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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by BlastBurn, May 8, 2011.

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  1. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    @Grassmaster: What shining could I get for my bulk cards listed on my page? The triumphant ones...

    @Marxforever: that's ok! I'll be looking forward to the list!! :)
  2. grassmaster239

    grassmaster239 New Member

    there are only like 50-100 cards listed there. that isn;t near enough for a shining sorry
  3. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    hey man, once i receive your cards in a couple days, i'd be down for another trade. can you cml for ho-oh legend full?
  4. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    @Grassmaster: alright. Bummer.

    @Rambo1000: I'd be down for trading again as well!! You know what I'm looking for though! :)
  5. Professor Z

    Professor Z New Member

    Seeker x2
    Rescue Energy x1
    Junk Arm x1
    Magmortar TR x1
    and maybe rare candy, lost world, pokemon collector if you have any

    All shinies minus Vulpix, Voltorb, Drifblim, & Shinx

    It's kind of uneven. Do you have anything not listed?
  6. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    Yes... I have more... I have, from the top of my head:
    Pokegear 3.0
    flowershop lady
    Pokemon communication
    Energy search x2 (I think)
    and more... Any of those??

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    Bumped!!! :d 1717171717171717
  7. Professor Z

    Professor Z New Member

    Seeker x2
    Rescue Energy x1
    Junk Arm x1
    Magmortar TR x1
    Flower Shop Lady x1

    Shiny Lot

  8. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    I can do:

    Rescue energy x1
    Magmortar TR x1
    Flowershop lady x1
    (Tehlizard beat you to the x2 derided and 1x junk arm... Sorry... Anything else you see?)

    ---------- Post added 05/26/2011 at 11:52 AM ----------

    Seeker** <img src=""><img src="">
  9. Gengar16

    Gengar16 Active Member

    Hey man im wondering if you have sent your end.
  10. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    Oh yeah, I sent a while ago! :) Itll come soon! :)
  11. Professor Z

    Professor Z New Member

    I don't really see anything I need sorry =/
  12. Garchomp#140

    Garchomp#140 New Member

    How much are Neo's Shining Magikarp and Neo's Shining Noctowl worth? The Pikachu Collection is worth a fair amount.
  13. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    I woul say like $30
  14. Garchomp#140

    Garchomp#140 New Member

    The Pikachu Collection is worth a little more, but since I really want the Shiny Noctowl and Magikarp, I would do this trade:


    Mint Pikachu World Collection


    Neo Shining Magikarp
    Neo Shining Noctowl
  15. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    Can you send me a link to what the pilachu's look like?
  16. pokematt999

    pokematt999 New Member

    Would you do my

    x3 Mewtwo Promos from Pokemon the Movie


    x1 Charizard Remake???
  17. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    For those of you who want to trade, read the rules!!! And read the notification as well!!
  18. brandon231

    brandon231 New Member

    My lanturn prime for your shining magikarp?
  19. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    Hmm... I value my shinings a little higher than that! Thanks though

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    Bumping to the top!! :D :D :D

    ---------- Post added 05/31/2011 at 09:26 PM ----------

    Big update everybody!! :D
  20. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for your Neo's Shining Noctowl
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