host of cards (pretty much all of EX, remember, I'm still using FOSSIL Aero...) goes over my head. Sorry about that.

    The problem I now realize with this deck is that it shuts down itself (which I guess is the nature of most Lockdown decks to begin with.)

    I suppose I could throw in a Goop Gas Attack to stop Fossil Aero's power for a turn, but it would also stop Invisible Wall, meaning I'd have to use Lass and pray my opponent doesn't pick up a GOW to use against Mr. Mime next turn. Mime also wouldn't get the Boost form Snowpoint Temple. Actually, I could use Technical Machine TS1 with Mr. Mime, but thats already 4 cards to Tech just to deal with a hypothetical Mirror Match.

    I'll adjust my Mewtwos to 2-2: 1 MD, 1 LA, and 2 Mewtwo Lv. X. I need the two Lv. X so that if I use Warp Point or Switch to deal with some unforseen effect (like a Rare Candied Mightyena), I can still effectively Lock Down my opponents.

    I'll also add in a few Time-Space Distortions. Flips are always kinda iffy, But with 3 tries, I have a pretty solid chance of pulling a KO'd Aero back into my Hand and using another Holon Fossil. I stand a more Iffy chance of reclaiming a Mewtwo and Mewtwo Lv. X.
  4. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    If you want to shut down Powers for YOUR turn, such as deactivating your own Aerodactyl, I'd just throw in some Cessation Crystal. You can play them on something like Cleffa, evolve Mime Jr. into Mr. Mime if you needed to IF you even did add them for the potential encounter with an opposing Mewtwo lv. X, then retreat the Cleffa so the effect of the Cessation Crystal would be turned off (turning all Powers back on).

    There are other cards that prevent basics from attacking that you may run in to such as Ninjask from Deoxys, Ursaring from Unseen Forces, and Aggron ex from Crystal Guardians. Cessation Crystal would come in handy against them as well, although obviously in those instances you would attach it to Mewtwo lv. X and forget about the fact that its Body as well as Aero's Power are shut off because they wouldn't matter.
  5. mikeynumber1

    mikeynumber1 New Member

    i would run ursaring UF insted of mewtwo lvl x its much better they cant attack or use powers. i have a deck built with ursaring, aerodactyl, and dark vileplume that runs simalar to this.
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