The Long Overdue, but Excited First Place finish....2007-08 WI States Champ!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I don't get to post much anymore because I'm busy with work and friends, but I still visit the site from time to time, to see what everyone's focus is on. No doubt that everyone is fixed on bringing home the gold with this season's states tournaments, so I want to wish you all good luck for those of you who plan to attend an upcoming states (hope it goes well).

    I was facing a dilemma on which states tournament I wanted to play in this season. It was very unfortunate that WI and IL both had landed on the same date, because I was looking forward to seeing all the friends and fellow players around the area. My decision ultimately come down to wanting to do what was best to keeping the title of state champion within the state and prevent anyone from outside of WI from taking advantage of such a situation. This season would prove to be a bit difficult since some of my fellow Team WI players were unable to attend, so the rest of us had to work even harder to make it to the top cut.

    I got up around 7 (quite surprised to be getting up kinda late, but expected when you stay up playing pokemon the night before) and quickly got ready to go to Green Bay, picking up my friend Pooka and driving the 3 or so hours to the tourney. It was a quite confusing ride, but luckily I didnt need to stop for directions frequently (mapquest is the best). When we got there, it was last call for sign ups, and thanks to Pooka we had our decklists filled out and were ready to register.

    The total rounds for MA were 5, which was a bit disappointing because the chances seemed really low, but realizing that the top cut would be 8 made me feel a bit at ease. I met up with some other fellow players and we hung out while we waited for pairings. As soon as they were, I wished them all good luck, as I always feel compelled to do and went to look for my table.

    I apologize if I don't remember the names of some of the players in advance, I am horrible with names, unless I can identify it with a face. All my opponents were great and I had a good time during our rounds, so I would like to thank them for playing with me. I was playing GG by the way...

    Round 1-Magmortar (Joe S. -I think)

    He had a pretty decent start, I didnt have much to work with so I was hoping I would see him pull a magmortar before I got any evolutions out, but luckily things began to change. I got a quick gardy and gallade out and he managed to get some setup but it was too late in the game to recover from a major prize disadvantage. I was a bit nervous at first, because usually magmortar comes out pretty quick, but it didnt seem to be the case this time around. GG

    Round 2 Kricketune (Not sure what his name was)

    He had a good start and was able to get the damage out quick but I started out with the right pokemon that time and was able to evolve in the next turn to get some keen eye action going. This gave me enough time and resources to get my gardy and gallade out to do some major damage. I mainly focused on psycho-cuts as I had the prizes to use and was doing 60 damage. So he was never really able to recover then after. GG

    Round 3 Magmortar/Togekiss ( Ryan N. I think)

    This was quite tough. He had gotten the cards he needed pretty early, and I needed to stall a bit, since I was not able to get furret out as quickly as I would have hoped. I got his mags out to start doing damage and what made it more difficult was that he managed to get the togekiss out to start working on his second mag. Luckily I noticed a major flaw in that he put much of energy on his mag ( which he leveled up ) that was active and I took it upon myself to take advantage by searching for my scramble and rare candy. I evolved to gallade and KO that thing out, that pretty much made it tough for him to recover. Things got a bit easier then after, GG though.

    Round 4 Luidicolo (Chris W. )

    I was interested to see what his deck was going to do, I never really paid much attention to Ludi after Deoxys, so I was a bit intrigued. Unfortunately he had gotten a bad start, not being able to evolved past lombre compared to my rare candy gallade second turn. The match ended pretty quick and I never really enjoy when that happens, especially against some of the good players. It was fun though, I was also happy that he made it into top cut, so my win against him didn't hurt him too much.

    Round 5 Magmortar and ?? (Pooka)

    I won't reveal what idea Pooka came up with went changing the magmortar deck up for this state's event, since its his own concept and he is entitled to make it public or not. It was quite difficult but not as drawn out as it was when we played the night before. I had made a mistake late in the game that cause a major disadvantage on my part. It was pretty close, but as always Pooka managed to pull another win, either way I was happy and had a good time....

    I knew I was in the top cut after only losing once. After the results were in, the top cut looked like this...

    -CMT, Pooka, Chris C., Chris W, Craig H. Robert A, Ryan R, Clifford R.

    I faced a Darkrai/Mightyena deck in my top 8 round....I was wondering how difficult it would be to face a darkrai because that card was still so new and didn't realize that it has so much potential. Gallade had a pretty upper hand against the situation and managed to get some good amount of KO's, making the games go by quick. I was a bit surprised but being that darkrai has 100 HP and 2x fighting weakness, i didn't expect for gallade to have a hard time beating it. GG

    Next round I faced an Arcanine/Blissey deck....I knew the whole concept as I faced a few before and usually things went in my favor. We did actually need to go to a game three because of a horrible start on my end in game two, but the main factor that hurt my opponent was the fact that he was never able to OHKO my gardy or gallade with Arcanine or Blissey, giving me time to land some extra hits in before any of my pkmn were KO'd. He later admitted to not having any Pluspower or Strength charm in the deck, something I was glad to hear because I knew he would have a hard time build damage on my end. I managed to pull the win...GG

