The Shadow Trainer.

Discussion in 'Pokemon Fan Fiction' started by BlazikenMan1233, Aug 28, 2004.

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    In advanc of this story, I would like to Thank a few Friends.
    1.gdog121-Gino(as Gino)
    2.MMORPGplayer2000-Luis(as Luis)
    3.FreckleHead99-Chris(as Chris)
    4.Me(as myself)

    Now on with the story!

    It was an ordinary day, beautiful outside.Dan was supposed to meet his friend Gino, a Trainer with a Ghastly.Trying to train it into a Gengar.So, Dan woke up in order to meet Professor Oak, in order to recieve a Pokemon.With 3 choices, he can choose from Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle.So Gino led him to the lab.As Dan was walking he was considering the choices, looking at how Charmander had Strength but is hard to raise in the beginning.Then Squirtle seeing how it is the weakest of the three but easy to raise in the beginning.Then there is Bulbasaur, the middle man easy to raise.So, he walked through the doors, when he sawOak he was impressed,Then he met his Rival.Or Oaks grandson, Luis.So, after hard thinking he chose Charmander.Luis obviously chose Squirtle, water being fire's weakness.So Luis chellenged Dan to a battle, and Dan accepted.So, Squirtle started off by using Tackle, then later Charmander ended up at 1 HP, Dan used a potion and healed him.Then countered squirtle wiith one last Scratch to make Luis white out.In a fit Luis xclaimed "You got lucky" stormed away.Oak showed Dan around, and Gino finally came to his senses and reminded Oak about the Pokedex.So, Dan recieved a Pokedex, happy he left without Thanking Oak.So, in one day he recieved a new Pal and a Pokedex.What's in store next?

    Well, i'm not so good at Fan-Fics.but, if you can please Rate on a scale from 1-10.Thank you all!
    ~~Charizard Lover~~
  2. 2-10

    Lacks proper formatting. Many of the storys here have this problem. Add spaces after your periods, and put it in paragraph form.

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