TMP Tournament in Southern NJ

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Scyther_trainer, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. Scyther_trainer

    Scyther_trainer New Member

    We are having a TMP Tournament :clap:

    Where: The Wizards of the Coast Store in the Moorestown Mall, Moorestown, NJ
    Date: Saturday, October 25, 2003
    Time: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    Format: E-on Modified Swiss

    Choose your own partner.

    If you don't have a partner, we will try to pair you.

    Please post with any questions you might have.

    I hope to see you all there :cool:
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  2. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    How do we use trainer cards in this format for out teammates?
  3. Scyther_trainer

    Scyther_trainer New Member

    I would follow the same rules that applied in previous formats. Since there have been no new trainer types added since Expedition, this shouldn't be a problem.

    more specifically, you can play trainer cards and have their effects applied to your partner instead of yourself.

    i.e. if you play a Copycat, you choose who gets to shuffle and draw and also which of your opponents to copy. Since Copycat is a supporter, you would not be allowed to play any more supporters for the rest of your turn.

    and (unless someone else corrects me on this) you cannot attach Pokemon Tools to your Partner's Pokemon.
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  4. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    Thanks a lot Scyther Trainer, see you saturday.
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    If a card says its attack affect both actives, will it affect each of your opponents' actives?
    I'd say yes, but this is a new wording on cards since TMP lost its official status.
  6. Scyther_trainer

    Scyther_trainer New Member

    I have a counter question.

    Will TMP ever attain official status?

    If your doing TMP and 2-vs-2 (which we have tried), we ruled that if an attack affects both actives, it only effects the actives of the opponent your targeting.

    In this tournament, however, each player will only have 1 active.
  7. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Don't know if or when it will become official again.
    If it were me, I'd rule that the attack affects both Actives.
    Make it more interesting.
    But, since its not official, its your call. Just make it clear ahead of time.
  8. GodTrainer

    GodTrainer Member

    yo ken its joe, dang i wish i was there for that why in the bloody heck couldnt we have sanctioned that why i was there :lol: anyway yea i guess i know who your partner is :COUGH: mat :COUGH: anyway sounds like a blast and will you send me an email for gods sakes (lost your email address) im useally on aim between 9 or 10-untill about 4am so you could catch me then. Im going to give ya all a call on sunday to talk about all the latest happonings (i need the phone # so could you email me it?) thanks ken
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  9. LittlePichu

    LittlePichu New Member

    Hello, My friends Scyther Trainer for got to tell you all that
    To play in the trounment cost $5.00 to play. It's goes to tours the prizes. :pokeball: :fire: :D
  10. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member

    I was curious what prizes will be awarded?

    Also, what places will they be awarded to?

    Finally, will everyone who participates win something?

    - Tony W.
  11. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    Will we be recieving those wonderful, or will we get the sandstorm cards?
  12. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member


    Cards that we can use in other future tournaments would be verrrry good!

    Giving everyone something (other than the top 3) would be GREAT!!!

    - Tony W.
  13. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I may be able to stop by. Won't have time to play, though.
  14. GOROY

    GOROY New Member


    Cards that we can use in other future tournaments would be verrrry good!

    Giving everyone something (other than the top 3) would be GREAT!!!"

    Quoted by Dark Tyranitar

    What I meant is that all of the promos we get are wizards promos that most of us have piles of, and are the same ones that are given as prizes at all of the tournaments. ;)

    And none of them are allowed in the modified format...

    (and that is me)
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  15. Scyther_trainer

    Scyther_trainer New Member

    DarkTyranitar: Everyone should get something at this tournament.

    GOROY: It will involve the new promos. They might throw in some sandstorm boosters, but that will be up to the manager.

    PokePop: That would be great if you could come! (I didn't know you lived in the area!)

    See you there!
  16. DarkTyranitar

    DarkTyranitar New Member

    Thanks "S-T"!

    Will you be judging, or competing?

    - Tony
  17. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I Recently moved.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2003
  18. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    All right, I can't wait to get the promos!

    Treecko and Grovyle....yea!
  19. Scyther_trainer

    Scyther_trainer New Member

    I will be compteing with EeveeTrainer. :D

    See you there!
  20. LittlePichu

    LittlePichu New Member

    Yeah ....I guest I'll be jugding the trounment again...Unless they will be pearing me with a partner
    When I get there tomorrow. :mad: :fire:

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