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  1. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    Pokemon: 18
    4-2-4 togikiss GE
    4 pachirisu GE
    4 ho-oh SW
    Energy: 19
    2 fire
    2 water
    2 basic dark
    2 basic steel
    2 grass
    2 psychic
    2 fighting
    2 electric
    3 scramble
    4 celios network
    4 energy retrieval
    4 roseannes research
    4 rare candy
    4 energy search
    3 switch

    Strategy: start with pachirisu, use its attack to get 2 togepi and a ho-oh. Next turn use celios to get togekiss and rare candy onto togepi. use power to get different energies on ho-oh. continue doing this, while keeping 3 energy on togekiss just in case. then once you have 8 different energies use ho-oh to sweep!
    criticism appreciated.
  2. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    i played against a deck like this just the other night.
    its pretty good, but quite random because of the ho-oh's and togekiss' unreliable powers.

    instead of the 4 energy retrieval, i would play a 1-1/2-2 magneton pk.
    i would also play bills maintenance because you need draw, and you can shuffle energy back into the deck before you use togekiss' power.
    play warp point over switch, or at least a spilt of them.
    and i would deffinatly take out the scramble. the only thing you can attach it to is the togekiss, and that shouldnt be attacking anyways.

    so i would
    -4 energy retrieval
    -4 energy search
    -3 scramble

    +3/4 bills maintenance
    +2-2 line of magneton pk
    +3 random basic energy

    something along those lines.
  3. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Yeah. I also played against a deck like this. It is very good actually. Not always consistent but it works when it sets up. I like to see the Ho-Oh being used because it has alot of potential. Anyway, this list is looking pretty good. I think that you should probably play some Mr. Stone's Project in this deck.
  4. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    ok, i just got a box and drafted with my friends, and i realised that togikiss rocks, so i threw together this decklist, thanks for the input
  5. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Nice touch with the Pachirisu. I tried this deck out before and I always felt like it needed an extra basic. Pachi works because it thins the deck of Togepi which isn't a great topdeck.

    I would cut the Togekiss line to 3-1-3 with Togetic d for the free retreat. I also recommend the fishing engine here because it gets you set up faster.
  6. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    thanks everyone, your help is appreciated
  7. yuki_potsd

    yuki_potsd New Member

    ima take take a crack at this deck on red shark. ima try more energies.
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