W: Pokemon Catcher ----- H: New EXs, BULK, RH Collectors, Old Cards & more!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by meghanchu, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. meghanchu

    meghanchu New Member

    If I don't reply to you, I'm not interested in the trade you offered OR didn't see anything on your list.
    I'm not being rude.
    I'm on here a limited amount of time, I reply to what I need to reply to.
    Meaning I work and sleep and do things away from my home. *life
    Just know your cards and offer awesome trades.

    1.) Please, no fake cards or horrible condition cards. If it ISN'T in NM/M condition, LET ME KNOW. OTHER WISE I WILL GIVE YOU A NEGATIVE REF.
    2.) ONE Negative Ref and you send first.
    3.) I try to stay in the North American region for trading.
    4.) I am in the US.
    5.) I send in a card board envelope (the ones for pictures), sleeves and top loaders.
    6.) The only thing I expect of you is sleeves and top loaders.
    7.) I ALWAYS send from the post office.
    8.) I keep all my receipts and proof that I sent from the post office. If you somehow didn't receive, I will contact the post office.
    9.) If you said you have sent and I haven't received anything, ever, and you've received mine. I will do mail fraud.

    RH = Reverse Holo
    PH = Picture Holo
    NH = None Holo


    x2 Mewtwo EX (Regular or FA)
    x2 Zekrom EX Full Art
    x4 Regigigas EX Full Art
    x2 Shaymin EX Full Art
    x4 Terrakion Full Art
    x4 Elektrik RH
    x4 Tynamo RH (30 HP/free retreat)

    x7 Reverse Holo Catchers (will also take offers with non holo)
    x4 Professor Juniper Reverse Holo
    x6 Bianca Reverse Holo
    x6 N Full Art
    x4 Reverse Holo Double Colorless Energy (HGSS, will add non holo DCE on my side)
    xX any type Holon Phantoms Energy


    Other stuff I accept:
    xX PROMO GIBLES Cities
    Pikachu M lvl X
    Pikachu/Raichu/Pichu cards (I collect them, just tell me what you have and I'll see if I have it or not.)
    BLW Movie Reshiram/Zekrom
    Tokyo Pokemon Center Merchandise
    Those neon energy sleeves
    Those Pikachu sleeves

    CTRL + F is GREAT.



    Spinarak (RH, Signed by Stephen Silvestro lawl)
    x1 Missouri States Dice
    x1 Oklahoma Dice
    x1 Texas Dice
    1,000+ Legal BULK Commons/Uncommons Pokemon Non Holo

    These select few cards will be extremely hard to get from me. They are from my personal collection, but I'd like to see what offers I get.
    Shining Raichu 1st Edition MINT Condition
    Pikachu Star MINT Condition
    Pikachu Red Cheek Error NM Condition
    This Japanese Raichu Bulbasaur 3 NM Condition


    x1 Reshiram EX FA
    x1 Reshiram EX non promo
    x1 Shaymin EX
    x1 Zekrom EX non promo
    x1 Kyurem EX non promo

    x1 Cobalion FA
    x1 Victini FA
    x7 Reshiram FA

    x4 Mew Prime
    x3 Electrode Prime
    x3 Gengar Prime
    x2 Slowking Prime
    x3 Yanmega Prime
    x2 Meganium Prime
    x3 Kingdra Prime
    x3 Feraligator Prime
    x1 Raichu Prime
    x2 Absol Prime
    x1 Houndoom Prime
    x1 Umbreon Prime
    x3 Tyranitar Prime
    x1 Typhlosion Prime
    x2 Blissey Prime
    x1 Urasing Prime
    x2 Steelix Prime
    x1 Scizor Prime
    1-1 ERL
    1-1 SEL
    1-1 RSL
    1-1 Ho-Oh Legend
    1-1 Lugia Legend
    1-1 PDL
    1-1 DCL
    1-1 KGL
    1-1 RDL
    Alph Lithograph (All 4)

