The Truth Remains Out There, Worlds Report

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    So I haven’t done one of these for a while, so I’ll try to make this one fun. ;p

    It was a different perspective preparing for Worlds this year. Last year, my goal was only to top 32. I just kept trying my rogue Electrode ex decks all summer and would go as far as it would take me. After 2nd last year, I was really intent on winning this year. At least getting close to the top, to prove I am truely one of the elite players of the game and that Worlds 05 was no fluke.
    The plan was to find a rogue deck again and just make it the best it could be. Rogues had won Worlds 04, 05 and this year’s nationals. It seemed like the obvious play and I had lots of ideas. I tested several different things but they all played not as well as I’d hoped. The one deck that I started testing that had VERY good early results was Dragtrode W/Lunasol tech. I started with BigChuck01’s Dragtrode list that had been posted on Lafonte and just added Lunasol and soon after Holon’s Castform and some other tweaks. Right away, I was beating Storm (Blastoise) at a 70% rate. I also beat Rock-Lock, Nidoqueen, and Ludicargo, at about 70% rates (against myself). Delta was about 50-55%. Mewtric I didn’t really test against but everyone said Dragtrode destroyed it. Chuck had his famous 18-0 vs it. I also knew Dragtrode was one of Mew Lock’s worst matches. Lunasol (the deck) was also a favorable matchup for the old Dragtrode. I was told Flariados was also favorable with Dragonite’s resistance so it looked like I pretty much had the format covered. Medicham seemed to be the only auto-loss, I had heard that there was a good Medicham/Houndoom deck out there but I figured it couldn’t be too popular. I worried about the disadvantages of having an archetype and not a real rogue. People would know how to play against me for a change. But, Dragtrode had the best results of anything I tested, and I tested it the most, so I was confident in it.

    I get to worlds and test Draggy, Storm and Pow Block. I had recently gotten less confident with Draggy as Storm was starting to win some games with Giant Stump. I tested Draggy wednesday as did several of my friends. Some people take notice of it, including Chuck who asks me about it and I notice is testing it the next day. I don’t really mind, it isn’t some completely new rogue, and other Draggy’s playing Lunasol doesn’t hurt me.
    On thursday I wake up thinking of a new idea for Pow Block. Only Pidgeot versions of Pow Block had been consistant for me. The Magmar/no search version that GrandmaJoner and Magnechu eventually played never played consistant enough for me. So I tech in a Lanturn for the Storm match and play that all Thursday, getting good initial results but then ending with like a 1-4 stretch.
    Friday, I wake up and am pretty set on Dragonite (The Dark Knight ;p I can’t stand standard parts of names smashed together titles, ie dragtrode) So I’m gonna play Knight but then I find out the big new secret deck is Medicham/Banette. UGHHHHHH, Medicham. The one autoloss now looks like a bunch of people could play it. I was thinking like Delta at nats which would be a fairly sizeable group, could be more. So I start thinking, hmm Pow Block Magmar would have a very good matchup. I begin to think I might have to play that and prepare to test that all day. I talk to Fulop however during the grinder, he says that apparently dragtrode is more of an even matchup than it appears. So I decide to test it, as I want to play Dark Knight as I’ve played by far the most games with it.
    So Gordon, Paul, Jeremy, Mikey, Sebastian and I all go to test during the grinder. Mikey talks about Pow Block a lot with Sebastian whiel the other four of us test Knight vs SD. I play mostly as the Medicham/Banette (Sharpie decks are the greatest creation on the face of the earth).
    Knight starts out 2-4 so it looks as bad as it seems. About halfway through that, we add Mew ex. Mew ex then starts to work. It’s amazing! Rainbow, copy Dark Electrode for 60!! It’s SOOO Versatile!!! :wink:
    Sneasel also wins games with just R energies. It can get quick ko’s and then build while Medicham has to rebuild. Jeremy and Gordon win 5 games in a row against me, ending at 7-5 for Knight. So Jeremy (APT) and I are like, we found The Truth. We then take out a piece of paper, write the date and time and state WE FOUND THE TRUTH. :D

