The Story of a Ruin Maniac

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  1. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Chapter One: The awakening

    Rocky the Ruin Maniac was surfing on first pokemon, Relicanth, on his way to the floating town where his Grandparents lived. His Grandpa (the one who gave him the Relicanth) had promised him a Wailord for is 10th Birthday. Rocky arrived at the cottage to find his Grandpa waiting for him on the porch.

    "Here is your Wailord, Rocky," he said and he added"Relicanth is looking good."

    "Thank you," Rocky replied.

    "Now get going, I have to look for Mirage Isle. some more,"he whispered as he walked into the house.

    Rocky got back on his Relicanth and started surfing off. He started to stop and rest but the current was to strong. It pulled him underwater. When Rocky awoke he foung himself in a chamber with odd stone panels everywhere. He walked forward and instinct told him to dig. He dug into another chamber to hind more panels and a giagantic, glowing, panel. He walked up to the panel and started to read. He was glad he had taken the Morse Code lessons in 3rd grade because the panel was written in perfect Morse Code. All of a sudden, Rocky heard a distant click, as if doors were opening. And even though he didn't know it, he had awoken 3 ancient titans. Suddenly, the cave started to cave-in.
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  2. Sea Crobat

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    Chapter Two: Dusty, the Desert Ruin Maniac

    Rocky awakens to find himself in a cosy little cottage filled with tools you might find in an archelogy kit.

    "You awake" asked a scratcy voice.

    "What happened?" questioned Rocky dreamily.

    "You want to know what happened,?" answered the voice.

    "Well ya, don't I have a right to know what happened?" quized Rocky in a much sterner voice this time.

    A tall, skinny man with a foot long, white beard and white hair just barely covering his head stepped into view. He wore a tan jacket with shorts to match.

    "Here is what happened," he said

    "I was taking my morning stroll along the Slateport Beach when I spotted a beached Wailord along with a Relicanth half covered in sand and a trainer laying on the Wailords spout. Suddenly, the trainer moved and started to regain coincousness when two pokeballs fell of the Wailord and landed on his head, knocking him out again and opening them. The Relicanth and Wailord returned to the balls in a flash of red. I had my Golem help bring the trainer to my cottage and put him to bed. After I returned my Golem, the trainer began to wake up. That trainer was you."

    "Well I guess that expaines the to lumps on my nogin" replied Rocky.

    "Oh by the way, I'm Dusty the Desert Ruin Maniac. I'm a Desert Ruin Maniac because you can see to your right a desert. Now get some rest".

    "One more thing before you go, can you tell me what that tablet is about?" asked Rocky.

    "Which one?" Dusty questioned.

    "The one with the figures that look like they are made of Ice, Rock, and Steel," replied Rocky.
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  3. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Chapter 3: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel

    "Oh, that one" Dusty said. "Well a long time ago those Titans, the Regi Titans, terrorized the world. All the pokemon battled these titans to no avail. Then the pokemon unleashed all their energy to sink the titans into the ground. One in the Ocean, one in the Mountain, and one in the Desert. Over time people built tempels over the titans and sealed the doors so nobody could get in. But they had to make a key of some sort so the made the hardest key possible. They put the key in the rapids near Slateport. To get to it you had to have a Wailord and a Relicanth and a digging pokemon. You had to know Morse Code, and when the doors opened, you will hear a click."

    "Oh no" said Rocky with wide eyes.

    "I opened the tempels"

    "Well, I guess you will have to catch them," Dusty replied.

    "Catch them, CATCH THEM, how am I going to catch a pokemon 100 ft tall!" Rocky yelled

    "With a Ruin Ball" replied Dusty in a calm voice. "It says here you can only catch Regirock, Regice, and Registeel with a Ruin ball." "And your in luck. I'm the only one who has Ruin balls. I only have 9 though."

    "Nine will be anough," Rocky said boldly.

    "One more thing, take these. You will need them in the desert." Dusty said as he handed Rocky a pair of Goggels.

    "Thanks" Rocky replied.

    Rocky then left Dusty and jogged into the desert. It wasn't to hard finding the tempel because it was a big rock in a desert.

    "Here we go," Rocky said to himself as he stared at the darkness past the open stone door.
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  4. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    This Story is GR8!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
  5. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Thanks Swampert! :)
  6. HypnosProjectHQ

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    It definatly is different! :) Good job!
  7. Sea Crobat

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    Since tomorrow is Veterans day and all, I'm going to go ahead and make the 4th chapter.

    Chapter 4:Regirock, the Stone Titan

    Rocky entered the gloomy tempel.

    "Well I don't see anything but that big rock over in the corner" he said. "Wait, a big rock. I wonder if something is under there?" he thought. "Go, Corsola. Use Strength!" he shouted.

