Trainer Magazine promos + Nationals stamped Char-line

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by PRguitarman, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. PRguitarman

    PRguitarman New Member

    I recently came across these two cards for a great price and was wondering if anybody knew their value. I don't see them often on eBay:

    I ask because I'm on the search for the Jolteon in the set:

    but would like to know what pricerange I'd be up against. Also, what keywords on ebay should I use to find them easier? I believe these are from a Trainer's Magazine, but don't know which volume they came out of.

    Also, I have a question on the value of the Nationals Charmander line:

    I got the three in a combined auction for the Charizard, but I can't find the other two on ebay so I don't know their values, either. Also, there's always one Charizard for about $80 or so BIN, but then there's always an auction that starts at .99 cents and ends at varied prices. How many of these were given out ,anyway?
  2. Avmozz

    Avmozz New Member

    Pretty sure I have these trainers sets in multiple, I will check tomorrow - No great super omg value to them, maybe $15 - 30 depending on the weather and the color of the sky in the morning over the sky in august in Iran....i.e. totally random - trainers mag 14 springs to mind but I cba to check tonight :)

    I know I have the Jolteon tho...

    The Nats Char line:

    The other two dont get listed as the big card is currently being devalued by a guy in asia that clearly asked for 500 for prize support and never needed more than 5! They used to go $60 for the line...... now maybe 20 but again it's need 2 people to want it.

    I will pm you tomorrow
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  3. PRguitarman

    PRguitarman New Member

    That's a shame about the Nationals Charizard losing its value because of a single person. I got the entire line for $60 and don't regret the purchase, but I was looking at it more of like an investment.

    Hey, and thanks for helping me out with the Jolteon. I eagerly await your PM
  4. Avalanche1313

    Avalanche1313 New Member

    The cards in the first picture are:

    001/T Flareon & 002/T Vaporean

    they we/re included with 003/T Jolteon in the Pokemon's Trainer's magazine #14 released around January of 2002

    They don't come up often but a #14 Trainer's Magazine on Ebay might go for around $20.

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