    I find out Tyler and Jon A (Physics Squirrel) had both t8’d the grinder with Draggy/Lunasol, with my list (Jon changed one card). Jon even gave Yamato his 2nd loss so I remain the only American who’s decks have been able to stop Yamato from repeating as champion. :wink:
    Tyler, Jon, Paul, Gordon and I all run the same Dark Knight list. Mikey and Sebastian stick with Pow Block. My friends seem pretty quiet and tense but I try to stay loose with jokes as I know I’ll get nervous myself. I probably say for 100th time between the past night and this morning “Mew is SOOO Versatile” and “Holon’s Voltorb is SOOOO Intense!!!”
    Moss and Martin try to convince me I need to change the blue vest look to get endorsements but I’m not too interested. :rolleyes:
    Here is the list I played:

    Dark Knight

    Pokemon 21
    3 Dratini RR
    3 Dark Dragonair (evo light)
    2 Dark Dragonite
    1 Voltorb RG
    1 Voltorb LM (some of us went just 2 RG)
    2 Dark Electrode
    3 Rocket’s Sneasel ex
    1 Rocket’s Scyther ex
    1 Regirock ex HL
    1 Mew ex (Versatile!)
    2 Lunatone LM
    1 Solrock LM
    Trainers 25
    4 Holon Transceiver
    4 Holon Mentor
    1 Holon Lass
    1 Holon Adventurer
    2 Steven’s Advice
    2 Rocket’s Admin.
    1 Scott
    4 Rocket’s Pokeball
    4 Desert Ruins
    2 Switch
    Energy 14
    4 Darkness
    4 Dark Metal
    2 Rainbow
    1 Holon’s Castform
    3 R

    The 2nd Lunatone is to counter Giant Stump. On an early stump, you need to discard something if your bench has Nite, Trode, Luna, Sol. With 2 Lunatone, you can sacrifice one Lunatone on a stump, and get the lock later. Lunatone is also a great starter, I Moon Guidance in maybe like, 40% of my games. Most decks with the Lunasol engine can only get basics with Transceiver, but no way to get evolutions. Thanks to Rocket Ball, Lunatone does both here.
    Regirock ex helps a lot vs Delta. We had debated between Sudowoodo and Regirock ex, and Regirock proved better vs Delta. It was also better vs Dark Tyranitar ST. Sudowoodo only helped more vs Ludi and theoretically, vs mirror.
    Mew we added at the last second for Medicham/Banette, it’s a really good card in general though from playing with it during Worlds and afterwards. Cutting the Rocket’s Hideout hurt but I don’t know what else could be done about it.

    Round 1 vs Anne Cohen-Stegmann from Germany W/Nidoqueen
    This doesn’t look like too hard of a match. It turns out to be way too easy. I get t3 everything, Lunasol lock, ko her Queen with Scyther, then her Pidgeot and Milotic with Electrode and it’s over. 1-0

    Round 2 vs Erik Nance W/Metanite
    We both talk about being nervous the first round. I wish I could’ve had a harder game to get more in the flow of the tournament so it’s like playing a 2nd 1st game. My hand has Sneasel, R, Dark Metal, Darkness, Lunatone, no Mentor. I have to decide if I want to just start Moon Guidancing or go for t2 ko and then go for setup. All I can remember about the Nance’s is that they won their trips with Flariados, so I figure it’s that and go for Sneasel. He gets t1 Metagross so t2 Sneasel won’t really do much =/. I then remember that this was there 2nd deck, oh well.
    I’m pretty far behind in setup but his deck seems to build really slowly. Every energy attachment he gets though I know will hurt later, he doesn’t ko the Lunatone for a while, he just keeps playing energies for later. After a while I have setup. He finally ko’s Lunatone, leaving a Metal on Metagross. He already has a 2nd Metagross and Dragonite up as well. I figure I can Sneasel the first Metagross, the 2nd will ko me, using nearly all it’s energy, then I can Sneasel that one and start taking him down as he has to wait for more attackers and energy. I have to bench 2 more Sneasel, use 2 Dark and an R to ko the Metagross. We’re already down to about 12 minutes and we’re only at 5-5. This wouldn’t come to time though.
    He sends up Beldum. Plays Ray*. I’m like uh-oh, I’m gonna have to win quick. Then, he plays Mewtwo delta.............moves lightning, lightning, psychic to Ray*, plays Castform to it, plays Fluffy Berry and takes 6 prizes. OOPS!
    Ugh, it wasn’t even a full Luke Hudson. (Luke Hudson gave up 11 runs in 1/3 of an inning the Sunday before Worlds. I created the joke that to pull a Luke Hudson, you must lose 11-0 in prizes and one of the easiest ways to do this is by Ray* :wink:.)
    I couldn’t really have done anything else though. I had to ko the Metagross, and I can’t waste all 4 darks on it seeing the 2nd Metagross ko ready and coming. GG Erik, you and your brother are two of the nicest people I met. 1-1