    A Shiny Corsola popped out of the ball in a beatiful display of rainbow sparkles. It lifted the rock up with it's spikes and shattered the rock with a Pin Missle.

    "Corsola, Return!" Rocky shouted.

    A dark hole remained where the rock had just been. Rocky dropped down the hole. He landed on a sandy floor. In the center was a giant brown and gray rock surrounded by 6 little stones. Suddenly, The giant rock broke up and formed Regirock.

    "Relicanth, Go!" Rocky shouted as he through forward the ball containing Relicanth.

    "Relicanth, use Yawn!" He shouted.

    Relicanth started yawning loudly and Regirock started getting drowsy. But soon Regirock woke up and a ball of energy appeared in Regirocks hands. It groaned and the ball shot forward along with many little stones.

    "Relicanth, use Protect!" Rocky shouted.

    Relicanth started glowing just as the ball and pebbles made impact with Relicanth. When the smoke cleared, Relicanth laid, unharmed, and Regirock locked drained of power and weak.

    "Now, finish it off with a Water gun!" he shouted.

    Suddenly, stones flew at the water gun, blocking it.

    "Wow, Regirock's Ancientpower attack!" Rocky exclaimed.

    "Try another Water Gun Relicanth!" Rocky shouted

    This attack was a Critical Hit, blasting Regirock into the wall. It was heavily damaged.

    "Go, Ruin Ball" Rocky shouted.

    He through a tan ball with brown spots all over the top half at Regirock. The ball hit Regirock and pulled it in in a red flash. The ball wiggled once, twice, thrice, bing, the ball stopped moving.

    "Yes!" Rocky exclaimed while jumping up and down in excitement. I caught Regirock!"
  8. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Tht part needed more detail, but it was still pretty good.
  9. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Chapter 5: Off to Dewford

    Rocky emerged from the tempel to see Dusty standing there, waiting for him.

    "Dusty, what a surprise," Rocky said. "Oh, while you're here, I would like you to guard this pokemon."

    Dusty nodded as Rocky gave him the ball containing Regirock.
    Before Dusty left he said:

    "Go to Dewford."

    Rocky started hiking down to Mauville City when a Sandslash jumped of a near by cliff. It prepared to battle.

    "So it's a battle you want, huh. Well O.K. then. Corsola, I choose you!" Rocky exclaimed.

    Corsola popped out of the ball in a beatiful display of sparkles.

    "Use Spike Cannon!" Rocky shouted

    "Cor-so-LA," the pokemon replied as little white spikes flew out of Corsola's spikes.

    "Sand," the Sandslash said as Spikes flew out of it's spikes to. Then the Sandslash started running up to use a Slash attack when Corsola blew it into a near by rock with a Water Gun.

    "PokeBall, Go!" Rocky shouted.

    The ball hit the Sandslash and sucked it in in a red flash. Once.....Twice......Thrice.......Bing. The ball stopped wiggling and Sandslash was caught. The journey continued until Rocky finally got to the sparkling Slateport Beach.

    "Relicanth, Go!" Rocky shouted.

    Relicanth popped out of its ball in a blinding bright light. Rocky hopped on Relicanth and they made their way toward the beatiful sunset and Dewford Island.
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  10. treecko_332

    treecko_332 New Member

    Great story, but why 2 chapter fours.

  11. SwampertEX

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    The chapters need to be longer!
  12. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    I edited the chapter number, for 6, don't worry, it's longer.;)
  13. SnorlaxStampede

    SnorlaxStampede New Member

    Good story. Just FYI, In the game the ruin messages were in Braille not Morse code.

    BUt I guess YOu could have changed it for your story. :D
    Looking forward to the next chapter
  14. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Chapter 6: The Secret Passage

    Rocky arrives at Dewford and sits down on a bench. Suddenly a fat man walks by dressed in a tan jacket and tan shorts. He was also wearing a tan hat.

    "Excuse me, by any chance do you know Dusty, the Desert Ruin Maniac," Rocky asked.

    "Ah, you must be Rocky. Dusty told me about you," he replied. "Come with me."

    Rocky followed the man past all the pleasentlittle cottages and toward Granite Cave. They come to a forest with smoke streaming out of the middle. The traveled farther in the forest and came apon a cozy little wooden cottage. They went inside.

    "My name is Crusty, the Cave Ruin Maniac. If you want to find Regice, go in Granite Cave. A secret passage is in one of the walls. Also, take Sparky, my Raichu. It will light the way for you" the man said.

    Rocky started walking of with the Raichu. Crusty was yeling things like good-byes and warnings but the were to far away when he sad the most important warning. "Look out for Aron!"
    Rocky and the Raichu hiked through the cave when all of sudden, Rocky tripped over a rock and fell head first into a hole. Startled, the Raichu jumpedinto the hole too. The kept falling and falling when all of a sudden, Rocky's head hit somethig hard and shiney.

