Trying to finish Manaphy Collection

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Yukimenoko, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    Ok, here are some things i need to complete my Manaphy collection:

    Japanese Movie Collection Manaphy
    Trainer Kit Manaphy
    Manaphy DP
    Manaphy MD
    Manaphy MD RH
    Phione MD both, regular holo and reverse holo
    Manaphy Dice box

    Check my trades thread for stuff (in my sig)
  2. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    Do you have an Professor Oak's Visit, Rosannes or Premier balls?
  3. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    I can spare 1 of each
  4. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    What do you have DP5?
  5. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    i have
    [H] Manaphy MD/DP

    i need your 2x Magnezone - DP
  6. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    nanashii- it depends, what are you looking for?

    Taylor45- do you have any Phione?
  7. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    Do you have the Politoeds from DP5?
  8. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    not now, but i ordered a box that comes with them. who knows if i pull any, or how many i'll pull
  9. dave628

    dave628 New Member

    i have 3 of your wants; manaphy md(regular and rh) and manaphy dp.
    interested in kingdra dp 5, mewtwo lv x, magnezone lv x, mesprit lvx, uxie lv x, azelf lv x.
  10. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    okay.... i have none of those, anything else?
  11. Dudeman1993

    Dudeman1993 New Member

    I will trade:

    My: Manaphy DP

    Your: E-Vire DP

    PM me ASAP!
  12. Rahman

    Rahman New Member

    I have Manaphy MD Holo and Phione MD holo. I need Froslass and Kingdra from DP5.
  13. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    just by curiousity
    do u have a pop 6 manaphy?
  14. Yukimenoko

    Yukimenoko New Member

    yeah, 20 to be exact. i'll only take those as throw-in's
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