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    Massachusetts R&S Challenge Report
    T.J.’s Collectibles
    Sunday 8/24/03
    By Johnny Blaze

    We drove the usual 2.5 hours from Albany, NY to get to TJ’s. There were roughly 40 participants at the Ruby and Sapphire Challenge. We saw a lot of familiar faces. Head judge BJJ was there along with the other 2 judges Marril from ZEO and Bob C. Also it was nice to see a rep. From Nintendo there. His name was Stephen McLaughlin(sp) I think. Stephen played our friend Jacob for fun the 1st round because Jacob had a bye. I also met with Babayaga and her son from the boards.

    I must say that we definitely liked the Duo format of GameBoy and TCG. I just thought that 10 minutes wasn’t enough for GB. I think at least 15 minutes maybe 20 would have been optimal. There were many GB matches that went the time limit. We also need clearer rules for GB matches as to what happens when time is called and someone is ready to attack. Do they finish their turn? Also if someone has 2 Pokemon left and the other person has 1 Pokemon left, what happens then? If played by TCG rules then it should be a tie. Because in TCG if 1 person has 1 prize left and the other person has 2 prizes left it is declared a tie. In GB it was declared that the person with the most remaining Pokemon won. I think it should be a tie.

    Sealed Constructed went horrible. All in all I drafted 6 energies. I even had 1 Booster pack with a regular Fighting energy and a reverse holo Fighting energy. I did manage to pull 7 Trainer cards. I also pulled 2 EX Pokemon. 1 was Mewtwo and the other was EX Hitmonchan who I used. I constructed a Water and Fighting deck. The Fighting to counter the Lightning weakness. Here is my deck below:

    Pokemon – 17
    1 – Hitmonchan EX
    2 – Wingull
    1 – Pelipper
    3 – Taillow
    3 – Makuhita
    1 – Shroomish
    3 – Mudkip
    1- Marshtomp
    1 – Swampert
    1 – Nosepass

    Trainers – 7
    3 – Pokemon Reversal
    1 – Switch
    1 – ER2
    1 – Oran Berry
    1 – Potion

    Energy – 16
    8 – Water
    8 – Fighting

    My GameBoy team consisted of Salamance with Leftovers, Blaziken with Charcoal, and Gardevoir with Shell Bell. I must say that Latios and Latias ruled the day.

    Round 1 was TCG vs. Jim Snow
    It seems like Jim and I always play against each other at these events. Jim had a horrible start going 1st. He plays a Wingull and attaches an energy and tails for the filp. I have a Makuhita active and my tech Shroomish in my hand. I attach energy to Makuhita and drop the Shroomish. Jim goes and still no basics. He gets another tails with Wingull. I retreat Makhuita and attach an energy to Shroomish. He notices the resistance to Water and says “Crap”. So for the next 2 turns he draws no basic. I am using the Sleep and 10 per turn. He plays a Potion and it goes like this for 3 more turns. Meanwhile I am charging up EX Hitmonchan. He does get 1 ER2 off. He pulls another basic but I clobber him with Hitmonchan. 4 prizes to 0.

    Record 1-0
    4 points

    Round 2 was GB vs. Jared Hawkins
    Jared pretty much ripped through my team. Jared had Latios, Alakazam, and Metagross. I was able to tick Jared off when he reduced Gardevoir’s HP to 3 and then I used Rest.

    Record 1-1
    4 points

    Round 3 GB vs. Flea
    Flea is from ZEO. Flea had an exact Replica of Gardevoir included Shell Bell. This was the match that we both cam to an agreement that 10 minutes is not nearly enough time for GB matches. Flea also used Walrein and Sceptile. His Walrein knocked out my Salamance in 1 hit KO and that pretty much decided game. Given more time Flea figured I could have won since my Blaziken almost knocked out his Walrein and Blaziken would have defeated Sceptile. Flea was given the victory however because he had all 3 Pokemon left versus my 2.

    Record 1-2
    4 points

    Round 4 TCG vs. Tom Geary
    Tom had a Linoone by turn 2 and that was able to power up his Breloom’s Battle Blast with like 6 Fighting energy and a grass. I was able to paralyze him for like 5 turns straight but he pulled a switch and then Breloom began the beatdown.
    Record 1-3
    4 points

    Round 5 GB vs. Josh H
    Josh was using Aggron, Blaziken, and Walrein. My Blaziken pretty much ripped through his Aggron and Blaziken using Earthquake. Then Overheat and Flamethrower did his Walrein in.

    Record 2-3
    6 points

    Round 6 GB vs. Ben Mancini
    We drive 2.5 hours together just to play against each other in the final battle. Go figure. I had loaned Ben my remaining 3 LV 50 Pokemon before the tourney started. Ben doesn’t play GB, his son Devon does. So it was a definite learning experience for him. I knew exactly what the Pokemon’s weaknesses were. He had a Wailord, Pelipper, and Aggron. MY Gardevoir took care of the Water Pokemon with Thunderbolt then my Blaziken Earthquaked for the win.

    Record 3-3
    8 points

    I miss making top 8 by a hair and end up in 9th place.

    My son Nick did a lot better than me. For Game Boy he used Latias with Leftovers, RegiRock with Quick Claw, and RegiIce with NeverMelt Ice. Here is the deck that he constructed:
    Pokemon - 12
    1 – Treecko
    1- Grovyle
    1 – Mudkip
    1 – Marshtomp
    1 – Taillow
    1 – Elecktrike
    1 – Slakoth
    2 – Skittys
    1 – Delcatty
    1 - Weezing
    1- Koffing

    Trainers - 12
    2 – Oran Berry
    2 – Energy Switch
    2 – Potions
    2 – Energy Searches
    2 – Lady Outings
    1 – Energy Restore
    1 – Switch

    Energy - 16
    16- Grass

    Nick ended up with a second place finish. He won a booster box, Ruby GB version, and the 2nd place Medallion.

    Thanks for the way cool Medals, the Eon Tickets, Reverse Holo Kyogre and Groudon, and the stickers and Tattoos. Not bad for Nintendos 1st real tournaments. We cant wait for the Sandstorm Prerelease.

    Pics will be soon to follow.
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