Vileplume ability.

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by JoeyDYee, Jun 12, 2012.

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    I got into an argument today over Vileplume from Undaunted's ability today on PlayTCG and I need some clarification.

    The ability states: Each player cant play any trainer cards from his or her hand.

    This is very clear and straightforward for BW-on. No tools, supporters, stadiums, or other trainers.

    But what about for HG-SS? The supporters dont say trainer on them, but they still are right? I cant Imagine a game where he can play a PONT, but I cant play a Juniper. :confused:

    One card in particular really bugs me: Fisherman. The version from skyridge is still legal, but has TRAINER on it, while the one from HG SS doesn't. Does that mean when Vileplume is out, I cant play a fisherman from skyridge, but I can play the one from HG-SS? :nonono:

    Thanks :thumb:
  2. PokePop

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    You have to realize when Vileplume was released. It was released at a time when Supporters and Stadiums were separate cards types from Trainers. So when Vileplume says "Trainers", it does not mean Supporters or Stadiums.
    That goes for current cards as well.
    What used to be "Trainers" are now "Trainer-Items".

    Even though current Supporters and Stadiums are now a sub type of Trainer, to Vileplume, they will always be something different and so it won't stop them.

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