The PokePopCast 13: Judge Seminar - Cheating

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    The PokePopCast 13: Judge Seminar - Cheating


    This is a special edition of the PokePopCast. Vince Krekeler, the TO of the St. Louis Regionals held in Collinsville IL, sponsored a Judge Seminar along with Pokemon Organized Play. Unfortunately, the streaming of the seminar fell through, but we were able to gain access to some video thanks to Ryan Alperstein (AKA Bullados on the forums). In this first video, we present Vince's presentation on Cheating and what we can do about it.


    Below are the slide presentations for the TCG topics presented:

    Cheating In Pokemon Powerpoint Professor Cup 2018

    Prof Seminar 2018 Shuffle Sleeves and Marked

    Prof Seminar 2018 Slow Playing
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