    Round 3 vs Jaime Guerrero W/Rock-Lock
    I was confident in my Rock-Lock matchup, I had tested it enough. My start is ok, I get t2 Lunasol and all my basics. Despite that, he gets t2 Amphy and either t2 or t3, he swoops the active Jirachi to Larvitar, evolves to Dark Pupitar and gets heads. UGH, thats probably his only swoop, drawn without Pidgeot and he got the amphy too. I don’t have the evolutions yet, I have to stall by dragging off his Ampharos. He attaches to that for a couple turns, hitting me for 40 with Amphy. I then switch to Lunatone and Moon Guidance for Rocket Ball. He hits again for 40. Now I Moon Guidance for a Transceiver. I can get Castform next turn, so I can ko the Ttar when it comes active with Scyther. I had been waiting for that before I ko’d the Amphy. I can also get the 2nd Lunatone. He ko’s Lunatone. I Trans/Mentor for Castform, Sneasel, Sneasel, and ko the Amphy with Sneasel, with Scyther ready to ko Tyranitar.
    Wait a minute.....he ko’d Lunatone, and I just Mentored for Castform, Sneasel, Sneasel...UGHHHHHH Misplay. It had just completely slipped my mind that turn that the lunasol lock was gone. I had even planned for that to happen but for 1 turn I forgot, I can’t believe it, such a simple mistake.
    He ko’s with Ttar, I ko with Scyther. He only has Pidgeot and Pidgey (he had played Space Center for a turn earlier and candied to Pidgeot). But, then he Candies to Amphy and Tyranitar. UGH, that play cost me so much. He rocks me koing Electrode. I try to play fast, I got a Mentor off the prize and NOW get Lunatone. I try to ko the new ttar with Scyther but Jaime is quick to point out Slashing Strike’s drawback...oh yeah =/. He wins next turn with another Rock I think. GG Jaime 1-2

    I am furious at myself. I am pretty sure I cost myself the game by not getting the Lunatone. It wasn’t even me playing an inferior strategy or decision or something, it was just a simple mistake, forgetting the state of the game for one turn. =/=/=/=/
    Now it’s lunch and I remain angry for the full hour and however long it was. I get so focused from being angry, I am so far from being nervous anymore, I have so much energy, I firmly believe I will just dominate my way thru to 6-2 as thats simply what I have to do. :mad:
    I wait forever, I can’t even sit still when I come back to the play area, I need to play now.

