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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Fireblast, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    1. No Ripping Obviusly
    2. Ref rules appy (No Exceptions even if we have traded multiple times, been ripped to many times :nonono:
    3. I only ship within U.S. and Canada for now (I'm Located In Florida)
    4. Fair Trades, I usually go off of T&T prices
    5. All Cards must be English, No World championship deck cards
    6. Cards must be Mint/ Near Mint
    7. I will CYL
    8. My Thread, I can decline Any offers I feel like
    9. Once adresses are exchanged the trade is finalized, backing out after exchanging adresses will resault in a neutral ref upon reasoning.
    10. I don't value cards from rotated sets very high.


    Noble Victories Wants
    N FA
    Cobalian FA
    Victini FA
    Cobalian Holo
    Terrakion Holo
    Cofagrigus (46) rare

    Platinum Arceus Wants :setsAR:
    Shiny Shinx
    Wormadam Sandy Cloak
    Beedril G
    Burmy Plant Cloak
    Bench Shield
    Energy Restore
    Old Amber
    Jungle :setsJ:
    Electrode Holo/Rare
    Flareon Holo
    Jolteon Holo
    Kangaskhan Holo
    Nidoqueen Holo
    Pidgeot Holo/Rare
    Pinser Holo
    Scyther Rare
    Snorlax Holo/Rare
    Vaporeon Holo
    Venomoth Holo/Rare
    Victreebel Holo/Rare
    Vileplume Rare
    Wigglytuff Holo/Rare
    Parasect Uncommon

    Fossil :setsF:
    Areodactyl Holo/Rare
    Articuno Rare
    Hitmonlee Holo
    Hypno Holo
    Kabutops Holo/Rare
    Lapras Rare
    Magneton Holo
    Moltres Holo
    Muk Rare
    Raichu Holo/Rare
    Zapdos Holo/Rare
    Omastar Uncommon
    Mr. Fuji Trainer

    Diamond And Pearl :setsDP:
    Mismagius Holo
    Dustox Rare

    Complete Gym Heros/Challange Commons/Uncommons (Except a Few will be notified if trade pending)
    Comlete Neo Sets Commons/Uncommons (Except a Few will be notified if trade pending)
    Any Star cards
    Certain Ex's, Charizard/Blastoise/ Venasaur/ Lugia/ Steelix/ let me know what you have (Low want)
    League Promos (Low Want)
    Anicent Mew (Low Want)
    Complete Original Promo Set (Except a Few will be notified if trade pending) (Low Want)
    Vending Sheets (Low Want)
    Booster Boxes :thumb:
    Old Booster Packs (Unweighed) I will be able to tell if they are :rolleyes:
    Hgss Sleaves Unopened/ Pokeball Mat

    BW/EP/ Wants too be listed upon Completion of other Sets


    Ultra Rares
    Garchomp C lvl x Promo
    Fan Rotom RR
    Rayquaza Deoxys Bottom
    Enti Raikou Top
    Mismagius GL lvl x

    36 PTCGO codes (NV) good offers plz

    Noble Victories
    Durant x7 RH x1
    Rocky Helmet x5 RH x1
    N x3 RH x1
    Eviolite x2 (good offers) RH x1
    Super Rod x4[/B
    ]Xtransiever x2
    Plume fossil x2 RH x1
    Cover fossil x4
    Victini (15) RH x2
    Haxorus RH x2
    Virizion RH x1
    Bisharp (82) RH x1
    Chandelure RH x1
    Gigalith RH x1
    Conkeldurr (65) RH x1
    Beheeyem RH x1 R x2
    Seismitoad RH x1
    Zebstrika Rare RH x1 R x1
    Druddigon x3
    Victini (43) x1

    Cryogonal (32) x1
    Reuniculus (52) x1
    Archeops x1
    Petilill (4) rev. x1
    Karrablast rev. x2
    Sewaddle rev. x1
    Shelmet Rev. x1
    Foongus Rev. x1
    Crustle Rev. x1
    Pansear Rev. x1
    Larvesta (19) Rev. x1
    Frillish Rev. x1
    Palpitoad Rev. x1
    Blitzle Rev. x1
    Tynamo (38) x1
    Stunfisk (42) Rev. x1
    Duosion Rev. x1
    Golett Rev. x1
    Mienfoo Rev. x1
    Timburr Rev. x1
    Gurdurr Rev. x1
    Pawniard Rev. x1
    Deino Rev. x1
    Bisharp (76) Rev. x1
    Audino Rev. x1

