The PokePopCast 11: Ultra Prism FAQs, rulings, and Cyrus controversy

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    PokePop, good afternoon. I have a REALLY crazy question but I CAN JUST hear someone asking me this in the future. As I watched and then read the FAQ for Ultra Prism, I STILL cannot definitely determine if I must have the evolution of shinx in my hand or if I can go look for it in my deck (like an energy-less version of eveelution would with Umbreon/Epseon GX) for the Luxio...I mean, common sense would dictate the I would have to have the stage 1 in my hand to evolve in the first place, but it IS vague and I cannot definitely state that IT DOES NOT STATE that I should go into my deck and look for the eveolution either... I wish it would have read: " This Pokemon can evolve if the player holds/draws Luxio the turn it was played if it’s the first turn of the player going second, or any turn thereafter. "

    Can you please square me away.

    Card reads:
    Shinx – Lightning – HP50
    Basic Pokemon

    Ability: Runaway Evolution
    This Pokemon can evolve the turn it was played if it’s the first turn of the player going second.

    [L] Static Shock: 10 damage.

    Weakness: Fighting (x2)
    Resistance: Metal (-20)
    Retreat: 1
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    If a card doesn't tell you that you can do something that you normally can't do, then you can't do it.
    There is no assuming in Pokemon.
    The only thing that it is telling you that you can do that you normally can't is to evolve that Pokemon on your first turn, when you have gone second.
    You don't normally get to search in your deck when you evolve a Pokemon, and since this card doesn't give you that ability, you don't get to do it now.

    So, in short, it has to be in your hand.
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    Great, thanks for the quick, concise response.


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