    Round 4 vs Yacine Sekkoum T2 Arcanine ex
    I found out about 10 seconds before I sit down he’s playing Arcanine. This doesn’t seem like a very good matchup but I’ve never played it. I’ll just have to be fast and ko the Arcanines before they could like, Reversal ko Dragonite.
    I have Sneasel start and Mentor but no Rocket Ball. I basically have nothing and just R his Arcanine for about 80 damage. He plays a Battle Frontier and I have no counter. Most Arcanines play just Cursed Stone I thought =/. I have to drag off his Growlithe and force him to retreat. He does and hits Sneasel for 30. I drag off the now Arcanine. He thinks he can retreat again, but I show him it has 2 retreat. Despite this, I still have nothing and retreat Sneasel for Mew ex. Mew I knew would be good in this matchup. I copy Scyther’s Bounce and switch to Lunatone. He reversals the Sneasel and does 100 by discarding 2. I’m still in BF lock btw =/, 1 BF vs no gyms all game. I put up Mew and 30-20 him, putting his benched arcanine at 100 and his active at like 40. He 30-20s me, I know he’ll ko next turn. I attach Castform to Mew and do 100 to the active and ko. I returned Rainbow to my hand so I can ko the 2nd K9 (w/100 damage) with Electrode. Then I draw Scott off the prizes, I’M GONNA WIN! As long as he doesn’t admin. Of course, he does. I get nothing. No Rainbow, no Gyms. He does 100 to Mew. I Lass for 6 and can’t get the Rainbow ugh. STILL in the single Frontier lock. I Bounce with Scyther putting him back at 100. He, to my surprise attaches to the benched Growlithe, not a bad play I suppose. I draw R and ko the Arcanine with Bounce again putting up Dragonair. Prize=Desert Ruins YES YES !!!! He 30-20s me, putting 20 on Scyther. I Ruins, getting powers for the first time of the game. Evolve to Dragonite, with a 2nd on the bench. I have a hand of 3, but 2 R energies. I do 70, 80 with Ruins, leaving a Dark on each Nite. I have a 2 card hand but 1 is a 2nd consecutive R. I can ko whether he does either attack.
    He tries Reversal #3 on the Scyther, I was afraid of this, but I had to play it when I was stalling with Mew early. Flip.....Tails. Oh my gosh, I’ve gotten a 2nd chance in this tournament. Then he almost plays Mary, but thinks about it for an agonizing minute. Then he plays it. I’d estimate about a 20-30 card deck. Let’s say it’s a 22 card deck with 2 prizes left, only a 12.5% chance the last reversal is in the first 3 cards, then cut that in half to 6.25% for the chance of tails. Hits the Reversal! Flip!......Heads! NOOOOOOOOOO!!
    Yeah it was really a 50% chance loss on the first reversal but the way it happened was just that much more painful. 1 gym the whole game? On my last turn? And I still had a 5050 chance? What would have happened if say, I saw TWO gyms? Ugh. Yacine goes on to do the 5-0 I vowed to do. It should’ve been me. GG, you played well. 1-3

    I’m really angry, but then I pretty much just let it go. I’m still very frustrated but I just keep going trying to salvage a 5-3 record and whatever that gets me.

    Game 5 Daryl Kimmerer from Canada W/ Storm
    T1 he Wishing Stars, plays nothing. I go, Mentor and have all my basics, but no Rocket Ball etc. I do 10 with Sneasel.
    He plays Mentor, Squirtle, Pidgey, Latias*. Rare Candy Blastoise ex, Energy Rain Jirachi, Energy Rain Latias*, Castform, ko. -_- Remember, he had just a Jirachi before. I didn’t even know what deck he was playing and then he plays all this?! *shakes head* But being the amazing player I am, I comeback. :wink: I get out the Solrock, Moon Guidance for Rocket Ball. He doesn’t have a Holon Pokemon so he retreats for Jirachi. 2 turns later, I drag off Blastoise and play a Ruins. A turn later, it is ko’d. I get setup and dominate. He manually powers a Mew to Latias* my Sneasel but I just ko it and win the next turn. 2-3

    Game 6 vs Arco Oliemans from Netherlands W/Poliwrath RG
    I see the Poliwrath RG as he’s shuffling and I’m like uhhhh, how do I play against this? I figure just try to setup and overrun him fast which is how Dark Knight usually wins. He gets going fast and his confusion lock stuff really slows me down. I can’t get a Dragonair or Rocket Ball. I get an Electrode, I had wanted to setup 2, noting the weakness but the 2nd Voltorb was prized. He reversals and confuse locks the Electrode. I can do absolutely nothing but pass =/. He ko’s it and then I just start sending up basics. Then, vainly try to Drag Off stuff. Then Mew comes and confuses Poliwrath HA! He plays down Flareon ex, and I notice how that also conveniantly locks me in the active. At this point I’m down 1-5 btw. I’ve already started joking about how he has this game. He gets thru confusion and hits me for 80, if I flip tails I lose. HEADS! Still alive. *pumps fist* Ok, so I tell him my brilliant plan. I can’t retreat but I can BOUNCE! HA! If tails though, game over. Flips.....HEADS!! YES! He hits something and I ko his 2nd and last Poliwrath. He tries to sleep me, if he succeeds, Flareon ko’s next turn, my third flip for my life....HEADS!!!! DOES IT!!! I retreat for a fresh Sneasel, and Drag Off a damaged Flareon for a ko. (I think I missed something, but oh well, I just remember THREE flips for my life, all heads!) Now it’s 1-2 him, I think I’m actually gonna win. But wait, he has one more trick up his sleeve. Another Flareon! Burned/Confused, and then he hits with it for 70. This is it, Flipping for the game AGAIN. If I go 4 for 4 I actually WIN the game. Flips....TAILS....NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Would’ve been the greatest comeback in the history of Dragonite/Poliwrath matches, UGH! I check if I have the win next turn. I need to Adventurer to get one of two ruins in my 10 card deck and it ends up being the first card. Heads, Heads, Heads, Tails to lose. That is SO not Spirit of the Game. :rollseyes: 2-4

