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Discussion in 'Tournaments & Events Worldwide' started by ukpokemonpro, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    We are in a holding pattern for the moment folks whilst we await the big news announcement:

    So far we have been teased that there will be news on CC's before Christmas - maybe next week and that Leagues will feature too.. watch the skies and this topic for more news on UK OP!
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    ...Australia better be revive for god's sake :(
  3. Ultima

    Ultima New Member

    Cards are falling from the sky? I'd better be outside then...
  4. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    They're being dropped by the flying Grumpigs.
  5. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    Whilst in the past UK OP Managers have promised much and delivered little I hope we can be patient a little longer until we can get the official announcement on what is going on :D

    The problem with teasers is that we have seen them before; but we need to approach this as a new start with new people involved :biggrin:

    So watch the posts and hopefully all will be revealed soon ..
  6. Kempley05

    Kempley05 New Member

    I've been out of the loop for a little while but why past? Does this mean that Carl Crook's offically gone?
  7. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    The UK has been without an OP Manager for some time .. so yes you could say he is gone - so is the TPfG website -
  8. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    Carl ate my trophy =(

  9. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    He ate lots of peoples trophies, player rewards and league badges :frown:
  10. Dom

    Dom New Member

    Gotta catch 'em all!


    Hope all goes well, you guys deserve FUN TIMES, I'll be busy studying and writing songs about love and despair but MAY drop by SOME TIME. Maybe.

  11. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    Ah love and despair - the two great themes running through UK OP over the last few years :lol:

    So come on venomex what is the story, we have done dispair now show us the love :thumb:
  12. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    He was very helpful to me for replacing a trophy that was broken in the packaging. I was asked to open it on venue for photos and there was like a big dent :frown:
  13. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    You were lucky there are many players who still have not received the trophies from CC's and STP's from last year - And where are the player rewards and league rewards? :nonono:
  14. amphyrules

    amphyrules New Member

    Trophies are overrated!
  15. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    With Great Encounters planned for a 13 February Release date I wonder if the UK will finally get back on track with Pre-releases?
  16. venomex

    venomex New Member

    Things will be back on track in regards to Pre Releases as of Feb - as soons as we know u will know...

    Also details on the first City Championships will be announced later today.



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