the queen and her pet chomper

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by DragonLord-ZeroAlpha, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. originally called the super fist of blue magic though
    lets get down to buisness
    i need help to modify this deck to become even better

    heres the deck
    Chomper v.1

    pokemon 19-20

    4-2-4 garchomp(when lvl x comes out itll be 4-2-3-1)
    2-1-2 nidoqueen d line
    2-2 magneton line

    3 plus powers
    3 strength charms
    2 copycats
    4 celios
    3 super scoop
    4 mr stones
    3 rare candies
    3 warp points

    1 dark
    3 boost
    2 fire
    2 fighting
    2 water
    2 lightning
    2 psychic
    2 fighting

    so any tips to make it better thanks in advance
  2. speeder

    speeder New Member

    whats the stategy?????????:confused:anyways change boost 2 scramble
  3. aade8

    aade8 New Member

    Seen American Gangster yet...:rolleyes:?

    Anyway, you do need to post your strategy or this thread will get locked. It is a requirement of the Deck Help forum.

    In any case, Garchomp's problem continues to be energy acceleration. Nidoqueen is fine, but why other than finding Pokemon? Magneton in obvious, but as I said, we need to find an adequate energy accelerater in order to make it work (Blastoise, Raichu, Exeggutor are possibilities).
  4. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    I agree with Aade8, I'd also add a Nidoqueen delta to help set up, Team Galactic Mars and maybe some Crystal Beach.
  5. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    2-1-2 Typhlosion
    3-2-1 Delcatty/EX

    THis would help accelerate things, but it is still slow!

    GL as I have been working with this card since we got it and it isn't quite fast enough!

    Boost is the play over Scramble.. nothing Like Candy/Chomp/Boost if you go second fro 70!!
  6. NidoPrince

    NidoPrince New Member

    The thing is, Garchomp isn't going to be played until DP4, when Leafeon X comes out, to get that extra attachment.
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