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  1. Qwachansey

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    What is a draft? Thanks!

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    I found at the RR Prerelease that you shouldn't worry about trainers nearly as much as a normal deck. All I had were Stage 1 Pokemon, and it came down to the damage dealt, not the trainers played. Even though I put every trainer I pulled (3) in my deck, I never used any of them. :)
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    A draft is where you only get 1 card out of the 10 cards you open from a pack. In the beginning you get 6 Packs.
    Round 1: Get 1 card from the pack you opened. When time is called, pass the rest of the cards EITHER to your left OR right depending what the judge says. Do this till you have 10 cards.
    Rinse and repeat till you have 60 cards. Do what you did in the Pre-release and build yourself a 40 card deck, INCLUDING Energy and Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums if you pulled any.
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    Woah, since when? We never do that.
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    Since the beginning of the season.
  5. Qwachansey

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    Wow... do they have those at every Pre Release? Also, does everyone get 6 packs or just 1 person who passes the rest of the cards?

    Do they supply energy? I kinda doubt you would pull the 15-20 you need in 6 packs. And then I presume you battle with your deck? This sounds like so much fun!
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    1. This side-event is only if there's enough supplies.
    2. Energy is provided to you by the judges. You can't use your own. However, should you pull any special Energy, you keep those.
    3. Everybody gets 6 packs.
    4. Yes, if you're going to join in the Booster Draft, you have to battle. However, you can drop out, but that for me doesn't exactly sound right.
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    my area has never done that, it's $20 always for the draft -whether or not you played pre-release.

    our judges allow us to use our own energy (thus the reason why the have the check list of what you pulled), however - this may be due to our lower turn out compared to most pre-releases. And draft counts as a sanctioned event if I recall right (meaning it counts as points towards worlds).
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    Thanks for the tips, I'll hand this out as something to read while waiting for the event to start. Good job.
  9. Ren-

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    I'm glad for these tips. I'll be going to my first pre-release next weekend!
  10. Elite_4_Allen

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    Yeah there bunches of fun, in my first prerealease Me and my dad entered, i got first pace and ended up getting like the entire set! (was i suppose to get a victory medal for that?)
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    mine is august 21st. :/

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    I saw this note, and wanted to add my 2 cents on the deck building part:

    Deck Building Tips

    20/20 rule
    20 Energy Cards = Energy, Energy Search, or Draw Supportor cards. Thus 18 energy + 2 Draw Supportors or 20 energy all the same. General rule is you use every draw supportor. Missing an energy drops is such a bad thing in this game.
    20 Other Cards = Pokemon, Search Supportor and USEFUL Tech Trainers. (switch, pokeball, potion), Don't often bother with Stadiums or weird trainers.

    Pokemon In Decks:
    -Find any decent line that you have to center your decks around. 3-2, 2-1, 1-2, 1-1 lines all work if the stage 1 or stage is actually any good. 3-1 one lines depend if the basic is any good. I have 2-2 lines I have left in my bag because the stage 1 was soooo bad, not worth it.
    Rounding Out the Deck:
    1. Use every big basic Pokemon, with any attack IE 70,80,90 HP basic, with 20 attack for 1 or 2 is great for pre-releases as big skirmisher.
    2. 20 damage and Flip for Paralysis or Auto Sleep is another boss card in pre-releases. You can lock up an attacker for along time with these.
    3. Bench Hitter, need to finish the deal with 10 damage to the bench, try to fit in a pokemon or 2 with these.
    4. Attacks of Call for Family, Draw Cards, Etc attacks are all good set up pokemon start with.
    5. Fossil Rule: If the set has Fossils, grab up to 4 of them to take some hits before you discard them to start with your offensive attack.
    6. Misc. Attackers - If you are still looking to fit in pokemon, round out with basics that have good attacks that are colorless. 3 types of energy is ussually the best way to spread your energy.

    Again, for new folks I always remind them of the 20/20 rule. If they do that, they will be OK.
  13. Phototoxin

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    I went 3-0 tonight in pre-release draft and was recommended to sign up to here.

    I would say consistency is highly important - phantumps and dunsparce give you guaranteed outcomes while elixirs can help keep the energy flowing. The less energy types you focus on the more likelyhood of having the correct energy... basics like that.

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