Top 64 With Gothitelle: Nats 2013 Tournament Report

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by cpeterik, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. cpeterik

    cpeterik New Member

    please delete! 17171717
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  2. Mac Sting

    Mac Sting New Member

    Great job on top 64! Flygon/Dusknoir just too strong it looks like.
  3. JPN Gallade

    JPN Gallade New Member

    Hey Colin! Congrats on making it all the way to top 64! Even though you ended up losing to an unexpected deck, it's clear that you played your best. I also know how it feels to lose to an unexpected deck/tech in a major tournament, so your not alone.

    Best of luck if you're going to worlds!:thumb:

    Quick Question before I go: You are being 100% honest about the whole Flygon thing right? I really apologize if this is coming off to be a stupid question, but others claim that he was playing Darkrai, and now when I look back at it, you are the first person post-nationals to claim that James played Flygon, as this notice was originally going around until James made top 16, so now I'm somewhat confused.:confused:
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  4. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    Flygon was not played by James Hart.

    But good job Colin! Hope to see you at the KO!
  5. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    Awesome report! I wouldn't have expected Flygon either
  6. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium New Member

    Who was playing Flygon then?
  7. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    No one, it was a joke/prank/hoax. James played Darkrai.
  8. Master_Z

    Master_Z New Member

    Except it's not a funny joke. He shouldn't lie in a tournament report.
  9. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium New Member

    That's a pretty bad joke on all fronts. What's the point? Why make a top 64 report and completely fabricate a whole match just for the laughs? Right-o.

    So, now the guy makes a report on ANOTHER website once again in vivid detail about J. Hart using Flygon/Dusknoir? So, is it a lie or a joke? This is more pathetic than anything.
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  10. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium New Member

    So, now the guy makes a report on ANOTHER website once again in vivid detail about J. Hart using Flygon/Dusknoir? So, is it a lie or a joke? This is more pathetic than anything. Deleting the OP doesn't do anything when it has been published elsewhere. So, I assume he played Darkrai and the OP doesn't know the difference between a lie and a joke? :rolleyes:
  11. corypoke2

    corypoke2 New Member

    Folks - I think you need to relax on the Flygon deck joke. Just thank Colin for bothering to even post a tournament report here...given the reaction to the harmless joke, he may choose not to post anything next time. Notice that most of the top masters do not choose to post much...might the resulting gym debates and arguing have something to do with that?

    If the joke hadn't been quickly uncovered, I'm sure someone would have started a whole thread on discovering the rogue Flygon decklist. For me that would have been funny as well but I'm sure many folks would overreact there too.

  12. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium New Member

    Are you people really so ignorant that you don't realize what a joke is? Having multiple people spread the word that someone is playing that deck, making multiple reports going into detail about the list on other sites, and doing nothing himself to say otherwise isn't a joke. It's misleading and incredibly immature. How old are these guys, 16 or 17?

    Thank him for what? There is no tournament report anymore on this thread. It is, however, published on another site with details on the "Flygon" match, with props at the end of it directed towards placing well with Flygon. Gym debates and arguing have absolutely nothing to do with this, are you that ignorant? It's pretty much known at this point at the Gym gets laughed at all the time, but alas that has absolutely nothing to do with what I was trying to address. Beating around the bush does nothing. Also, there already are threads discussing the deck, and were around prior to Nats.

    Your post just proved my point even more by your response. Thanks for keeping up the cliche. I can see the community hasn't changed in the past 4 years since I've been around. :thumb:
  13. corypoke2

    corypoke2 New Member

    I just have to ask- why are you around? What are you getting out of the gym that keeps you coming here and attacking people like me that just shared an opinion??

    I won't be replying on this thread again so feel free to bash me again.

  14. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium New Member

    I browse every site when I have the time, as do a lot of people. I'm here for the same reasons as everyone else, there wasn't really any need to ask that as the reasons I'm here are inherently obvious. Quit asking asinine questions and avoiding my point like everyone seems to do on here. :rolleyes:
  15. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    You're surprised? Most of the top players in Pokemon have the maturity level of a high schooler... it's why they play Pokemon lol. The problem as cory demonstrated, as that these guys get what I call 'football player mentality' in that they think they're so 1337 and awesome that they can do anything and then just say 'chill guys it was a joke' and pretend like it was no big deal. It's not like by being a part of the super elite they don't have any influence, right?

    Meh, whatever. The last time I went to Regionals my group and I played a lot of top players and found that most of them were very rude/snobby and had an attitude when they lost. It's a clique; like high school. And we don't belong, so our opinions don't count anyway.

    The reason why celebrities get dropped like a rock from all their sponsorships is because of the amount of power and influence they have on the community. Look at what happened to Paula Deen or Aaron Hernandez when they misbehaved. The top Pokemon players, from my experience, have not demonstrated the kind of exemplary behavior and leadership that I would expect from someone like that. They just act like kids on a sugar high.

    I guess I'm just too much of an adult for this game, to expect maturity.
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