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Discussion in 'World Championships' started by Jigsaw, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw New Member

    Hi, i'got some trouble with this, i had no response from POP and i thought maybe someone could help me handle this out, i've sent all of the forms required for registration to Bellevue, i need to know if travel award winners has now it's schedules or it's flight times, cuz i don't and i'm getting angry cuz no Mexican Organizator response and no POP response to my trouble(i've sent some mails to them), hope someone can help me with this stuff
    Thanx, Sergio Ortiz POP ID: 128718
    Actually won a travel expenses at the Mexican national championship 2008
  2. kungfufita

    kungfufita New Member

    I think you book and pay for your own trip and they will give you the money back at the tournament.
  3. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    the 'gym is the wrong place to be asking these questions.

    you should be asking your LD and POP this directly. please be patient as much of the OP staff has been out of the office for the NYC videogame showdown this past weekend.

  4. speeder

    speeder New Member

    jigsaw - did you do the online registration? cause I think that's what gets everything started. And no, you don't have to pay for the trip first.

    the other thing is double check which emails they have on record for you. our email from the travel agency were sent to an email that I didn't know they had.

    good luck.

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