The Night Mewtwo Struck Back (parody of The Night Santa Went Crazy by Wierd Al)

Discussion in 'Pokemon Fan Fiction' started by charmander rox, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. charmander rox

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    Down in the HQ all the grunts were all planning
    To steal some rare Pokémon for Giovanni
    When the boss busted in, and ran out to the streets
    Yelling, “Mewtwo broke free! We’re all dead meat!"
    Then covered in armor, in floated Mewtwo
    He stared around, then shattered a test tube
    Then he turned his head, as the grunts ran away
    And said, “You tried to enslave me, you’re all going to pay!”

    The night Mewtwo went crazy
    The night Mewtwo struck back
    Realized he had been just a puppet
    He decided to go on the attack

    Well, the HQ is gone now, he set it in flames.
    They went blasting off, that Jessie and James
    He gathered an army, cloning at his whim
    And he sent Dragonite to get Trainers for him
    When the trainers were ready, he sent in a storm
    To test the best trainers to reach New Island
    Only four made it, the best of the best
    Mewtwo would easily put them to the test

    The night Mewtwo struck back
    The night one-fifty went mad
    He badly needed to get his revenge
    And now trainers were going to be had

    Charizard against Charizard, Blastoise on Blastoise
    Venusaur versus Venusaur, Mew against Mewtwo
    Everyone fighting, ‘till their final breath
    When Ash ran right in, and was blasted to death
    The Pokémon cried, their tears brought him life
    And Mewtwo had realized that Ash had been right.

    Way out in Johto, in the middle of a lake
    Mewtwo and the clones went to take a break
    But don’t you worry, this story’s not done
    He's back in the episode Mewtwo Returns!

    The night Mewtwo struck back
    The night he wanted things right
    Thought humans were evil, and enslaved Pokémon
    And their Pokémon weak, to not put up a fight

    The night Mewtwo struck back
    The night Mew's clone went insane
    Thought humans just wanted to control him
    To him, humans were a pain
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    Weird al is awesome.

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  4. The_Envoy_of_Chaos

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    LOL. Another awesome spin-off of a spin-off.

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