Wacky Mutant Draft, Milano (IT) October, 25th

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Marcello-Milord, Oct 23, 2003.

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    Finally, I ended up running a Pokèmon Booster Draft in Wacky Mutant mode! (if you don't know what's a Wacky Mutant Draft, ask to the guys who were at Gencon this summer! :)

    What: Pokémon Booster Draft - Wacky Mutant edition
    Where: Milano (Italy) - Avalon Via Settembrini
    When: Saturday October, 25th - Registrations: 14:30, Start: 15:00
    Prizes: Promo cards for most... And you may keep the cards you drafted, even if the tournament is totally free of charge ;)

    In a few words, WMD have an additional rule: a Pokèmon may evolve in each and every Pokémon of the same type (color). So you may end up with Magby ->Charmander -> Ninetails -> Blaziken!
    It causes some different chooses during the draft portion of the tournament, and more fun playing :)

    See ya there
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