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    Okay so I've learned a lot from this top in the past months:

    The 1995 Topsun cards are much older than the Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition cards. Topsun cards (sold in gum packs with only 2 cards) were a promotion in Japan that sold in convenience stores to see if people would like the 150 Pokemon characters (not including Mew at the time) It turns out they did! There is a blue back and green back variety, blue being the first print run, green being the second, and there is even a first edition type, they have no numbers next to their name, these are called 'no-number blue back' variety and are the hardest to find because they were a small misprinted set at the very beginning. This makes the no-number cards almost as valuable as some holo cards. And as far as determining if a gumpack has blue or green backs? There is no way to tell from the box or the packs themselves, it's a roll of the dice as far as I know. Some people do mistake the yellow 1997 gumpacks with Team Rocket on them for having the original Topsun holos in them, that's not the case, those cards show Pokemon battling. There is no video proof that exists of anyone unpacking a Topsun holo from a booster pack but it's the only logical assumption other than getting them from vending machines in Japan.
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    Even though you've got some good information, posting in a 3 year old topic is not a good thing to do. So i've moved your information to its own topic.

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