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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Cooltrainer Aaron, Sep 6, 2003.

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  1. Cooltrainer Aaron

    Cooltrainer Aaron New Member

    I've never tested this deck out before, but it looks good on paper, so tell me what you can do with it that I haven't seen. It is supposed to be a Steel deck with a few suprises slipped in. Just don't tear it to shreds OK?


    4 Metal Energy(4 EX RandS)
    4 Darkness Energy(3 EX RandS 1 NE)
    4 Rainbow Energy(4 EX RandS)
    8 Fighting
    8 Grass


    3 Phanpy(Aqua)
    2 Donphan(1 NG, 1 EX RandS)
    2 Onix(Aqua)
    1 Steelix(Sky)
    4 Aron(2 #25, 1 #49, 1 #50)
    2 Larion(1 #36, 1 #37)
    1 Aggron
    4 Pineco (2 Destiny, 2 Sky)
    2 Forretress(1 Discovery, 1 Sky)
    1 Groudon EX
    1 Sneasel EX


    1 Oran Berry
    1 Seer
    1 Lure Ball
    1 Professor Birch
    1 Copycat
    4 Potion

    My plan is to keep Rapid Switching between Donphan and Forretress until my heavy hitters are ready to go. I can use Onix to start and keep adding more energies on to him to do major damage before I evolve.
  2. Cooltrainer Aaron

    Cooltrainer Aaron New Member

    To quote the movie/musical 1776: "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?"
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Don't tear it to shreds? That will be difficult. You have too many Energies, for one. I have a thread in this forum with deck-building tips for Unlimited. This one's Neon Modified, so not all the rules apply, but (most of) the tips on evolution lines and card ratios do. On Pokemon, you have a Stage 2 and 3 Stage 1's. Since you said the focus is Donphan and Forretress, try to avoid the irrelevant or disconnected lines, sticking instead to Donphan, Forretress, and support Basics. On Energy, you're about 10 high. Your Trainer engine needs a lot of work. You'll need plenty of Draw Power and Deck Search, with some Healing and Disruption. All that said, though, I like the idea.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2003
  4. Shadow-shadock

    Shadow-shadock New Member

    only 1 sneasel isn't useful,so you can delete it and darkness energies.
    You must discard aron's family,so,metal energies won't be useful,dicard them,discard also 4potions and add 3 cleffa and a lot of trainers
  5. whocares777

    whocares777 New Member

    discard the aggron family so steel wont be needed

    he plays steelix 2 and that needs steell...actaull can be very destructive if u have 3-4 on him
  6. Shadow-shadock

    Shadow-shadock New Member

    but this steelix can be used without metal energy cards,because it has a poke-body changing energy cards attached to it into metal energy cards
  7. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    Yes, but the Metal Energy is still very powerful, acts as an extra defense. Also, what do you do when a Muk comes into play? Or even Magby? Then you're screwed, so keep in the metals.
  8. KingOfDemons

    KingOfDemons New Member

    Well it's gonna be torn to shreds (Note: until the format has been announced. Modified=Neo Genesis-on):
    1: No Draw power. Out of a 60 card deck you have 2 DRAWING CARDS?!?!? GEEZUS Criminitly!
    2: Too many energies. 28?!?!?
    3: Grodon EX sucks! Damages your bench if you discard one energy. Plus with the speed of that deck it's gonna take awhile to get the Metal 'Mons out there. And add to the fact that water is out there fun and fancy free makes this boy a target!
    4: Don't like Aquapolis Onix. Take SI Onix. Muy better.
    5: You got 4 Dark energies and they only go to Sneasel EX? Take out the Darks and Sneasel EX.
    6: And if you are going to use Skyridge Steelix, why have the Rainbows? It's Poke-Body turns all Energy cards to Metal Energy. Doesn't make sense. Now if it was Genesis Steeliz I understand, but Skyridge?!?!?

    Well that's my opinion, sorry to say.
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