The PokePopCast 12: Penalty Guidelines 8.2 Marked Cards (and the TX Regionals Ruling)

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    The PokePopCast 12: Penalty Guidelines 8.2 Marked Cards (and the TX Regionals Ruling)


    In this Episode of the PokePopCast, we KO two Pidgey with one stone.
    We go over the next section of the penalty guidelines and take the opportunity to see how they apply to a recent ruling at the TX Regionals that was controversial with players. Discuss in the forums at the link below.

    Oh, and I'll be part of the Judge Seminar that will be held next Friday at the St Louis Regionals. The Judge Seminar will be streamed for those not able to attend in person!! So, if you have a chance, check that out. We'll post the link to the stream when it becomes available.

    In the meanwhile, enjoy:
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    I really enjoyed this one, especially the ending advice on whether to escalate the penalty or not. However, is there ever a situation where you think a DQ would make sense even if the player did not intend the marking? Cheating determinations pretty much always require a DQ, but DQs don't always require an intentional action.
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    Well, there are certainly lots of cases where the player swears up and down on his mother's life that he didn't intend the marking.
    Very rarely do you get a player to say "yeah, you got me. Good job".
    So, quite often when a DQ is issued for marked cards, the player is saying that they didn't intend it, but we DQ them anyway if the evidence is strong enough that they did, or that they should have known.

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