    Good Cards/Meta Version of Pokemon
    (If you're looking for a different rare/card, ask me. I don't take the time to post the junk I have.)
    x2 Virizion
    x1 Victini
    x4 Zekrom
    x1 Reshiram
    x2 Vileplume RH
    x1 Leavanny PH
    x1 Amoonguss RH
    x3 Jumpluff PH
    x2 Reuniclus PH
    x3 Gothitelle PH
    x5 Chandlure (3 RH)
    x2 V-Blast Victini
    x3 Musharna (Forewarn ability)
    x4 Jirachi (1 RH, 3 PH)
    x2 Gardevoir
    x1 Zapdos
    x1 Zebstrika ND
    x5 Cleffa (1RH)
    x3 Druddigon (2 RH)
    x2 Haxorus (1 RH, 1 PH)
    x2 Smeargle PH
    x3 Cincinno BLW RH
    x4 Emboar PH
    x6 Ninetales (3 PH, Rpast Reveal ability)
    x1 Chandelure (being used for States, not up for trade until after)
    x4 Beartic PH (Sheer Cold)
    x2 Samurott PH (Shell Armor ability)
    x1 Vanilluxe (Slippery Soles ability)
    x2 Weavile
    x1 Shiftry
    x2 Hydreigon PH
    x4 Zoroark Foul Play PH
    x2 Landuros (1 PH, 1 RH)
    x2 Archeops RH
    x1 Lucario RH (Reflexive Retaliation ability)
    x2 Conkeldurr (1RH, 1 PH)


    I have non holos of every RH put below, just ask me to see how many I have. I usually have more than a play set of non holo.

    x6 Pokemon Collector RH
    x6 Pokemon Collector Non Holo
    x6 Judge RH
    x1 Professor's Judge Stamped
    x3 Sage's Traning RH
    x4 Copycat RH
    x3 Seeker RH
    x1 Seeker RH
    x4 Interviewer's Questions RH
    x2 Flower Shop Lady RH
    x4 Professor Elm's Training Method RH
    x1 Black Belt RH
    x2 Engineer's Adjustments RH
    x1 Rocky Helmet RH
    x1 Exp. Share RH
    x5 Plus Power RH BW
    x1 Plus Power RH UL
    x5 Defender RH
    x1 Switch RH BW
    x3 Switch RH HGSS
    x4 Rare Candy RH UL
    x6 Pokemon Communication RH UL
    x2 Pokemon Communication RH BW
    x2 Pokegear RH
    x7 Energy Retriever RH
    x5 Super Scoop Up RH HGSS
    x4 Super Scoop Up RH MD
    x5 Super Scoop Up RH BW
    x1 Revive RH
    x1 Pokemon Center RH
    x1 Lost World RH
    x2 Burned Tower RH

    x4 Rescue Energy RH
    x2 DCE RH ND
    x5 Psychic Energy Holo EX Holon Phantoms 109/110
    x1 Psychic Energy Holo Base Set
    x5 Psychic Energy Holo Pokemon Organized Play stamped
    x1 Psychic Energy Holo Play! Pokemon stamped
    x11 Fire Energy HGSS 116/123
    x14 Fire Energy Holo Pokemon Organized Play stamped
    x5 Grass Energy Holo Pokemon Organized Play stamped
    x2 Steel Energy Holo Pokemon Organized Play stamped
    x2 Steel Energy HGSS 122/123
    x5 Fighting Energy Holo Pokemon Organized Play stamped
    x3 Fighting Energy HGSS 120/123
    x2 Dark Energy HGSS 121/123
    x4 Dark Energy Holo Pokemon Organized Play stamped
    x4 Special Dark Energy RH 99/111
    x2 Special Dark Energy RH 79/90


    Mewtwo Base Set Holo
    Black Star Promos 1-11, 14, 16, 18, 21-23, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 37, 39, 43, 45, 46, 49, 53
    Electabuzz BEST Holo
    Topps Cards #11, 20, 23, 45, 52, 78
    Topps Chrome Blastoise
    Mewtwo ex 101/109
    Tyranitar ex 17/17
    Pokemon Mewtwo Glossy Japanese CD Promo Card NO.150
    Umbreon Japanese McDonalds Promo 025/P
    Machamp 1st Edition 8/102 PH
    Misty’s Seadra PRERELEASE 9/132 PH
    Dark Gyarados PRERELEASE 8/82 PH

    Base Set
    Chansey 3/102 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Hitmonchan 7/102 P
    Nidoking 11/102
    Ninetales 12/102 PH
    Poliwrath 13/102 PH
    Beedrill 17/102
    Dugtrio 19/102
    Electabuzz 20/102
    Electrode 21/102
    Pidgeotto 22/102
    Computer Search 71/102

    Jolteon Japanese No. 135 PH
    Kangaskhan 5/64 PH
    Mr. Mime 6/64 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Nidoqueen 7/64 PH
    Pidgoet 8/64 PH
    Flareon 19/64
    Pinsir 25/64
    Scyther 26/64
    Suicune 27/64
    Venomoth 29/64
    Vileplume 31/64
    Octillery 34/64
    Gold Border Meowth 56/64

