Trading comic books for Pokemon cards!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ShaunIL, May 14, 2008.

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    Hey everyone. I'm looking to start collecting/playing the Pokemon TCG. I don't have a ton of cash to throw into it, so maybe a couple of trades will get me started! I don't know if anyone is interested in any of it, but it's worth a shot.

    The list may be slim now, but I will be adding more random things as I go through my different trade items.Feel free to check back!

    1) US only, please.
    2) I'd like the cards to be MINT, but I'll accept near mint too.
    3) I don't mind sending first if you have good references (I WILL check them)
    4) If you would like any feedback on me, I will PM my eBay name and my name on the Beckett Trading Card Forum.
    5) If you want a bunch of comics you'll have to kick a small bit in my favor to cover the shipping difference.
    6) I have to insist on delivery confirmation. I will use it as well.
    7) Let's have some fun and get to know each other!

    Pokemon Silver (cart only, label has some surface scratches. Save battery works)

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Apparently I am not allowed to even trade non Pokemon items when all I am looking for is Pokemon cards. Forget I even posted it.
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