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  1. guilleg33

    guilleg33 New Member

    hey, i just want to know exactly the effect of time capsule... i mean, card says:

    "Your opponent may choose 5 Basic Pokémon, Evolution, and/or basic Energy cards in his or her discard pile....."

    So there is a total of 15 cards?? 5 energy plus 5 basic pokemon plus 5 evolved pokemon?? or i can recycle only 5 cards including all stuff?

    Maybe a total of 10? 5 energy and 5 pokemon? its a big doubt. Same as nightly garbage run, if there is a total of 9 cards or 3 only including all stuff.

    please, help!
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    5 total in any combination of those card types.
  3. guilleg33

    guilleg33 New Member

    ok, that solved my doubt.

    thank you!!

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