Trading for Blastoise cards!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Cheesy, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. Cheesy

    Cheesy New Member

    Hey there. I'm trying to get the last tidbits for my Blastoise Collection!!


    Sparkle Chrome Topps Blastoise
    Tekno Chrome Topps Blastoise

    Missing Rarity Japanese Base Set Blastoise
    Any miscut Base Blastoise
    Portuguese First Edition Base Set Blastoise
    Italian First Edition Base Set Blastoise
    Dutch First Edition Base Set Blastoise
    And any other unique, weird, third-party, error, etc, Blastoise Cards you have or can think of.
    Also looking for any Trainer Deck B Blastoise Cards, Sealed Decks, or Unsealed Decks.


    Latios EX (Luster Purge), 7 Plasma Storm TCGO codes, 94 assorted Plasma Storm Commons/Uncommons
    Plasma Storm Reverse Holos: Klang, Lampent, Durant, Magnemite, Litwick, Liepard, and Escape Rope
    Plasma Storm Holos: Klinklang
    Plasma Storm Rares: Jellicent, Braviary, Leavanny, Snorlax, and Scrafty
    1 Base Set Blastoise
    3 Base Set 2 Blastoise
    2 1st Edition Holo Dark Blastoise
    1 Holo Dark Blastoise
    1 Non-Holo Dark Blastoise
    1 Reverse-Holo Boundaries Crossed Blastoise
    1 Japanese 1st Edition Holo Cold Flare Blastoise
    1 Secret Rare Shiny Blastoise
    3 Sealed Fossil Booster Packs (2 Lapras, 1 Zapdos)
    1 Sealed 9 Card Japanese Neo Folder (With the 9 starters)
    Pack Fresh Reverse Holo Entei Promo

    I'm also pretty good at finding cards for people, so if you have something I need but nothing I have interests you, just let me know. I can generally find what you want/need.
    I've only tried one trade on here so far, and was scammed out of a few cards, but I'm willing to try again.
    I do have several references trading through Reddit if that counts.
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  2. flygon_frank_66

    flygon_frank_66 New Member

    I have a Blastoise STAFF card from the Unleashed pre-release.

    Would you be interested?
  3. Cheesy

    Cheesy New Member

  4. Jexar

    Jexar New Member

    Hey, I've got both of the Chrome Topps Blastoise. Would you trade both for the 1 Secret Rare Shiny Blastoise?
  5. Cheesy

    Cheesy New Member

    You have both the Sparkle and Tekno?

    I most definitely will trade for the Secret Rare Shiny Blastoise.
    Pm for confirmation and details.

    EDIT: Jexar your PM box is full
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