Tournament in Brussels (Belgium) on Sept 13

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Michel, Sep 2, 2003.

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  1. Michel

    Michel New Member

    Sorry, no Sandstorm prerelease, but a good old tournament :lol:

    When ? Saturday September 13, 2003 - Registration : 12:00 - Tournament start : 13:00

    Where ? BattleZone Brussels - 27 rue de la Blanchisserie – Blekerijstraat - 1000 Bruxelles – Brussel (près du – dicht bij CITY 2)

    Format ? All the cards issued by Wizards of the Coast are accepted, except Birthday Pikachu and Ancient Mew
    ATTENTION : 3 Baby Pokemon cards maximum are allowed in each deck
    WotC rules and use of the DCI reporter.

    Tournament structure ? Swiss rounds and eventually top 8 according to the amount of players. 2 age groups : 13- and 14+.

    Entrance fee ? 5 Euro

    Prizes ? Thanks to Wizards USA and Wizards Europe, the following material will be given as prizes :
    * US BattleZone complete kits of each season from Holiday to June
    * Theme decks : 28 different Theme decks
    * Boosters : 232 boosters (mix of different sets)
    * various (promo cards, Japanese cards, posters, … )
    Prizes for everybody !

    Judges ? Sonia Decock (Master Professor) and Michel Delhausse (Master Professor)

    Let's have fun during the 'transition period' :clap: :clap: :clap:
  2. GoldenZnok170

    GoldenZnok170 New Member

    Sounds really cool. I hope I can make it there for a change. My French ain't that great but I hope it won't be too much of a problem.
    Do I need a DCI account to participate and if so, is it possible to get one on the tournament itself?

    (Something else, Michel, you asked me in the TMB topic to mail you, but, well, since I don't know your e-mail address I sent you a private message. I'm not sure you received it yet, so just to let you know.)
  3. Michel

    Michel New Member


    No problem if your French is not that good ... our Dutch and English are not that bad :)

    As the tournament will not be DCI sanctioned (DCI sanctioned tournaments are over since Aug 31), you don't need a DCI number.
    But if you want one, for eventual other Wizards games in the future, I'll have DCI cards with me.
  4. GoldenZnok170

    GoldenZnok170 New Member

    Thanks for the info. I have another question. EX: R&S cards aren't allowed, right? But what about the darkness and metal energy cards from that set? Can we use those in a deck? And if so, are they played as the genesis version or should that specific card be played following the new text? I'm not sure about this. they're basically the same cards, but because of rule changes, they changed the text of the actual card as well.
  5. Michel

    Michel New Member

    No problem for me if you want to use Metal or Darkness energy from R&S like you may use Japanese cards (don't forget the opaque sleeves ;) ).

    As the tournament will follow the Wizards rulings, the new text will not be applicated, even if you play with R&S energies.

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