Unown X when active; another Unown X on bench

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Magic_Umbreon, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Unown X

    I don't understand how Unown X works. When it asks if I "have Unown X on my bench" is it self-referencing? If I have an active Unown X and an Unown X on my bench, how many times can I use Unown X's X-ray poké-power in my turn? Could I use it, play team galactic's wager then use the other one's poké-power to see the new card after the shuffle? As in that situation I do have an Unown X on my bench, so is that what it wants?

    It makes no sense to me why it should function when Unown X is active if I have a second on the bench, but then if it is referencing itself how come is says "if you have Unown X on your bench" and not just "if Unown X is on your bench" as every other Unown apart Unowns H, I, K, L, N, O, S and X (all the Unowns that use that game mechanic) do?
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    Every single time a card refers to it's own name as an In Play card (and not some other card with the same name in the discard, the deck, or your hand) it is referring to itself and itself alone.

    You can use it once for each Unown X that is on your bench. Each one uses it's own power and it can use that power once, as long as it is on the bench.
    Each of them would have to be on the bench.
    If you have one active, that one could not use it's Power unless and until it became Benched.
    And if you somehow move it around from bench to active and back to bench, you still only get to use that specific X's power once. It hasn't left play, so it hasn't forgotten that it used it's own power.

    I'm not sure what significance you place on the word "have" in this case. It doesn't chance the meaning.

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