Toxic Nurse BR Leiderdorp 27/10 report

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Rainbowgym, Oct 27, 2007.

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    The last BR we are going to attend.
    I don't know what to play beside Blissey, but with all those Fighting decks around she needs some help.
    Last minute I decide to add a 1-1 Toxicroag, changed the trainers (dropped Cess Cr.) and nrg a bit and hope for the best.

    1st round - Linda P. Empoleon/Octillery
    I get a fast Blissey and run through her pinplups and remoraids.
    Only once she get an Octillery with 2 nrg out and can do 60 damage and discards my FF.
    Never saw an Empoleon during this game and she had very bad draws, almost no Energy.


    2nd round - Frank B (Scipio) Kingdra EX d
    O no, Fighting is not my best match up and because I removed the Cessation Crystals I don't make much a change against his nice build deck.
    I know he plays Crystal Beach and sure that one is in play in turn 2 or 3.
    I tried to take prizes but I could only KO 1 Kingdra EX (which did cost me 3 Pluspowers) and that was it.
    We are joking and having a good time, and I mention it looks like he is playing 5 Kingdra Ex.
    He finds out he per accident has 6 Bench Pokemon, LOL we laughed and laughed and reversed it (taking back the last candied Kingdra and added 10 damage to the attack I did).
    It really didn't matter I could not win this game, cyclone/beach and me not getting FF was to much for me to handle.
    So he took 6 prizes and I only 2, we signed the paper and went for a lunchbreak.
    After I came back, he jumps on me asking "I know you won almost everything, is this why you signed for the win"?? I look at him not understanding what he meant, I lost so what is going on.
    Seems somehow I or the judge (I really don't know) circeled the won.
    So we both won LOL, no way I lost and I am telling this to the headjudge.
    Sorry Frank I still don't know what happened, but we had a great game and the score was corrected.


    3th round - Matijs M - Sumochamp
    Sure, another Fighting deck and I also know this one.
    I hoped my Toxicroag would do were I added it for.
    And it did, just once, but it did.
    I hit a Machamp with 60 damage on it, so he gets 60 for the attack and between turns it goes KO because of the poison. NO REVENGE (well it was my revenge for loosing last tournament).
    The Match goes back and forward and we both enjoyed it very much.
    We both almost deck out and need 1 prize.
    Than I make a horrible mistake, I bench a Chansey I just draw while having an active Chansey who just survived becasue of a heads on Scrunch (with FF/Fire attached).
    He plays warp point, retreats and KO's the new Chansey for the win.
    So stupid, I knew I had 1 more Blissey in my deck and should have go for Scrunch to survive, instead I do this.
    Anyway another very exiciting game, I love to play against Matijs, his deck rocks.
    And Toxicroag, it did were I added it for.


    4th round - Frans G. - Flygon Ex d
    Frans decided to play Flygon Ex today, because he like the card. I also like it but never got good hands/starts with it so for me it's not the play.
    Seems it's not the play for him either.
    Horrible draws, no nrg, me KO his everything he sends up.
    Only once he can attack with Flygon EX but that's about it.


    5th round - Paul M. - Magnezone/Steelix
    On first side this isn't a deck people fear, but it can really go very fast.
    He takes an early lead, doing 70 damage on turn 2 and repeating this several times.
    Blissey has no answer on this and it takes me some turns (and 2 KO'd Blissey) to KO the first Magnezone. But he has a new one ready also hitting me for 70-80.
    the 3th M-zone is being build on the bench also there is a Steelix.
    Al he does is sending out the Steelix to buy him time to build a new M-zone while I need 2 turns to KO that "snake".
    I do come back from being behind 3 prizes and win the game, but I know this is a card to watch out for.
    Again I regret it I took my Cess CRystals out, that free retreat of damaged Magnezone is annoying.
    We talk a bit about what to chance in the deck to make it run better and go to the bar for a drink.


    No tops for me, but I had a great day.
    Lots of good games and there is a side event to join.
    Arco managed to get into top 4 and finally top 2 with Blissey against a field of Fighting deck.
    He lost a close Finals against another Sumochamp deck, well played.
    Jasper goes 6-0 in Seniors with Byebye and Arnoud is 3th with 4-1 not making top2 because of resistance.

    We are talking about going to Germany tomorrow to play another BR, but later on we decide not to go.
    It's to far away and I am really tired, tomorrow we are going to have pyama-day.
    So for us Battle Roads are over now.
    And even better we can look forward to a lot of CC's.
    Time to move on to a new format and leave Blissey behind, or perhaps she can stay as buddy of anyone?
    At least for a little while I was ranking nr1 in MA for Europe, thank you Blissey.

  2. Scipio

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    We did have a lot of laughs that game didn't we? Yeah, I stupidly forgot about that Pinsir, which I had played down cuz I feared having to stall you a bit to build up supporting forces. That wasn't needed and as such I forgot about it, I suppose.

    Anyway, the result is still positive so you ain't losing points with it, I figure. Well played.
  3. Matijs

    Matijs New Member

    I enjoyed all our matches Lia, but the match you played Toxicroak was the best:tongue:

    That was the best tech you ever had:wink::tongue:

    See you at the CC's

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