    "Aron" the pokemon said.

    Many Arons popped out of nowhere and started attacking Rocky and Raichu. They kept running until Rocky smashed through a wall and into a freezing passage. Rocky and Raichu kept walking until they stubbled and fell, cracking the ice. Rocky fell but the startled Raichu ran back to it's master. Rock woke up in a chamber filled with ice sickles and had morse code on the other side of the room. He read the message.
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  15. Sea Crobat

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    Chapter 7: Regice, the Titan of Ice

    The door slowly began to rise and Rocky walked into the chamber. Inside was a 3-D diamond of ice surrounded by 6 little stones. Six eyes suddenly appeared on the ice diamond and it sprouted 2 arms and 2 legs. It was Regice. With a grunt the Regice sent snow flying everywhere as it woke up.

    "Sandslash, Go!" Rocky shouted.

    Sandslash shot out of the ball it a blazing white light. It got its arms ready for battle.

    Sandslash, use Brick Break!" Rocky shouted again.

    Sandslash rused forward and took a good swing at the Regice sending it flying. It used Icy Wind as it flew backward knocking Sandslash out.

    "Corsola, Go!" Rocky shouted

    Corsola popped out of the ball in a brillant display of flashing sparkles.

    "Corsola, use Rock Throw!" Rocky shouted.

    Big rocks shot out of Corsola's spikes and Knocked Regice into the wall again, knocking it out. Rocky threw a Ruin ball at it and the ball automatically stopped moving. Rocky the commanded his Sandslash to dig out of the cave. When they got out they found Crusty waiting for thim with his Raichu. Rocky gave him the ball.

    "Lilycove," Crusty said.

    Rocky hopped on Wailord and surfed to Slateport. When he arrived there he went directly to the ferry and asked if they could take him to Lilycove.

    They said "Only if you have a ticket."

    Just then a ticket fell out of a hole in Rocky's backpack.

    "You may come abord," they said.

    While on the ship, Rocky ran into a excited kid. The kid asked for a battle.

    "Sure," Rocky said. "Go Sandslash!"

    "Go Grumpig!" the kid shouted.

    "Sandslash, use dig!"

    "Grumpig use Psychic!"

    The Psychic hit Sandslash just as sandslash hit Grumpig. They both fainted. Just then, the intercom buzzed.

    "The ferry has arrived in Lilycove. Please depart.'

    Rocky got of the ferry and took his first few steps in Lilycove.
  16. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Chapter 8: The attack of the diaster pokemon

    Rocky was walking through the woods near Lilycove to get to the mountain.

    "Man, this is a big mountain!" he exclaimed.

    Just then a bunch of Absol appeared at the top of the mountain. They grinned mischeviously. Just then 3 team Magma thugs appeared befind the Absol and started laughing as a branch started tumbling down. It hit Rocky on the head and he started falling. When he woke up he was on a ledge by a hut. A man in tan shorts and a matching jacket came out of the hut with a cup of tea.

    "Ah, so you are awake. That must have been a pretty nasty fall," he said.

    "Wait, who are you?" Rocky questioned.

    "I'm Sandy, the Mountain Ruin Maniac, and by the recent rumors, you must be Rocky," he said.

    "That's right" Rocky stammered.

    "And occording to the rumors, you are looking for Registeel's tempel. I can lead you there," Sandy said.

    They got out of the cave from a hole in the top. The sunlight blinded them for a moment. When they could see clearly, they saw the 3 Magma thugs waiting for them.

    "Let's have a battle!" they shouted. "It will be a 3-vs-3 match"

    "We accept!" Rocky shouted. "Go Corsola, Sandslash and-"

    but he was cut of as Sandy released his pokemon.

    "Go, Breloom!" Sandy shouted.

    Corsola, Sandslash, and Breloom shot out of their balls in a blazing white light. Three Absol appeared behind the thugs.the battle began.

    "Absol, Slash!"

    "Sandslash, Slash!"

    "Absol, Razor Wind!"

    "Breloom, Dig!"

    "Corsola, Spike Cannon!"

    "Absol, Perish Song!"

    Every one stopped battling. Sandslash and Absol stopped in midair. Two tornados stopped dead that were about to be realesed by Absol and Breloom was still underground. Corsola's spike's fell to the ground and 1 Absol started singing.

    "Corsola, Sandslash, DIG!" Rocky shouted.

    The 3 Absols fainted and the thugs, having lost started running away.

    "Thanks for your help," Rocky said.

    "Think nothing about it," Sandy replied.

