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    My name is Alan-luc Nguyen. Yesterday i got top 2 w/ durant.(note: my English are going to be bad so bare with me)

    Round 1 Wesley cox w/ rushiboar deck.
    I started with snesal and durant, it took me about 5 turns to start devouring because of energy problems. he was able to attach an energy every turn to an rushiram ex. but never attacked with it. it was to late in the game for him to pull the emboar after one getting milled and just getting a pignite down with half of the deck already milled out.after he put the pignite down it has to show he have the 2nd emboar in his hand. i junk arm for a level ball and grab weavile and use the poke-power claw snag to discard the last emboar. Then i started to catcher high retreat cost for the stall and game. 1-0

    Round 2 Kabir virji w/ Cmt <- there was only one tornadus
    he goes first and start with regigigas, so i am thinking its to there many cards for him to donk me with him needing a celebi, DCE, switch, energy,2 switch or a skyarrow.but he had it with dual ball one heads celebi switch forest breath, then professor juniper and getting a skyarrow, DCE for game. 1-1

    Round 3 Jack baliy w/ ZEEL
    start with durant was able to Poke-gear 3.0 and getting a Pokemon collector and not durant prized, attach an energy and devour.The game went as it should be devour and he kill, but we had to call a judge cuz we had a that what he said and she said thing so i told them i'll just let it go.then later that day i got a best spirit award. which was a Pokemon Black and White game art folio.Late game when the prize was 6-1 i top deck a revive and used it w/ a PONT ad a junk arm for the last 4 cards. 2-1

    Round 4 Dawson Mona w/ siczor& yanmega
    i just milled him out, at the end it was 6-3 and he had 2 cards in hand and 1 in deck and N for game. 3-1

    Round 5 Jason chin /Cmt
    i had a good start but late game if i drew a supporter i would had game. 3-2

    Round 6 Myson mather /cmt /rule shark
    start sneasel and just devour. 4-2

    Round 7 Jordan onley /megazone
    he came late so even time is called with the +3 turn if he haven't pulled 6 prizes i win. weavile took away the last energy that can retreat the magnezone and milled him out. 5-3

    Top cut 16 hitting at 11th

    Top 16 Conner progin w/ Zeel
    most of the detail i don't remembered i know i won 1st, i couldn't mill game 2 and i missed played on a junk arm putting the level ball and Pont in the the N so i had to n putting back 3 more cards but i was able to get catcher for the eel and he got stuck and i was able to mill from there

    Top 8 Watt something i didnt catch the last name w/ Zeels
    from my intel it shows that he play test with his brother that plays durant. so i had to really think on this one.
    Game one : he miss the donk with my sneasel with the 2x plus power and DCE the cause was the resistance only hitting 40 and i was able to get that turn 1 devour for 4 and i lost removed the DCE and he have it easy for me to mill cuz of the stallling with catcher mewtwo or eel.
    Game two: mewtwo to rotom i couldnt retreat intil he kill it and i stalled with lost removing the DCEs and using mewtwo to hold active when i was milling. and win

    Top 4 Hayden Cameron-Jacobus w/ the new ver. mewtwo
    this was the deck i truly put in the weavile to discard the vileplume before turn 2 and mill the other with durant with happen for both games really and that why i won the main attacker is mew with the lost zone of unfezant BW, ice cream, can jumppluff and ageist durant he see off jumppluff and mass attack

    Top 2 Jack pitcher w/cmt
    Game 1: he start turn one with full and ready regigigas w/ 4 energy the game i was thinking of hitting with rotom after him doing damage but after he kill the first one i see the last prism was in the discard pile so he had it.
    Game 2: i got a good start but the regi comes out once more and gets me late in the game a n and gets a n and revive over and over intill i ran out revive the n i haven't mill out half of his deck when he pulled the 5th prize so i scoop.(side note even i lost i got the 300 dollar travel money because of jack came from Canada .

    if you want to know my list plz pm me.

    thats my concluson of my top 2 trip WA state
    (p.s i was the only Washinton in top 8)
  2. Barkjon

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    HEY ALAN! This is Sebastian. Nice job bro.
  3. moose101

    moose101 New Member

    Good job on second and the travel award. I guess Durant is a good deck. See you at Regionals!
  4. The_Lurb

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    Your elbow is safe for now.

    Good job kid. <3
  5. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Nice job Alan. You coming to Regs?
  6. SaiaSandstorm

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    That's the quote that will describe the night.

    Great job winning them $$$s for Nats.
  7. ZombieFrankenstein

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    Good job Spirit Boy!
  8. Kenshin's Garde

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    And so She said and so it shall be...until next time.
  9. Minipete

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    Raquazza! Great white kenny

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