Trubbish's (BKP) Acid Spray Discard Double Colorless

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    I have seen at least one card that specifies "an Energy card" (CIN Gengar), but the Trubbish from BKP only says "an energy". If a Pokémon on the receiving end of the Acid Spray attack has double colorless energy attached, can the double colorless be discarded by the Acid Spray? (The DCE does say "energy" at the top even though it counts for two.)
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  2. bulbasnore

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    Yes, that attack does discard a double colorless energy.
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  3. PokePop

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    To go a bit further, you choose one energy and when that gets discarded, the other goes along for the ride since you can't rip the card in half.
    Similarly, when Umbreon GX uses the Dark Call GX attack which discards 2 "energy", you can choose one energy from one DCE and an energy from a different DCE and both DCE cards get discarded!
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