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Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by chipthrasher, Apr 26, 2016.

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    If anyone wants to trade with me on the Pokemon TCGO, my Screen Name is Chipstork. As of the posting time, I have the following notable cards for trade:

    - Houndoom-EX Full Art (BKT 153)
    - Mega Gallade-EX (ROS 35)
    - Gallade-EX (ROS 34)
    - Mewtwo-EX (XY Promo: Shatter Shot/Damage Change Attacks)

    Looking For:

    - Chesnaught (XY 14)
    - Chesnaught BREAK (BKT 12)
    - Mew-EX (Any)
    - VS Seeker

    I'm not collecting, so I don't care whether cards I get are full art or not.
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    Not a trading topic so moving.

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