    Hitmonlee 7/62 PH & 22/62
    Aerodactyl 1/62 PH
    Kabutops 9/62 PH & 24/62
    Muk 13/62 PH
    Lapras 10/62 PH
    Hypno 8/62 PH
    Zapdos 30/62

    Base Set 2
    Snorlax 30/130

    Team Rocket
    Rocket’s Sneak Attack 16/82 PH
    x2 Imposter Oak’s Revenge 76/82
    Here Comes Team Rocket 15/82 PH
    Dark Rapidash 44/82 (1 English, 1 Japanese)
    Dark Machamp 27/82
    Dark Dugtrio 23/82
    Dark Weezing 14/82
    Dark Vileplume 13/82 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Dark Arbok 2/82 PH
    Bellosum Japanese No. 182
    Dark Hypno 26/82
    Dark Alakazam 1/82 PH
    x2 Dark Slowbro 12/82 PH

    Gym Heroes/Gym Challenge
    Sabrina’s Alakazam Japanese PH
    Giovanni’s Gyarados Japanese
    Brock’s Ninetales Japanese PH
    Blaine’s Ninetales Japanese
    Blaine’s Arcanine Japanese PH
    Blaine’s Moltres Japanese PH
    Erika’s Venasuar Japanese
    Koga’s Beedrill Japanese PH
    Giovanni’s Nidoqueen Japanese
    Lt. Surge’s Fearow 7/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Kog’s Pidgeotto 27/132 (1 English, 1 Japanese)
    Koga’s Ditto 10/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Erika’s Clefairy 25/132
    Rocket’s Hitmonchan 11/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Giovanni’s Machamp 6/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Brock’s Golem 20/132 (1 English, 1 Japanese)
    Brock’s Dugtrio 22/132 (1 English, 1 Japanese)
    Brock’s Rhydon 2/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Brock’s Onix 21/132
    Brock’s Sandslash 23/132
    Giovanni’s Nidoking 7/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Koga’ s Muk 26/132 (1 English, 1 Japanese)
    Giovanni’s Pinsir 24/132
    Erika’s Vileplume 5/132 PH
    Sabrina’s Venomoth 34/132 (1 English, 1 Japanese)
    Erika’s Victreebel 26/132 (1 English, 1 Japanese)
    Misty’s Tentacruel 32/132
    Misty’s Tentacruel 10/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Misty’s Cloyster 29/132
    Misty’s Gyarados 13/132 PH
    Sabrina’s Golduck Japanese
    Misty’s Golduck Japanese PH
    Rocket’s Zapdos 15/132 PH
    Lt. Surge’s Jolteon 28/132
    Lt. Surge’s Electabuzz 27/132
    Lt. Surge’s Magneton 8/132 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Misty’s Tears0118/132

    Neo Genesis
    Feraligator Japanese No. 160
    Azumarill Japanese No. 184
    Bellossom Japanese No. 182
    Meganium Japanese No. 154
    Typhlosion Japanese No. 157 PH
    Steelix Japanese No. 208
    Skarmory Japanese No. 227
    Lugia Japanese No. 249
    Togetic Japanese No. 176 PH (Both versions)
    Sneasel 25/111
    Murkrow 24/111
    Skarmory 13/111 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Magby 23/111
    Jumpluff 7/111 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Kingdra 8/111 PH
    Slowking 14/111 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Elekid 22/111

    Neo Discovery
    Butterfree Japanese No. 012
    Umbreon Japanese No. 197
    Sneasel 25/111
    Murkrow 24/
    Skarmory 13/111 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Magby 23/111
    Jumpluff 7/111 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Kingdra 8/111 PH
    Slowking 14/111 (1 English PH, 1 Japanese PH)
    Elekid 22/111

    Neo Revelation
    Starmie Japanese No. 121
    Blissey Japanese no. 242 PH
    Celebi 16/64 (1 English, 1 Japanese PH)

    Neo Destiny
    Feraligator Japanese No. 160
    Typhlosion Japanese No. 157 PH
    Dark Amastar 19/105
    Light Ninetales 50/105

    Legendary Collection
    Regirock 28/110 PH
    Primeape 50/110
    Deoxys 3/110 PH
    Dark Dragonite Japanese PH