    Game 7 vs Eito Nakai from Japan W/ST Tyranitar W/Claydol (Copycat effect)
    I go first, I actually have Mentor, Dratini start and Dragonair, amazing. I t2 mentor and dragonair. He gets t2 Dark Pupitar but gets tails on the flip. I ko it and don’t look back from there. At one point I even use REGIROCK EX!!! I know the Japanese don’t play techy cards like Protective Orb. I win easily. I have won my last 7 games vs Japanese players, I gotta defend the U-S-A! ;p 3-4

    Game 8 vs Tony Lampert from Germany W/Raichu d/Banette ex
    He gets t2 Raichu with Psychic energy so I’m really confused. But, for the 2nd time in a row, (and 2nd time of the tournament =/), I have dratini start, with t2 dragonair and mentor. He can’t draw a basic and I Dragonite him t3. Salvages the .500 record! I haven’t gone under .500 in a modified tournament since I think, 02 Worlds. 4-4

    So I end somewhat happy from just salvaging the even record. I talk about the top 32 with friends. A bunch of us go down to the lobby area, where there are tables. We, (Me, Matt, Gordon, Jeremy [when he was awake ;p], Paul, Jon, Sebastian, Backwards, maybe some others ;p), test Ludi vs Dark Knight, as that’s what Gordon has to face in top 32. In my testing, I had gone 7-1 when I didn’t play Lunasol, controlling late game damage effectively, but this way lost a couple games so we switched to getting out Lunasol and Gordon won two games before going to bed.
    Now Matt, (Articjedi) had basically been teasing me the whole time since I went 1-3, so it was time for payback. So he takes the Ludi deck, and I take Dark Knight, and we sit down for the most intense game EVER.

    The Most Intense Game Ever vs Matt (Articjedi) w/Ludi
    I start with Solrock and get Lunatone. He has Jirachi but I outplay him by drawing one Desert Ruins and Moon Guidance for another allowing me to setup. I ko the Jirachi with Dragonite. For a turn I have to worry if he had changed the list and added Solid Rage which could lead to a ko here, but he didn’t, HA! A useless 100 to Dragonite. I Switch and ko with Electrode. He gets a BF locked though so I have to be careful. I put the energy with Trode’s attack to the 2nd Trode, and Mew. He can’t ko the Trode and passes after attaching something. I use Dark Metal to retreat from my hand, and ko with the other Electrode, going up 6-3, but still in Frontier lock. He sees I’m preparing to Circular Steps with Mew. What I’m really worried about, is him koing with Ludi and Admining, I need to attach Rainbow from hand to Electrode to ko with Electrode as I put the Castform on Mew. I could still ko with Mew, but I’d rather use the Electrode to ko the Ludi at whatever point of the game. He perhaps misplays and puts up Rhydon though ;p. He doesn’t Admin, but it is equally proud in Brineying his Magcargo so that I can only Circular Steps for 80, that’s perfectly fine though, I can always Drag it off later. He Rhydon ko’s Trode. Still in BF lock, I do 80 with Mew to Rhydon. He retreats the Rhydon and ko’s with Ludi, making it 3-3. I still have the Trode with Rainbow and 2 dark, so I ko with that, moving the energy to Sneasel, taking the lead 2-3. He Celio’s for a Ludi, last Swing Dance prized I believe and gets the Heal Dance. He ko’s with Rhydon, to tie it 2-2. Big moment here, he still has an out if he Scrambles the Heal Dance and ko’s Sneasel with three heads ftw!!! (I do have Admin though). I have nothing else that can do 20 though (he healed 10 off the Rhydon), so I have to put up Sneasel. I admin and get an R energy, PERFECT!! I retreat Sneasel, and R, BOUNCE ko with Scyther!! DOES IT!!! I switch to Lunatone, he can’t pull the two prizes now. I’m up 1-2. He does have the Scramble and ko’s the Lunatone. Now without Lunatone, I can Mentor and get 5 Dark pokemon, plus the 2 dark on Sneasel and another energy for 100 and the win!!!
    This was the most intense game ever and I played it perfectly despite a long BF lock. I was so into it and so tired (it was like midnight now), I was starting to get dizzy, and everyone was just laughing and it was great.

