updated 4/1 have: primes, lv.X's, staples all at low prices!!

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by someg6, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    welcome to my selling thread
    1. Shipping is $1.25/for the first card + $.25 for each additional card shipping to the U.S.A.
    2. for CANADA shipping is $2.25 first the first card and + $.30 for each additional card.
    3. I live in the u.s. and i am only shipping to the U.S. and CANADA right now.
    4. Discounts are available to those who purchase multiple cards at one time.
    5. I require a $10 deal minimum.
    6. I currently only accept paypal payments to pockets26@gmail.com and money orders
    c 7. All cards in this thread are mint to very near mint and in english.

    DP-ARCEUS Lv.x's, secrets, shineys
    Diamond and pearl
    none atm

    mysterious treasures
    none atm

    secret wonders
    none atm

    great encounters
    x1 darkrai lv.x (promo) $5/each

    majestic dawn
    none atm

    legends awaken
    none atm

    x1 regigigas lv.x $8/each
    x1 dusknoir lv.x $10/each
    x1 shinning drifloon $3/each

    x1 giratina lv.x (promo) $4/each
    x9 shiney lotad $2/each
    x2 reprint set (electabuzz, scyther, hitmonchan) $9/each

    rising rivals
    x1 snorlax lv.x
    x3 base reprint pikachu $3/each
    x1 reprint pikachu set $8/each

    supreme victors
    x1 charizard G lv.x (promo) $5/each
    x1 charizard G lv.x (set) $10/each
    x2 rayquaza C lv.x (promo) $4/each
    x2 absol g Lv.x $10/each
    x1 shiny milotic $4/each
    x1 shiny relicanth $4/each

    x1 salamence lv.x $15/each
    x3 tangrowth lv.x $12/each
    x1 arceus ar1 (dark type) $2/each
    x2 arceus ar2 (grass type) $2/each
    x1 arceus ar5 (colorless type) $2/each
    x2 arceus ar8 (fighting type) $2/each
    x1 arceus ar1-9 set $15/each
    x1 shiney ponyta $4/each

    heart gold soul silver
    x1 feraligatr prime (set) $7/each
    x1 feraligatr prime (promo) $4/each
    x5 meganium prime (set) $7/each
    x1 blissey prime $7/each
    x2 ampharos prime $7/each
    x1 typhlosion prime (set) $7/each
    x2 shiney gyarados (holo) $10/each
    x1 shiney gyarados (rev. holo) $10/each
    x2 lugia legend (top half) $10/each
    x4 lugia legend (bottom half) $10/each
    x1 ho-oh legend (bottom half) $10/each

    none atm

    none atm

    e-reader crystals
    none atm

    other cards of intrest / staples:
    x3 uxie (league promo) $3/each
    x10 night maintence $.50/each
    x3 gible (city's promo) $1/each
    x2 dialga G (league promo) $2/each
    x4 double colorless energy (base) $2.50/each
    x2 claydol (league) $3/each
    x4 pokemon reversal (HGSS) $.50/each
    x8 copycat (HGSS) $.50/each

    pokemon stuff:
    none atm
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2010
  2. Kohrok

    Kohrok New Member

    I'll take the four league claydols, 3 Baltoy, and the 3 surfing pikachus for 28+ S/H. (Around 30 total, right?)

    Sound good?
  3. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    Assuming everything is mint, I will buy:

    Cresselia Lv. X
    Charizard G Lv. X (promo)
    Swampert ex (TMTA)
    4x Poke Turn
    Set of beach balls

    $42 + S/H, correct? Would you do it for $42 shipped?
  4. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    pm's sent to both of you
  5. Ash_Ketchum

    Ash_Ketchum New Member

    Want these items.

    2 garchomp C lv.x
    1 2009-2010 city championship medal
    1 giratina hat
    2 RH luxray GL

  6. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    aight pm'ed and a bump to the top
  7. Alseatao

    Alseatao New Member

    Registeel* + Regirock* for 25$ plus shipping?
  8. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    sure i can do that pm'ed you
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
  9. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    x1 articuno ex (FRLG)
    x1 blissey ex (UF)
    x1 cradily ex (aqua magma)
    x1 crawdaunt ex (HP)
    x1 espeon ex (UF)
    x1 groudon ex (CG)
    x1 kingdra ex (dragon)
    x1 mux ex (dragon)
    x1 rayquaza ex (dragon)
    x1 rockets moltres ex (TRR)
    x1 salamence ex (DF)
    x1 typhlosion ex (UF)
    x1 zapdos ex (FRLG)
    x2 latios ex (DF)

    $45 shipped?
  10. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    deal ill shoot you a pm
  11. Lapras96

    Lapras96 New Member

    x2 Ampharos Prime
    x2 Ampharos
    x3 Magikarp
    x3 Pikachu
    x3 Flaafy
    x3 Mareep
    i also have these from your wants:
    x1 Azumarill (HG/SS)(x1 that is Reg. Holo)
    x2 Holo Water Energies (Holon Phantoms)
    x9 Holo Lightning Energies (Holon Phantoms)
    how much would these cost could u snd back giving me a price by price for them
  12. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    x2 Ampharos Prime $24 for both
    x2 Ampharos $4 for both
    x3 Magikarp throw in
    x3 Pikachu throw in
    x3 Flaafy throw in
    x3 Mareep throw in
    x1 Azumarill (HG/SS)(x1 that is Reg. Holo) $2
    x2 Holo Water Energies (Holon Phantoms) .50 for both
    x9 Holo Lightning Energies (Holon Phantoms) 1.50 for all 9
    $32 ill also throw in free shipping so $32 shipped lmk
  13. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Any reverse holo Double Colorless Energy?
  14. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    lapras96- yes the energies do look like that and everything is mint execpt 1 thunder energy which i just accedently crushed so i think ill take that one out and give you the RH gyarados if you like.

    waynegg- sorry dont have any RH ones
  15. Lapras96

    Lapras96 New Member

    x2 Ampharos Prime $24 for both
    x1 Ampharos $2
    x3 Magikarp throw in
    x3 Pikachu throw in
    x3 Flaafy throw in
    x3 Mareep throw in
    x1 Azumarill (HG/SS)(x1 that is Reg. Holo) $2
    x2 Holo Water Energies (Holon Phantoms) .50 for both
    x8 Holo Lightning Energies (Holon Phantoms) 1.25
    n be $29....only if none of the cards u are giving me r RH...n Just Wondering cuz idk for sure what cards are holo or not but is the Ampharos a holo or a non holo rare??
  16. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    yup none of these cards are rev. holo and ampharos is a non holo rare (it was just a pain to get) and i can do this for $29 shipped
  17. ash_satoshi

    ash_satoshi New Member

    i interested in the leafeon lv x..
    do u have any playmats or pre release sleeve?

  18. my58vw

    my58vw New Member

    SW Gardeivoir X 12 + 1.25 ship = 13.25 Please PM me payment details
  19. Gibbeh

    Gibbeh New Member

    Hey do you have holo energys other than the ones you sold to lapras?
    Im interested in buying the rest.
  20. someg6

    someg6 New Member

    ash satoshi- ok and i have 5 sealed hgss prerelease sleeve sets and a sealed darkrai mat

    my58vw- pmed

    gibbeh- ok well heres what i have left:
    x12 fire
    x16 grass
    x12 water
    x6 psychic
    x24 thunder
    x10 fighting
    for a total of 80 holo energies i could do this for like $22 shipped if you like
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