Unlimited; Pokemon with the attack 'Round'?

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  1. PinkMist

    PinkMist New Member

    How many pokemon are there with the attack 'Round'

    The only ones I can find are Seismitoad (NV), Palpitoad (NV), and Wigglytuff (ND).

    They don't have to be in Mod format, it's for Unlimited Format, just need to know which other pokemon have the attack 'Round'.

    Thanks :)
  2. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Pokepedia.net is your friend. Yes, it sadly doesn't have Next Destinies in it yet, but it saves you looking through all but one set.

    Having looked through all but one set, the above are it. No other Pokemon has Round.
  3. PinkMist

    PinkMist New Member

    Aww thats a shame =/

    Oh well, thanks for the websitem though :D
  4. honchvire

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    Considering the "Round" attack in the videogames wasn't created until B/W, I'd doubt there would be any pokemon in the card game that would have that attack before B/W.
  5. jjkkl

    jjkkl Front Page Article Editor

    Find all Pokemon with an attack that has "Ground", "Playground", or "Surround" in its attack name. Get magic marker. Mark out so it says "Round".

    Instant winner is you.
  6. Frost

    Frost New Member

    While it isn't the case for Round, stuff like this has happened before. From the classic four sets alone we had:

    Base Blastoise - Rain Dance (move introduced in Gen II)
    Base Poliwrath/Rocket Dark Vaporeon - Whirlpool (II)
    Base Porygon - Conversion 2 (II)
    Base Diglett - Mud Slap (II)
    Base Gastly - Destiny Bond (II)
    Base Magikarp/Fossil Kingler - Flail (II)
    Jungle Pidgeot - Hurricane (V)
    Jungle Pikachu - Spark (II)
    Fossil Haunter/Rocket Drowzee - Nightmare (II)
    Fossil Arbok - Poison Fang (III)
    Fossil Golduck/Slowbro, Rocket Abra - Psyshock (III)
    Fossil Golem - Avalanche (IV)
    Rocket Machamp - Fling (IV)

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