    Expedition Base Set
    Typhlosion 65/165 RH
    Alakazam 33/165

    EX Ruby and Sapphire
    Togetic 14/109
    Dark Magneton 39/109
    Dark Murkrow 7/109
    Blaziken 3/109 PH
    Haiyama 8/109 PH
    Slowpoke 76/109 PH

    EX Sandstorm
    Sableye 10/100 PH
    Ludicolo 6/100
    Espeon 16/100

    EX Hidden Legends
    Sableye 10/100 PH
    Ludicolo 6/100
    Espeon 16/100

    EX Deoxys
    Sableye 23/107 PH stamped

    EX Unseen Forces
    Typhlosion 17/115 PH

    EX Legend Maker
    Absol 15/92 PH
    Gorebyss 17/92
    Gengar 5/92 PH
    Fieldworker 73/92

    EX Power Keepers
    Mightyena 18/108
    Cacturne 27/108 PH
    Armaldo 3/108 PH
    Glalie 30/108 PH
    Sableye 22/108
    Lanturn 15/108

    EX Delta Species
    Holon’s Magneton 22/113

    E Aquapolis
    Rapidash 31/147 RH
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2012
  2. Madchamp

    Madchamp New Member

    Cml for EXs please!!
  3. Pikajew1213

    Pikajew1213 New Member

    Have 1 gardy
    1 rh prism
    1 rh skyarrow
    Really want the zek ex please cml for more
    Posted with Mobile style...
  4. fantasy_freak08

    fantasy_freak08 New Member

    RH cilan
    2 RH DCE (HGSS)
    RH Skyarrow bridge
    1 Gardy

    for your:
    zekrom ex

    let me know. thanks!
  5. rizor

    rizor New Member


    x2 Celebi Prime
    x1 Gardevoir ND
    x1 RH Cilan ND


    x1 Zekrom EX
    x3 Gothitelle EP
  6. Miamisportsfan45

    Miamisportsfan45 New Member

    CML for your EX's, Virizions' and RDL set.

    Also, you have Raichu Prime listed twice as well. Thought I'd generously inform you. :)
  7. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    CML for Reshiram-EX FA and Victini FA? Thanks!
  8. meghanchu

    meghanchu New Member

    Bumping it real good.
  9. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    Hello--will you cml for reshiram ex fa? Thanks.
  10. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    x2 Reverse Holo Double Colorless Energy (HGSS)

    Reshiram EX FA mint
  11. Retro

    Retro New Member

    Could you trade your Reshiram-EX FA for 1 Celebi Prime, 1 Gardevoir, & 1 RH Cilan?
  12. Salamance

    Salamance New Member

    i pm'ed u trainer
  13. Liaden

    Liaden New Member

    3x Gardevoir
    1x RH Cilan
    1x RH Prism Energy
    1x RH Skyarrow Bridge

    Reshiram EX FA
    Victini FA

    LMK/Counter. Also CML for more stuff. Thanks!:smile:
  14. MDevil21

    MDevil21 New Member

    x2 Gardevior ND

    x1 Terrakion FA

  15. meghanchu

    meghanchu New Member

    Your: $28
    Shaymin EX $8
    X2 Celebi Prime $10 each = $20

    My: $25
    Reshiram EX FA $25

    Favoring me $3. Anything you're after to close that gap?

    ---------- Post added 02/20/2012 at 06:41 AM ----------

    x2 Zekrom EX

    Reshiram EX FA
    Victini FA

    ---------- Post added 02/20/2012 at 06:44 AM ----------

    I'm interested in your Celebi Primes, Mew Primes and Zekrom EX. Was there anything else on my list you were after?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2012
  16. Pikajew1213

    Pikajew1213 New Member

    Umm skipped?
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  17. the maestro

    the maestro New Member

    interested in these:
    x1 Reshiram EX FA
    x1 Virizion FA
    x1 Terrakion FA
    x1 Tornadus FA

    have these from your wants:
    x1 Gardevior
    x1 Reverse Holo Cilan
    x2 Reverse Holo Double Colorless Energy
    x1 Reverse Holo Skyarrow Bridge
  18. Retro

    Retro New Member

    I don't want to trade away any more than one of each of those for one EX. Would you be able to trade a FA Terrakion for my Shaymin-EX?
  19. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Me too. Hope to hear something soon one way or the other.
  20. Jaerad333

    Jaerad333 New Member

    Hey im interested in fa reshi ex. Ive got 3 gardevoir, 2 rev cilan and rev prism. Please cml for anything else
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