Tournament Report: Milford TA/TM Prerelease

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Flare Starfire, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. Flare Starfire

    Flare Starfire New Member

    Well....that was certainly one of my more interesting days...

    TJs always holds two tournaments back to back instead of one! Gives one a chance to redeem themselves, as it were....

    The day started out harsh. I needed 2 Blaziken EX and at least 2 Aquas Manectric for my decks, so I was hoping I could get really lucky and pulls those - no such dice. My first six packs were just totally junk. I don't remember much in the way of matches, but I lost my first two games, and was considering dropping, but I stayed in and won the last 3 to finish a somewhat decent 12th. I did pull one manectric, and I gave another kid waaaaaaaay too many cards for his. Talked to my ride, and we ended up being able to stay for the second shot tournament!

    Thing of note: Team Magma has a lot of "Flip or you do no damage" pokemon!
    Thing of more note: Team Aqua just has a lot of 3/50 attackers!

    I played TM in the first, and I finally got the cards to play TA the second time around, and a Suicune EX to boot. However, luck was a considerable favor in every single one of my matches- If my opponent wasn't getting energy junked, I was getting everything I needed, even though my lines were a little sporadic at 4-2, 2-2, 1-1, etc.. I ended up going 4-0 and being the only undefeated, so I got a box for a prize! I like drafting where you pass the packs much better, it prevents stuff like you doing awesome based soley on the contents of 6 packs of cards...(Saw some pull multiple EX dogs, saw some get multipl kyogres o_O;;;;) Sealed is ok, but I like drafting or just regular play a lot better.

    I ended up getting 1 Blaziken EX, and my friend who drove me said when he gets one, he'll trade it to me for my Sceptile (He plays grass religiously as I play fire. We help each other out. =) ) Teamwork is a beautiful thing! Anyhow, the tournament was run near flawless as usual, thank you to pokemebob, BJ, and marril2k for an excellent time as always!

    My box was -way- lopsided for rares and what not...but all I care about is the Blaziken EX anyhow. =)

    EXs: Blaziken, Sceptile, Raikou
    Holos o_O;; :Absol, Jirachi, A. Sharpedo x2, A. Manectric, A. Walrein, M. Houndoom, M. Groudon, M. Torkoal, M. Rhydon

    I pulled the swampert EX and the suicune EX from my tournament packs..that means I got 5/7! Not too shabby! See everyone at states, Milford, April 3rd! This will be my last MA tournament before I move out to sunny California! Lets make it great!

    EDIT: One interesting thing I noticed, going back through my mini binder of TA/TM....the sets small size will make it very easy for collectors. I've only gotten 48 packs (A box and 12 packs, 6 each from the tournament and the box I won) and I already have 90/97 cards, missing only 5 holos and 2 EXs, since I have the 2 secret rares. *hmm* Not that I mind...looks like I escape from card buying for a little while!
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  2. Nice report mike and congrats on the win. Interesting assumption that nomatter the size,the set has some good and bad traits to it. I will definitly look it over when i get my box next month. I am happy to hear that the set is small because like you said it will good for the collector that doesent have the money to afford many many many boxes.

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