the ralts, CC reports. Updated again.

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by The Ralts, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. The Ralts

    The Ralts New Member

    saturday.Um.... the day after friday...the day before should know what day i'm talking about...

    I am in the seniors, and I decide to go with kingdra swarm.Now, lets see how bad i did...

    round 1:?? with magmortar
    I get a reasonably good start ,and the game appears to go in my favor for the first few turns, until i forget about magmortars power and attach to a benched king and enrgy link with the active one. He then heals himself with a fire attachment and a potion and has enough energy to kiill all of my kings in a few turns.


    Round 2: i get a bye


    round 3:Wyatt W. with gardyllade and amphy SW tech.
    i get 1 kingdra during the whole game, and he kills it by flipping over all his prizecards with gallade.


    round 4:Alex B. with monarchy SW
    We both get no energy for several turns but he eventually gets set up with energy and kills all of my kings...i get no prizecards...


    I guess this serves me right for using kingdra...

    Props: Were there any?
    Wyatt going 3-1.
    Steven R placing second.

    at least a couple of people did reasonably well...

    kingdra EX.
    Wyatt going 3-1.
    the amount of points lost.
    the small store location.


    Sunday. the day after Saturday... the day before monday...

    I decide to use Mario to make up some of the lost points on saturday.:lol:...Hey! don't laugh at me! mario is a deck!

    Round 1: Steven R.with blabsol
    The weakness combined with getting no good discards with absol combined with a horrid start makes him


    Round 2:Lucas H.with magmortar/typhlosion/furret
    I don't remember much of this game.(I can't remember much of any of the games that lasted more than a few turns) but i do remember that in the end he had gotten magmortar lv X out 3 times,and that my cessations killed him since he didn't play any


    round 3:Wyatt W.with gardyllade and fly SW tech
    He gets a trapinch start!
    he got out 4 basics the whole game.( i could give a more detailed report but i'm guessing that none of you want to read about a Mario beating up a trapinch, a ralts, and 2 stantler).gg


    round 4:Jeremy S-K with MagTyphloCattyThing
    Like i said before i can't remember the long games that well. but i think he scrambled enough times that i couldn't get any pokeemanz out to combat the


    semi finals:Alishia W. with magnezone and delcatty and bronzong and random stuff.
    I can never bench her, so i have to take all six prizes both games. it takes a while but i eventually

    Finals:Jeremy S-K with the MagTyphloCattything
    Game 1: he gets no basics, even after two about seven card copycats. and i

    Game 2:he outspeeds me and with those stupid scrambles i

    Game 3: He gets no basics again and i manage to win.

    Woohoo! Mario as a city winner!

    The fun tourney.
    Making up for some of the lost points from saturday.
    The city winner badge thing.(ooh, shiny)
    Wyatt placing 3rd.

    Jeremy not getting basics.
    Nothing good in the packs.
    Wyatt placing 3rd.
    Me has been lazy and not doin' here is another i guess.

    round 1:ummmm.....joshua something?i can't rmember. with random water and steel cards.
    me get out gallade and KILL!!!or something like


    round 2:jonathan something(once again i curse my memory)with torterra and maganium and venasaur.
    I get out gallade t3 and he retreats his grotle. i warp point and kill it and then kill his turtwig for


    round 3:flying monkey with a pen
    it donked actually can't remember anything about this round...)


    round 4:zane N with shiftry and banette.
    He starts with 2 seedot, I get gallade out t3 or so, he retreats his nuzleaf, i warp point and then kill the


    round 5:amelia B with magmortar, lickylicky...
    i get out my gallade t3 or when ever and even tho she keeps using licky's first attack i just keep warp pointing and eventually kill everything.

    semi-finals:chris C with absol, mismagius, and empoleon(he supposedly built this to beat my deck, since i won with it last week. but i don't really see how it beats gallade more than any other deck. But thats just my opinion)
    Game 1:i think we both get decent starts:him discarding everything i get with stantler:but i finally get a gallade and a gardy set up and just kill
    Game 2:i get a HORRIBLE start and he just keeps discarding everything i need with absol. he eventually kills the 1 or so gallades i get
    Game 3: he gets a suicune start this time and doesn't draw or discard anything.I eventually kill his mismagius and
    sableye helps a whole lot in all these matches.

