Trading to be allowed but only for Pokemon Players at H.O.G.

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by heights of gaming, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. heights of gaming

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    Yikes! We've already had an incident of counter cutting and an attempted sale of product at the H.O.G.! (2 psychic energies and a limited edition pokemon binder!)
    Guys I don't want to go back and forth on the trading policy. I know I'm gonna lose customers over this and so I'm really sorry to do this, but I think the right thing to do is to just cut the trading.
    I don't want to say any names because everyone makes mistakes, but this person themselves admitted that they would probably make the mistake again. Yikes!
    btw thanks Pokepop and Aaron for your support!

    Well I understand that trading is a big part of Pokemon, and I'm not stopping you from doing so.... at your friends houses or at the mall or what have you. But I can't pay the rent for people to actively hurt my business! (My business is selling pokemon cards and supplies.) Especially when these people do not buy anything! I'm not greedy. I don't want to be Mr. CEO with a Lamborghini and all. I just want to pay the rent on my apartment and my store, and my bills (electricity and all) and provide a good selection of stuff for everyone.
    There is no other business that allows you to trade their goods inside of their store. You can't go to a restaurant and trade of your hot dogs you cooked up at home or go to a clothing store and trade off clothes you don't wear anymore. If you did those businesses would go out of business! Businesses are closing up left and right and it's hard for me to make this decision, but there is no more trading. Sorry!

    Let me tell you guys what happened to make trading banned for Yugioh players at the H.O.G.

    1st... players were cutting my counter. Someone might be at my table ready to buy a pikachu for a buck, or a holo energy or what have you and someone would jump in saying, "I have a Pikachu! or that foil energy!"

    (actually this didn't happen for Pokemon but it did happen for Yugioh)

    2nd... players were selling cards in my store on multiple occasions under the guise of trading. I would walk in on them with the binder in hand quoting prices and than they would say, "Sorry Ed." Yeah... right....

    3rd... Players began to slander me saying, "Ed won't give you a better trade than I will." or "Ed is a bad person for this and that reason" because they wanted to drive business to themselves. My reputation is important to me and I can't let it be ruined in a store where I pay rent so someone else can poach my customers!

    I rethought about this and I figured why should I penalize Pokemon players for Yugioh players mistakes?
    Pokemon players can help to keep trading at the H.O.G. by helping me to police the above from happening. While many Yugioh players in my store do not engage in the above activity these players do not feel comfortable stopping such behavior from occurring to the point where I had to enact a storewide ban on trading. Responsible behavior which builds trust will result in more priveleges.

    Also don't forget to register!
    By registering with the H.O.G. you get
    1. a FREE pack on your birthday
    2. a FREE pack for every 5 people you register

    I'm also looking for people to join the H.O.G. Pokemon team!

    When you join you will get access to
    1. Crazy discounts. I'm talking discounts you won't even be able to find on ebay. Ask my Yugioh players. They've been really hooked up. Gold series for $20, Playmat invitational (they got $68 worth of product for $30) I'm looking forward to doing the same for ya'll!
    2. Team exclusive events. (Special thank you product release parties, and higher payout tournaments)
    3. Coaching. I've brought in magicians and card sharks so players can ensure a fair game for themselves at tournaments and mathematicians to help players build their decks. (Like for example we could answer the question of what is the probability of drawing one or more of 4 identical cards from a 60 card deck if i should draw 8 cards in my opening hand?)

    Also I"m thinking about switching Pokemon Thursdays with Free video game tuesdays. (btw who's up for a Pokemon video game tournament? I would like to put one on the calendar. O yeah if you picked up an extra dark rai at toysrus HOOK ME UP PLEASE!) Keeping Pokemon league Sundays and introducing Pokemon Constructed tournaments on Saturdays.
    Let me know if ya'll are interested! If I can get 8 people entering at $5 pay in I can do 6 packs at first 3 at second and 1 at third. and a randomly assigned door prize of a choice of Pikachu or Gible Pokemon diamond Power Pack! (if 4 people prize goes down by half rounded down if 6 goes down by 2/3's if 16 people prize doubles, etc.)
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  2. Acril

    Acril New Member

    Alright! We got Trading back!!

    In Any event, what do you guys think about having League possibly on Tuesdays/Sundays instead of Thursdays/Sundays? is there a day you'd prefer more?
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Those "sellers" are lucky you didn't chase them out with a baseball bat!
  4. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Sweet Ed. It's Aaron. I'm up for any tournaments or Video Game tournaments. This is a great place, Ed is one of the coolest people ever.
  5. EternalFire

    EternalFire New Member

    I'm so glad to hear this. I was getting worried that it would've been the sudden halt to a good thing.
    Wow... So much good stuff planned and yet people still are complaining about a short added distance? :nonono:
  6. Acril

    Acril New Member

    Ya...this is to all the people who still go to Rock Plaza:

    I know that its the old home and we've been there for years and loved it, but I think its about time we moved on...The league in rock isnt going to be great, we cant even have official tournaments there.

    with the many people that have come to HOG already, I think its time we start calling THAT our New Home.

    Besides...who DOESN'T want cities in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens? XD
  7. Acril

    Acril New Member

    Eh...nevermind of any kind is banned is banned inside the store again...
  8. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Man that stinks. Too bad one spoiled apples ruins the whole bunch =[
  9. NEMark

    NEMark New Member

    Darn, wish I could go, but NYC is too far to drive.
  10. Kingpin

    Kingpin New Member

    the guys @ the Rock should at least attempt to check out the new league in Queens. Ed (the league organizer) is a real cool guy.
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