unlimited poison and burn deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by adrianhk, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. adrianhk

    adrianhk New Member

    please comment and give suggestions
    this is just an idea i do not have the cards and i have not playtested it and that is why i do not have matchups
    4-1-3 victreebell LA
    2-2 Heatran lv x
    2-2 dark weezing
    2 farfetch'd
    1 phione
    2-2 claydol

    4 cozmo's discovery
    3 mr stone's project
    1 luxury ball
    2 rosannes research
    4 celios
    2 switch
    2 scott
    4 rare candy
    1 pokemon breeder

    2 special metal
    2 metal
    4 grass
    1 recycle
    1 call

    the basic strategy is to use victreebell's burning scent, and have heatran and dark weezing on the bench and full flame as the stadium to up the amount of damage done by poison and burn. with them all in play the opponent will take 70 damage between turns

    heatran lv x makes every coin flip to see if they get hurt by burn tails

    full flame makes every tails flip 40 instead of 20

    each dark weezing ups the damage taken by poison by ten

    by the time it becomes your turn again and if the special condition has not been removed they will have taken 140 damage
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  2. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight New Member

    I'll be adding my PM'd thoughts plus a few more:

    Full Flame sounds good for unlimited, but I think MT Ariados would be more practical than Dark Weezing. By adding a retreat to the opponents pokemon, they can't get out of the status without sacrificing an energy or having some kind of Retreat Tech card like Mantine.

    Dark Weezing's ability only works if it is Active, which defeats the purpose of luring something in with Victreebel. Ariados' Poke-Body works from the bench and punishes everything except decks that have 0-retreat enabling Stadiums, Powers, or Bodies.

    The Drawback of Ariados is increasing your own retreat cost, but it means you would load the Deck with Switch more than anything else. Victree's Burning Scent has a Gust of Wind effect anyway. With Full Flame and Heatran Lv. X in Effect, your opponents choice is between 150 damage by the time their next turn rolls around, or eating 50 now and discarding at least one energy to retreat.

    I haven't been able to find Cosmo's Discovery anywhere, so I don't know what it does.

    Drop a Pokemon Breeder for another Switch. The use of Ariados makes them more important, and Pokemon Breeder is redundant with 4 Rare Candies floating around.

    You're also 8 cards short of a full deck. I'd put in some more Grass Energy, and I'm assuming you're using the Steel version of Heatran as your basic so you don't need Fire energy. I'd add in 2 more Call Energy and, a 4th Switch, and a at leasr one Warp Point. Call Energy will help you get your draw cards out more quickly.

    Basically what you'll want to do is get Victree LA, Heatran Lv. X, and Ariados MT out quickly. Heatran has to be Active though, so you'll want to Switch or Warp Point to get him out of the active slot without much muss. Because Victree's Burning Scent attack can choose a pokemon to bring in before attacking, Warp Point and Switch are effectively the same card when you plan to send Victree in.
  3. captainrhubarb

    captainrhubarb New Member

    if this is unlimited, you may want to add 4 Super energy removal

    2 more call nrg, and 2 more grass nrg

    because super energy removal can be one of the most influential cards in a match
  4. adrianhk

    adrianhk New Member

    ok, thanks everyone
    cozmo's discovery is from deoxys and says:
    Flip a coin. If heads draw the bottom 3 cards of your deck. If tails, draw the top 2 cards of your deck.
    i do not plan on using victreebell's second attack, only burning scent, and when i battle a really high hp opponent then use the basic metal heatran's attack

    so i will do:
    -1 pokemon breeder
    +4 super energy removal
    +1 grass energy
    +2 call energy
    +2-2 aradios
    +1 warp point
    -1 mr stone's project
    -1 phione
    +1 TM evolutor
    -1 rare candy
    -1 cozmo's discovery (or something else)
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