    Finals:amelia B with magmartar/lickylicky
    Game 1:i just get gallade out t2 and warp point everything.I eventually bench
    Game 2:eek:nce again i get a pretty good start and usae gallade and warp point to take all 6

    I win. Go me.

    warp point!
    the shiny medal
    Team Tiara
    flying monkeys
    and finally getting a lvl x in my prizes(i've won 2 others and didn't get any lvl x's in em')
    Wyatt getting t1ed two rounds in a row.

    Wyatt getting T1ed two rounds in a row.
    Only having 1 CC this weekend...
    ummmm....oh yeah, my memory.
    I'm not being lazy this time!!!!
    I'm actually writing consecutive reports!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1111!!!!one!!!!!1!!oneone!!!!!!!!!11

    i'm indecisive about what i should run(i either had speed gardyllade or a gardyllade/furret/shiftry/corsola deck that i had made that morning just for the heck of it)
    I end up deciding to take 6 cards out of speed gallade for a 3-3 bliss line and take out the oaks visit for T.V.R's.
    Before the tournement starts i trade Steven for his holo ralts and put it into my deck.
    oooooooooook, on to the tournament,

    Round 1:Wyatt W, with-He didn't have anything good to play so he used this for the heck of it--empoleon/lickylicky
    I think i get a chansey start or sumphin' like that,(I can't rmember anything)
    I start having gallades pickup prizes, and he tounge reels everything untill i can finally get rid of that stupid fat thing.The he sends up another within 2 turns and lays cessation and starts the process again.( I had wasted 1 of my warp points during the begining of the game, thinking that i wouldn't need it to bad...) Since i can't teleportation and i can't draw into any energy, he actually gets down to 1 prize! But i ended up killing everything with gallade once i killed his lickylicky. And when he sent up empoleon with cessation, i just warp pointed it to the bench and killed the funny pink fat thing for game.(I had like two cards in my hand for a while, a lot of drawing and passing)gg


    round 2:??? (I can't remember your name, sorry) with random psychic stuff.
    He starts with a jirachi EX and i start with chansey.
    I kill the jirachi turn 3 and he sends up a magby and tries to rare candy it to a magmortar. I let him know that you can't do that and he tries to burn me. He gets a tails, and i knock it out. He then sends up a duskull and rare candies it, he then attaches. I do 50 with gallade.(it had a D.R.E) and he attaches. I then flip one prize and K.O for


    Round 3:Steven R with absol/gardyllade.
    I get a horrible start. But then the judge says that they have to repair us so we should pack up our games.
    I still face Steven but at least i get to reshuffle.
    I still only get a semi-decent start and he just discards averything with absol, i finally get something out after he is down to 2 prizes and actually take a few prizes before he kills me.


    round 4: K.C R with honchkrow and minun.
    I can't remember what happened that much except that it was down to 1-1 prizes before i managed to win. Having gallade being resisted by the krows and not being able to power up gardy made me have to rely on bliss a lot. (which of course i could never get out)
    This was the only game where blissey actually helped me.

    Finals: Steven R with absol/gardyllade.
    Game 1:I get 2 ralts and can't get anything out. He benches me turn 5 or so.
    Game 2:I get an ok start, but he discards everything with absol.
    Having blissey being weak and the deck not designed to go solo gallade was just to much. That and he discarded everything with absol(EVERYTHING)
    I get down to 3 prizes before i decide to brng down my sableye for game. He would have done it next turn anyway.(I could have decked myself earlier in the game but i wanted to see how many prizes i could actually take)
    All in all it was a very fun

    Sharpies as always.
    Steven winning.
    Getting a holo Ralts in my packs!( my third one!)
    Not getting anything good in my packs(besides the Ralts!)
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  2. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    nice job dude. I did pretty bad with a bad record at my 1st cc this season
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  3. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Nice sounds like Mario is your deck, keep it up.
  4. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    have you played with mario before in other tournaments, or is this your first time playing the mario deck in a tournament?
  5. The Ralts

    The Ralts New Member

    i won 3 BR's with it...
  6. The Ralts

    The Ralts New Member

    okay, i have updated with another report.
  7. The Ralts

    The Ralts New Member

    I have updated again.
  8. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    WEll, you donked that person in the 2nd tourney finals.

  9. The Ralts

    The Ralts New Member

    I don't think i donked anybody...
    But thanks anyway for responding to my lame reports.
  10. The_Lurb

    The_Lurb New Member

    Nice job David, looking forward to a re-match this Thursday.:) (This is Amelia)
  11. The Ralts

    The Ralts New Member


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