    The next day I get down to the play area with like 15 minutes left in top 32. I see Mikey lose on the flip, and Gordon, Pramawat and Drew G get stalled out, needing one turn to even the series. It is simply amazing that was allowed to happen. Judges were everywhere, they were discussing, but at the end, those that tried to stall succeeded. Wow =/.
    Gordon and I play in the team sealed event as ‘WE are The X-Files’. Paul and Matt (from WA) and Tyler and Michael (??) from WA also are in our 8 team bracket. I quickly find a brilliant loophole in the rules when the judge (David, ALSO from WA), tells us we are only allowed to say yes or no questions. I proceed to use this rule in ways Pokemon inc. never imagined when they made the rules.
    Ross: Gordon, are you Canadian?
    Gordon: Yes.
    Ross: Is the sky blue?
    Gordon: Yes.
    I also found you could say nearly anything and just add “eh?” to turn it into an ‘official’ question. BRILLIANT!
    Gordon and I even develop a super secret code involving, Prof. Oak, 1st Floor, Dragonite, West and East Australia, Snorlax, and some other stuff. With more time I could create a much more efficient code system too.
    In top 4 though, we were defeated by Matt and Paul, in a pretty illegitimate way. As Gordon and I were making an AMAZING(race) COMEBACK, Matt was able to put us away with an energy. The problem is, he used Dugtrio to attack, a card that had THREE POKEMON on ONE CARD!!!!! How is this legal? I protest to David, the judge, but he says it’s legal. Unbelievable. Pop’s gonna hear about this one! :wink:

