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  1. thekiko

    thekiko New Member

    I am very new to the "Gym" and have found it to be a remarkable resource, so first I would like to thank you all for providing such a great community.

    I am also very new to the Pokemon CCG and got started with cwgabriel just after the release of DP. Funny thing is I somehow managed to pick up (not realizing that it was old) the EX Power Keepers "Mind Game" Starter Deck and began my love affair with the color purple :psychic:.

    I have learned a lot from this forum about creating decks with synergies in order to succeed and I wanted to get some constructive criticism with my current deck. I assume that there are a million forms of this deck buried within this very forum, so if it is familiar - I beg your pardon.

    TyphoidSkarmory (Temp name until I can come up with a better one)

    --Pokemon 25--
    Crobat MT 4-4-4
    Toxicroak MT 3-3
    Drapion DP 2-2
    Skarmory EX PK x2 (For Great Justice)
    Lickitung DF x1

    --Energy 15--
    Psychic Energy x11
    Multi Energy x2
    Scramble Energy x2

    --Trainer/Supporter 20--
    Professor Elm's Training Method x2
    Mr. Stone's Project x2
    Professor Cozmo's Discovery x2
    Bill's Maintenance x2
    TV Reporter x2
    Holon Mentor x2
    Scott x1
    Battle Frontier x2
    Crystal Beach x2
    Phoebe's Stadium x1
    Master Ball x1
    Dusk Ball x1

    ##Pokemon Objective##
    The whole point of the deck is to start fast and pollute as many pokemon as possible. Skarmory EX is in play to keep the heavy opponents in check and allow the venom to chew. Crobat is my main attacker, dishing out his double damage poison from the bench and sniping benched pokemon that were previously retreated to cure poison. Toxicroak and Drapion fill in with evolve-resistant poison and decent damage if I have to cycle Crobat back into play. Also, there is nothing better than taking the first turn in a match and flipping a successful "Ghastly Sound" with Croagunk. Lickitung is thrown in to help draw cards at the outset and I was able to win a close match by killing a benched Flygon D EX (DF) with Delta Mind, so I kind of a have a soft spot for him. :)

    ##Energy Objective##
    First off I don't have any DRE (to begin with) and I am not sure I need any for this deck as most of my attacks cost 2 energy and the damage would be impacted by the penalty. Scramble and Multi Energy are in play just in case I need Skarmory to attack (Heaven forbid).

    ##Trainer/Supporter Objective##
    Lots of draw cards to get the ball rolling. Holon Mentors to find my Skarmorys. Stadiums to punish DRE users and certain Pokebilities. Since I don't run with a lot of Special Energy cards, I use Mr. Stone's to dig out the Psychic energy that I need from the deck or discard.


    I have had far more success with this deck than any of my previous ones so any recommendations for fine tuning would be as helpful as it is appreciated. Or if I should just take my cards and find the nearest incinerator, let me know - because that would ultimately be helpful too. :thumb:

    Thank you for your time!
  2. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Go ahead and play all Bill's over Cozmo's and drop Drapion. No offense but he's not so good.

    But your Golbats down to 3 and get the trainer Rare Candy, which lets you skip an evolution. So Zubat, Rare Candy, Crobat.
  3. lolganium

    lolganium New Member

    no you don't, look at mario! :tongue:

    anyway, you could try this with a 4-4 parasect MT line, and 4 super scoop up. turn 2 poison almost guaranteed.
  4. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Once it comes out, also look for the new Arbok and Weezing. They are sure to help you with all of your toxic deck needs. =P Also, I agree with Supes, get some rare candies, they save lives!!! =D
  5. lolganium

    lolganium New Member

    i've been looking at the dp4 cards, the new weezing coming out will be better that toxicroak, it'll put the poison up to 3 counters!

    sort of reminds me of triple poison crobat...
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