    Commons Uncommons Bulk


    2x Typhlosion Rare Hgss (1 Rev)
    Feraligatr Rare Hgss
    2x Ampharos Rare Hgss
    Lapras Rare Hgss
    Furret Rare Hgss
    Cleffa Rare Hgss
    Exggutor Rare Hgss
    x2 Persian Rare Hgss
    Sunflora Rare Hgss
    Blastoise Rev. UL
    Torkal Rare UL
    Beedrill Rare UL
    Manaphy Holo UL
    Clefable Holo Col
    Metagross Rare Undauted
    Reverse Common/uncommon
    Croconaw hgss
    Staru hgss
    Magikarp hgss
    Maril hgss
    Wigglytuff hgss
    Blissy Hgss
    Snubbull hgss
    Parasect hgss
    Girafarig hgss
    Poliwhirl UL
    Larvitar (51) UL
    Eevee UD
    Pineco UD

    Virizion Rev. EP
    KlingKlang Rev. EP
    Boldore(51) Rev. EP
    Roggenrola(50) Rev. EP
    Cottonee Rev. EP.
    Tranquill Rev. EP.
    Pansage Rev. BW
    Zoroark Holo BW
    Joltik(45) Rev. BW

    Platinum Arceus :setsAR:
    Tangrowth Holo
    Gengar(16) Rare
    Lopunny Rare x2
    Bronzong(14) Rare
    Raticate Rare
    Omastar Rare
    Cherrim Rare
    Sceptile(30) Rare
    Manetric(44) Rev.
    Rattata Rev.
    Wormadam Plant Cloak x2 Rev.
    Bulk Commons Uncommons

    Supreme Victors :setsSV:
    Metagross Rare Rev.
    Dewgong Rare Rev.
    Medicham Rare Rev.
    Spinda Rare Rev.
    Arcanine G Rare
    Sandslash Rare
    Camerupt Rare
    Seaking Rare
    Primeape Rare
    Spinda Rare
    Shedninja Rare
    Mawile Rare
    Garchomp C Rev.
    Milotic Rev.
    Pinser Rev.
    Gible Rev.
    Pikachu Rev.
    Arcanine Rev.
    Bulbasaur Rv.
    Surskit Rev.
    Rhyhorn Rev.
    Hippopotas Rev.
    Breloom Rev.
    Meditie Rev.

    Rising Rivals :setsRR:
    Arcanine Holo
    Flygon Holo x2
    Jirachi Holo
    Flareon Rare
    Gastrodon West Sea Rare Rev.
    Hippowdon Rare Rev.
    Gallade Rare Rev.
    Bronzong 4 Rare Rev.
    Rhyperior 4 Rare
    Yanmega Rare 4 x2
    Golem 4 Rare
    Alakazam 4 Rev.
    Scizor 4 Rev.
    Hippowdon 4 Rev.
    Quagsire GL Rev.
    Turtwig GL Rev.
    Vibrava Rev.
    Trapinch Rev.
    Aron Rev.

    Rocky Helmet x
    Interviewers Questions x1
    Cheerleaders Cheer rev. x1
    Revive Rev. BW x1
    Power Keepers :lightning: Energy x2
    Emerald :grass: Energy x1

    Pokemon Collecter x1
    Fisherman x2
    Copycat x2
    Professor Elm's Training Method x1
    Proffesor Oak's New Theory x1
    Great Ball xX (different Sets)
    Pokemon communication x7 (2 hgss)
    Good Rod (UL)x1
    Bill x1
    Energy Switch xX (different Sets)
    Moomoo Milk x2
    Full Heal xX (different sets) 1x hgss rev.
    Plus Powerer xX (Different Sets)
    Rare Candy x3 (one UL Rev.) (two holon Phantoms, one slightly played)
    Dual Ball x2
    Pokemon Reversal rev. hgss
    Pokeball xX (different sets and reverses)
    Switch xX (different sets and Reverses
    Super Scoop Up xX
    Energy Search xX (different sets and Reverses)
    PotionxX (different sets and reverses)
    DCE x2 one Hgss/ one base set 2 played
    Special :dark: Energy xX (1x Power Keepers Rev. Holo)
    Rainbow energy xX (different sets)
    Special :metal: energy x1
    Bianca x3
    Energy Exchanger x1
    Pokegear 3.0 x1
    Ruins of Alph x1

    Have Tons of old Meta for anyone rebuilding their old decks
    Lots of Reverses from ex series- Platinum Arceus
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  2. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    please cml for

    x1 ul rare candy RH
    x1 Typhlosion Prime Promo
    LEAF Emerald Energy
  3. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    Do you have any holo / RH Eeveelutions from the ex-series, Skyridge, Aquapolis or Expedition WOTC sets?
  4. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    Sorry man, didnt see anything, do you have any of my wants?