    Man was I relieved, making it to the Top that point I was happy enough to have called it quits and go home, but after driving all the way from home, I thought that I didnt do all that for nothing, so I decided to go all in. I faced Chris C. using Gatr with a Magnezone tech for the Gardy. He got some bad luck with getting his Magnezone out the 1st and 3rd game, being that at one point it was prized for the whole 1st match and it came out late in the 3rd. My main focus was to lock him so he wouldn't be able to use his powers and collect all that energy he needed for gatr. He managed to pull a couple of nice damage attacks out to KO some of my pkmn, but the third game proved difficult as I was leading him 2 prizes to 5. I had all my gardy and gallade out without damage and figured i can do some build up on damage on his end and then do some bring down action if need be. When it came to his turn, he pretty much , stopped and scooped. I asked him if he was sure, as I felt that he could have come back seeing as how I didn't have much of my benched powered up, but he gave in. I felt bad because I never really enjoy winning without finishing a game to the end. It is never easy playing with friends, so I took it a bit hard, but I quickly realized that I had won the tourney.....

    It did not sink in till I was Pooka give me the thumbs up for my victory, at that point I felt like I finally made my team and friends proud. I always want to do my best, especially when I face my fellow players. I never want to play poorly against them, because they expect the best from me, so I had hoped I didn't disappoint.
    I want to thank all those people who I played with, you guys were fun and great. I had a great time at the tournament and I would like to thank Pat and his team for running the event, hope to see you all next season. Finally I want to thank my team and my some of my other fellow players (BanginBox, TLesky, Justin H, BigChuck, James F.) for all the games and fun times we had so far, hoping for many more to come. I say this victory is dedicated to Pooka, I owe all my hard training to him; I probably won't get as good as he is, but I can sure say that things are way better than when I was starting out playing the sabrina and misty theme

  2. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    congrats on the win :)
  3. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    cel ABE ration time....good job man, it was a long time comin. team WI ftw, THE CHAMP IS ABE :D
  4. UnKnOwN 111

    UnKnOwN 111 New Member

    hey abe!
    great job on the states victory!:thumb:
    yea your soooo right, it is VERY hard playing against a good friend in the finals!:frown:
    you deserved this one, as much as anybody did, and you needed one of these under your belt!
    so again!....congradulations!!!

    btw, this is the person you where talkin to on aim about it, and we couldnt find out when regionals

    additional props to:
    Chris Cobi for playing some tough games in the finals...
    Pooka for being Pooka and of course hiting up top4...
    Chris Wood for going outside the box with the deck selection and making top8...
    Angela Wood for winning!

    good job guys!
    see you all at regionals:wink:
  5. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    I know you've been waiting so long for a win, and finally your time has come. To be honest, I think seeing you win made me happier than if I would've won lol. For all the time and work you've put into the game, you deserve this! You've come a long way from the Light Vaporeon deck that you were playing the first time I met you. Of course you've made all your friends proud! Everyone could see that you've been improving over the last couple years, and I think you've made me better, too. Congratulations, you earned a big win! It's only fitting that you did it with a Gardevoir.

    Hopefully we'll get together soon to celebrate the big win, maybe a little Mongolian BBQ? lol. I'll talk to you soon, and we'll have to do this again at Regionals. oh ya...
  6. chriscobi634

    chriscobi634 New Member

    Pooka's apprentices in the finals FTW? Sorry Pooka, I almost felt like giving you the win in Top 4 as you played that game so well. By far one of the best games I've had in my short Pokemon "career". Kept going back and forth.

    I told Pooka after our game, as Silvestro would say "You win by the flip, you die by the flip."

    He answers "Yeah, but I didn't play Flariados." I was LMAO, sorry I had to state that as I think it was hilarious.

    GGs Abe, but it was only 2 in Finals, not 3.
  7. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    CMT ftw.!!!!! Congrats Abe. You deserve the win. Hope to see you at Regionals.:thumb:
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys, I am very glad to know such great people and yes Troy, I will be heading to Regionals, so look Chris, hope there are no hard feelings, this a game to bring friends together, not the other way around, because otherwise I wouldn't continue playing (I can honestly say that, without any doubt). Those games were tough and I wouldn't have had it any other way, so let's hope it gets even more challenging -- thats the only way to get better!

  9. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    Yuo are lucky, Abe. I will be working at Regionals, not playing(LOL):lol:. But seriously, I am looking forward to seeing you again. Are you going to any states this weekend?
  10. I wish I could go to more Troy, but I work this weekend and have some prior engagements to attend too. I wish those who do go to states this weekend good luck. I'm still looking to put my trophy somewhere, so I will be shopping for a book case or something like that I guess....Thanks for all the kind words guys.

  11. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Wanted to be sure to say my props to you too Abe! We really missed you in Rockford, but I'm so happy for you! You're a great guy full of Spirit of the Game! Savor your victory, you deserve it! Wonderful report too!

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