    And Sandy left Rocky standing infront of Registeel's tempel, with a warm smile on his face and Rocky's, toward the Sunset and the cave.
  17. Sea Crobat

    Sea Crobat New Member

    Chapter 9: The Final Titan, Registeel

    Rocky walked into the tempel. It looked much like the other tempels exept it had a hole in the top.

    "How am I supposed to get up there?" he wondered. "Oh, I know!"

    Rocky released Wailord in a blazing white flash.

    'Waaaail ord" the pokemon said.

    "Wailord, I need you to create a spout to get me into that hole!" Rocky commanded.

    Water streamed out of Wailord's spout to create a vertical stream up to the hole.

    "This is it, here goes nothing,"Rocky thought to himself as he ran toward the stream.

    Rocky took a giant leap into the stream. Before he knew it, he was infront of a chunk of Metal surrounded by 6 little stones. Rocky returned Wailord and stepped forward. The chunk of metal sifted into the form of Registeel and grew arms and legs. Registeel got up and prpared to battle.

    "Go, Sandslash!" Rocky shouted.

    Sandslash emerged from a blazing white light and got into it's battle stance. It charged forward.

    "Sandslash, use Earthquake!" Rocky shouted.

    Sandslash jumped straight into the air and started spinning. It shot down and hit the ground hard. Rocks started coming up in all directions. When the attack finished, Sandslash was layingon the ground panting. Registeel was trapped in the rocks.

    "WOW," Rocky said as his eyes widened," Sandslash, I had no idea you had learned Fissure.

    Sandslash smiled.

    "Ruin Ball, Go!" Rocky shouted as he trough a tan ball at the trapped Registeel.

    Registeel immedeatly transported into the ball and the ball didn't even move. Rocky jumped back down the hole and exited the cave. Outside, Sandy awaited him. Rocky handed him the ball and started to leave.

    "Wait!" Sandy shoutd. "I have an e-mail for yu from your Grandpa."

    The e-mail said:

    Dear My Grandson Rocky,

    Everyone has heared about you catching the Regitrio. Archeologists in the Johto region would like to hire you. Sandy has tickets for the ferry to the Johto region. They would like you to help them decide for these ruins called The Ruins of Alph.

    Your grandpa bob

    "The e-mail says you have tickets for me. May I have them?" Rocky said.

    "Sure," Sandy replied as he handedover the tickets. "You diserve them. One more thing, the Ferry is in Littleroot town so you had better hurry!"
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  18. SwampertEX

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    Nice story continuation! ;)
  19. Sea Crobat

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    Chapter 10: The Trip to Littleroot

    Rocky hurriedly borded the ferry to Slateport in Lilycove city. This time though, he didn't bother to battle. As soon as he got to Slateport he jumped on his bike and peddled to a secret creek he discovered that took him straight to Odale Town.

    "Wailord, Go" Rocky shouted as Wailord shot out of the ball in a blazing white light and straight into the creek.

    Rocky jumped on Wailord and Wailord swam down the creek. Just then, it started to slow down. Wailord was beached.

    "Wailord, Return! I think I will be able to walk the rest of the way," Rocky said.

    Rocky walked all the way to Odale Town and finally reached dry ground. Suddenly, a voice came from the distance.

    "Hey, Rocky" the voice said.

    Rocky turned around and saw a young boy about his age with brown hair, a black T-shirt, and jeans aproached him.

    "Hey Tommy" Rocky said.

    "I heard all about you catching the Regitrio and that you are going to Johto now. May I come with you?" Tommy asked.

    "Sure," Rocky replied.

    Rocky and Tommy quickly rushed to Littleroot Town when all of a sudden, 10 Team Magma thugs jumped out from nowhere. Three of them aproched them.

    "Now your gonna pay for dichin' us back in those mountains!" the first 3 said.

    "And for closing up the cave containing Groundon," the other 7 said.

    Then they all released a pokemon. Three released Absol, 4 released Numel, and 2 released Poochyena, and one released a Mightyena.

    "Guess it's a 7 on 7," Rocky said. "Go Sandslash, Corsola,and Relicanth!"

    "I know," said Tommy. "Go Vigoroth, Heracross, Nosepass, and Breloom!"

    Sandslash, Corsola, Relicanth, Vigoroth, Heracross, Nosepass, and Breloom all popped out of their balls and prepared for battle.

    "Sandslash, finish this quickly, use Fissure!"

    "Absol, use Slash!"

    "Breloom, use Dynamicpunch!"

    "Numel, use Fire Spin!"

    "Relicanth, Protect!"

    "Poochyena, Bite!"

    "Vigoroth, Heracross, Nosepass, Protect!"

    "Corsola, Protect!"

    All of the magma thugs pokemon were knocked into the woods by the Fissure. Rocky and Tommy finally made it to Littleroot.
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    nice, alittle more details though

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