    ---------- Post added 12/03/2011 at 08:04 PM ----------

    Unfortunatly I don't, how about from the diamond and pearl/platinum series?
  5. silentsword77

    silentsword77 New Member

    Do you have any EX's? I have these:

    Electrode Holo/Rare
    Nidoqueen Holo
    Snorlax Holo/Rare
    Vaporeon Holo

    Kabutops Holo/Rare (1st Ed. only)
    Magneton Holo
    Moltres Holo
    Raichu Holo/Rare
  6. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    Sadly i have none right now, sorry dude, are you looking for anything else?
  7. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    No, sorry, don't really need those. How about Vulpix / Raichu / Pikachu / Pichu RHs or Holos? From late WOTC to ex-series?
  8. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    I have a Vulpix Rev. (136) expedition and a pikachu rev. (57) Power keepers but thats it at the moment dude
  9. silentsword77

    silentsword77 New Member

    I can accept Legend pieces, FAs, and holo energy, but the trade would have to be slightly tilted in my favor for me to trade collectibles for playables (I'm not a player, I'm a collector))

    If you're still interested I can make an offer. :)
  10. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    That's great, because that's what I need. Would you happen to have the regular NH Vulpix from Expedition?

    I have from your Wants:
    Ultimate Zone RH

    Articuno Rare - 1st edition though, and it's slightly creased. Looks like a bubble almost.

    Could you CML & LMK if there's anything else you might like? Thanks.
  11. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Charizard Arceus
    Mr Mime Holo
    Vaporeon Holo
    Kankashan Holo


    Typhlosion Prime Promo
  12. for some reason

    for some reason New Member

    Please CML for your typhlosion prime promo. I beleive that you already posted on my thread about it so please LMK back there. LMK thanks.
  13. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    Well Im also a collecter myself, but you can shoot me an offer if you like =D

    ---------- Post added 12/04/2011 at 10:21 AM ----------

    Unfortunatly I don't, im gonna have to pass on the articuno sorry dude, what i saw from your haves that i like were

    zekrom bw rev.
    Tornadous FA
    Bouffalant (rare?) Bw
    Bearatic EP
    Gothitelle EP
    Do you have a parasect :setsJ: a Omastar:setsF: or any of the other :setsF: trainers i need?

    Lmk if we can work somthin out :D

    ---------- Post added 12/04/2011 at 12:33 PM ----------

    That sounds like a good offer, I saw that you were still interested in 3x durant and some super rods, can you also cml for

    Arceus reverses i need
    arceus sleaves

    and do you have any more jungle/fossil rares?

    lmk if we can get somthin going here =D
  14. TonySandlin

    TonySandlin New Member

    Do yo have any of my wants? I have a lot of your stuff.
  15. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    No I don't Sorry dude :/, all of my voltorbs are non holo.
  16. TonySandlin

    TonySandlin New Member

    Do you have any non holo Aquapolis or Skyridge Voltorbs?
  17. Hikikomori-san

    Hikikomori-san New Member

    I don't think I have any of the old c/uc available. I tend to sell them all :-/

    I did find a Wigglytuff Rare Jungle Set. Would you do...

    1x Bouffalant BW Rare
    1x Ultimate Zone AR RH
    1x Wigglytuff Jungle Rare


    1x Ultimate Zone AR RH
    1x Beartic *Sheer Cold*

    1x Pikachu Power Keepers RH
    1x Vulpix Expedition RH


    I believe the Ultimate Zone is in near-mint condition. The Wigglytuff is in excellent-near-mint condition

    LMK? I can try and go for a larger trade if you don't think it's worth the shipping.
  18. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    No Sorry :/ i didnt really collect during those sets, are you looking for anything else?

    ---------- Post added 12/04/2011 at 02:50 PM ----------

    I think the bearatic holo and ultimate zone sounds good =D
  19. TonySandlin

    TonySandlin New Member

    No just the stuff on my list sorry.
  20. Fireblast

    Fireblast New Member

    Thats alright, if i do ever get any of your wants i will let you know
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