Tournament 27th July North Kent, UK

Discussion in 'Local Tournaments' started by maureen, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. maureen

    maureen New Member

    I am holding a tournament on 27th July at Upper Belvedere, North Kent.
    There will be a side tournament and lots of prizes.
    If you are interested please contact me.
    my email address is [email protected]
    The venue is Christian Gray Hall
    Albert Road
    Upper Belvedere
    DA17 5LJ
    Open at 12.30 till 6.00pm
    Please contact me if you are interested so that I can organise for the correct amount of players.
    You can pre register if you wish.
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  2. Matthew Todd

    Matthew Todd New Member

    #BexleyPokemon Chat Room

    I just sent a email off for the chat room applet it should be here in about 2 day's or so. The chat room, for those of you who own mIRC or any thing else that can access chat lists, is called #BexleyPokemon
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  3. Matthew Todd

    Matthew Todd New Member

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