    By the time we’re done with that, Worlds is in top 8. We just watch the rest of the way as Chuck loses since Jimmy had the last turn, then Jimmy beats Jeremy in a long game 2 of top 4. Ness wins easily the finals game 1 and then suddenly we see Jimmy has conceded game 2.
    There was one more thing I had to do before we all got kicked out of the big room. The win that meant the most to me by far last year, was defeating Yamato in top 8. I haven’t forgotten what it was like. Witnessing 04 and seeing the Japanese sweep. That started the feeling of patriotism in me, and I’m sure several other American players. I really haven’t appreciated some players who criticized the Japanese as lucky or as not as good etc. though. I have always respected the Japanese, and really love the olympic style battle between us and them, at least in my mind. To have won one of the most significant games of those 2 country’s rivalry is a great honor, and I think about it a lot.
    Because I think about it a lot, it was significant for me, when I went over to see Yamato. I didn’t approach him after last year as I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t want to like, rub in the loss or anything, I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be. I don’t even know the guy.
    Matt convinced me to be in the line to play them, but it was gonna take 2 hours I bet. Yamato however, finished a game and laid down his sign, meaning he was done. A little kid came over to get an autograph so I was like, what the heck? I came over and he recognized me right away (maybe it was the vest ;p) and we shook hands. I told him how I was hoping he’d make it in thru the grinder and asked him to sign his favorite card in my binder, a Torchic. He then asked me to sign an HL Voltorb which I gladly did. I even got to practice a couple words of Japanese I had learned, and he gave me the okay after I had to think for a moment on how to say you’re welcome. ;p
    So I’m sure the rest of you met Yamato and got something signed and it really isn’t a big deal, but I had been thinking about that match since last year so this meant something to me. If I could pick my dream scenario in this game, it would be me vs a Japanese player in the final, I like the country rivalry stuff that much. I wish the rivalry can reach the level it was last year. Japan’s gotta catch up a bit though after this year ;p.
    I get more people I’ve met or met before to sign cards in my binder. I play some games in the 4th floor play room. By the end, I have gone 7-1 in games against legitimate opponents since worlds ended with Dark Knight, including 2-0ing Sebastian’s 1st seed Pow Block. Ugh, I finally started getting good starts with the deck.
    I made a mistake round 3 but my setups were not great rounds 2 thru 6 either way. You need a little bit to go your way, neither flips nor setup would help me out for most of the day. I knew that could happen though, there wasn’t anything insanely broken about Dark Knight, but I still feel it was the best and solid choice for me. My mistake came in-game, and fate wouldn’t give me another chance to play my way back in.
    The failure at Worlds 06 has not hurt my confidence or determination though. I will be back at the top again. If you discount me for failing this year, you’re making a big mistake. I know I can play and OUTplay the world’s elite, and I will show that again, as I did last year. I can’t wait til the first cities and I can start winning again.
    I just hope next year’s baseball schedule won’t hinder my chances of qualifying for Worlds, that matters a lot to me too. But, I’ll find a way.
    Overall, I had a lot of fun at Worlds despite my final record. See you guys at Nats and Worlds 07.
    -My parents for flying me down early and paying for the extra days.
    -PUI putting on a great Worlds event
    -Team X-Files and friends, I had a great time with everyone. Many of these people are my close friends here in Seattle too. We also worked together for the most part on Dark Knight and most of us played it at worlds. Next year, we WILL find The Truth.
    -Sebastian and Mikey making Pow Block work.
    -Everyone I met or met again, there are some very nice people in this game. There’s also some very funny ones. ;p I get as many people I meet as I can to sign a card so I can remember them.
    -Yamato and the other Japanese players who did the marathon.
    -The winners, Ness, Jimmy, Jeremy, Komatsuda, and the youngers divisions. Solid jobs all around.
    -Holon’s Voltorb for being SOO Intense!!!
    -Mew ex for being SOO Versatile!!!
    -Me for winning the most intense match ever by dominating one Matthew Chin.
    -Hinata didn’t die!!!! (I had to google to make sure before going to worlds ;p)
    -Luke Hudson, our joke who gave up 11 runs in 1/3 inning the sunday before worlds, came back and went 7 innings, giving up 1 as the Royals defeated Oakland last Friday. Luke Hudson is an inspiration to us all. :biggrin:
    -SHARPIE DECKS, I am a genious for using these as much as I do. They’re so time and money efficient. I have made 60 commons into FOUR different decks for testing, at the same time. Sharpie’s are also great for my new pasttime at worlds, drawing on cards :wink:
    -LackeyCCG! I couldn't test without this.
    -This game never ceasing to challenge me
    -You for reading this whole thing, I really hope you enjoyed it. I tried to make it good and hey, it’s about half as long as last year’s!

    -Stalling in top cut, and moreso, the judging staff for not doing anything about it. This is for another topic though, and I think and hope something will be done about it. PUI has come in before when things have gone wrong.
    -Chuck for not crediting ME with the Lunasol tech in Draggy. I almost helped him win a record 8TH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! C’mon! ;p
    -LM Aron, get AWAY from those traintracks!!!!
    -Three Pokemon being allowed on one card.=/
    -Squirtle Boy
    -Reversals =/
    -YOUR report for not being as GOOD as mine!! DOES IT!
    -Deoxys ex #(&$#($&$(#&$&# You’re still in format. I hate you SOO much.

    The Truth Remains Out There

    I’ll find it next year.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2006
  2. BigChuck01

    BigChuck01 New Member

    FYI, Jason and I had the idea of Lunasol in Drag pre-nats. You had no influence on my decision. NICE REPORT THOUGH!
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Listen to >:choke:<....

    Listen to Moss and Martin.

    [passes out]
  4. Smeagol

    Smeagol New Member

    GJ Ross. Dragtrode w/ Lunasol tech was obviously a solid choice because Chuck got T8 and Gordon C. got T32. That's alright, there's always Cities!
  5. Man, I just read all that. >_< OH well, twas fun, and remember, THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!!
  6. amphyrules

    amphyrules New Member

    i remember being 1-2 and just sitting on the floor next to you. I thought, 'this guy has a solid chance at going far and hes sitting on the floor with me?'

    I was then informed of your record.

  7. Magnechu

    Magnechu New Member

    Ross good job man despite disappointing results. We WILL find the truth! It's out there somewhere!
  8. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Too bad you didn't make it into top 32 again this year, it'll be cool though. But, you did your best and everyone makes mistakes, that's what makes us humans. lol. Hopefully, try to make it to Worlds next year and do well. Also, you wouldn't be able to have your deck completed without me, remember I lend you the Regirock ex and Mew ex, its SO Versatile, otherwise you would have to run around and find 2 cards. lol. Hope ya find THE TRUTH soon by Worlds!
  9. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    I'm DQ'ing you from life for that one Pop.
  10. lukerc10t4

    lukerc10t4 New Member

    nice report ross too bad about worlds tho but good job
  11. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Ross Cawthon is my hero.

    A rather uneventful tournament season for you, I guess. Top 4 at a Regionals and 4-4 at Worlds. But with the one-and-done rule in effect, that's only to be expected when you got second place at Worlds the year before. ;/

    Have faith ... IN SCIENCE!!1


    P.S. Hinata doesn't die. =OOO
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2006
  12. Physics Squirrel

    Physics Squirrel New Member

    It was nice meeting you again, Ross. I still think Draggy was the best play for Worlds. And my bad luck in big tournaments streak seems to be ending, sort of. But it still decided not to give me a t32 spot. =/ Next format is going to be the worst format ever, now that Rocket Returns is rotated out. =P Hopefully we'll see each other at Nats. And the truth is definitely out there. Just not in the form if Dark Dragonite. :frown:
  13. Kenshin's Garde

    Kenshin's Garde New Member

    OMG, ross, you failed me! Why, WHY?!?! *slyce*
    Anyway, guys, there is no way ross is getting to worlds. in fact, i will be the only one there. I will go to every tournament, make a new pop id so i can still compete, and win every single one! lol. Or is it? Ummm . . . well it sucks you didn't make the cut ross. And i told all of you Kryshek was the play!!! Doesn't!
    P.S. Ross, thanks for the "I hate you, i hate you SOO much!!!" Krabby. I will tech it into my worlds deck and win with it by getting 2 heads against a tech regirock em w/40 hp left. DOES IT!!!
  14. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    Hey Ross,
    Awsome report, always so detailed and humorus...that is exsept for the fact you only mentioned me ONCE!!!! =( GRRR
    its okay, you can always edit it :)

    It was great to finally meet you, even tho your deck FAILED me in the grinders....hmm moon guidence for Rocket's Pokeball...hmm too bad I started with Sneasle, Scyther or Regirock EVERY GAME >.< well Sneasle start isn't all that bad....

    Either way, take care and see you at a tournament in some point in time, preferably the future. and Remember, the truth is SOMEWHERE!!!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2006
  15. Benlugia

    Benlugia Gallery Contributor

    meh. it happens.
    good job though. participate in more tournaments this year--you are one of the better deckbuilders in this game. =)
  16. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. The Truth IS Out There. :cool:
  17. GrandmaJoner

    GrandmaJoner New Member

    good deck, bad player!

    jk dude, props, just got donked

    i will officially never listen to you again

    see ya at tournies this year son
  18. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    good meeting up this year, i think we both played a lil farther 'back there' table wise then we would have liked to this year lol but hey it happens to the best of us. ;) gl next season bro,see ya around.
  19. CleffaGirl

    CleffaGirl New Member

    pshhh ya gj =P
    dude jeremy didnt laugh at the explode into double protect. he just said i shouldnt use it. lol i thought it was slightly humorous though =P
  20. Huh? *explodes into double protect* Ross you gotta win all the CCs.

    The Truth IS Out There.

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